Oct 25, 2007

Archived Postings No. 7

Q-n-A Subjects for October 2006:
Jury Duty; Hillary Clinton; Women’s Penis Preferences; Milkshake; Using Colored Tissues; European Union (EU); Richard Montgomery; Dogs that are Leg Humpers; Towel Heads; So Many Crazy People in the World; Disgusting Things People do in Public; Smelly Vagina Odors; Washing New Clothes; Causes of House Odors; Which Countries have Nuclear Weapons; Boyfriend’s Who Want Your Nude Pictures; TV Sets versus Population Growth; Lock Pounding; Common Karate Injuries; Email Stock Tips; Pop-up Window from Yahoo Email; Building Oil & Gas Platforms along the U.S. Coasts; Condom Uses; Dating Men for Looks or Money; All Realtors Suck; Google Sucks; How to Get Out of Jury Duty; The Bush Administration and White House Politics; Will Sanctions on North Korea Work; Malaysian Chinese; Voter I.D.; Gasoline Consumption; Hating Muslims; Website Picture Images; Bondage; Getting Kinky; Assholes for Neighbors; Arizona Realtors; Elaine Richardson; Hating America; Encantoman’s Idiot Awards; Credit Reporting Errors; How to Obtain Private Information on People; People Still Pay Cash; Tracing and Finding People; Some People are Under the Radar Scope; Social Security.

Oct 13, 2007

Archived Postings No. 6

Q-n-A Subjects for September 2006:
Brain Freeze; Tech Stocks; Girls Underwear (panties); FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List; Warren Jeffs; Republican Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney; Consumer Advocates; Things About Realtors; Google is Arrogant; Preparing to become a Marine Corps Sniper; The 30.06 Rifle; Using Recall Petitions; Nightclubs and One Night Affairs; Crotch Itch; Atmospheric Water Generators; Identifying Real Estate Problems; High Real Estate Commissions; Opinion Poll on Professionals; Boobs v Butts; Using Pigs Fat to Coat Bullets; Casual Sex; Oral Sex v STDs; Islam; Shaving or Trimming Pubic Hair; Stained Panties; Pretexting; America v Islam, A BLOG; Boobs Large v Small; Opinion Poll by Women on Penis Size; BLOGS, Bloggers, Blogging and BLOG Websites; Patients Rights; Condoms on the Battlefield; Breasts and Different Cup Sizes; Alcohol v Sex Performance; Prolonged Penis Erection; Uses for Condoms; Two and Half Men Sitcom; Law and Order TV Show; Things I Hate; Nationwide Property Tax Revolt; Purchasing a Security System for Your Home.

Archived Postings No. 5

Q-n-A Subjects for August 2006:
Facts About Volcanoes; Google; Terrorist Attacks; Owning or Buying Google and Yahoo Stock; Global Warming; Most Expensive Motorcycle Ever Sold; Most Powerful Bomb Ever Built; Yellow Rain; Digital Cameras; MSN versus Other Search Engines; Preferred Weapons of Choice by Today’s Modern Foot Soldier; Sexual Desires; Google Really Sucks; National Identity Card; How Can a Girl Make a Relationship Work; Military Mistakes by Israel; REALTORS; Remington Model 700 30.06 Hunting Rifle; Serial Killers in Phoenix Arizona; World’s Record for the Fattest Human Being; Malaysia Sucks Reader Feedback Webpage; Recall the Arizona Real Estate Commissioner, Elaine Richardson; More on Pussy Farts; Pedophile John Mark Karr; Prescription Drugs from Canada; Real Estate Transactions; Bring the U.S. Troops Home from Iraq; Teenage Girls and Boy Problems; America versus Islam; Bitch Slap; Good Ole Boys; Stop the Price Fixing and High Real Estate Commissions; Real Estate Brokers; JonBenet Ramsey; Prostitutes versus Whores.

Archived Postings No. 4

Q-n-A Subjects for July 2006:
Most Powerful Rifle Ever Made; Key Factors in a Marriage; Fastest Airplane in the World; The AK-47 Assault Rifle; Civil Liberties versus Flag Burning; Best Prime Time TV Shows; Largest Recorded Breast Size (biggest boobs in the world); Unholy Blasphemy; All Infidels Must Die; Barbaric and Inhumane Treatment of Prisoners; Yes Muslims Are Scum; Traveling to the Middle East; Best TV Rerun Shows; Civilian Deaths in War; Long Distance Shooting Techniques and Skills; British Opinion on Muslims; Salman Rushdie; The Koran in Pictures; Largest Dump Truck in the World; Terrorist in America; Why Men Leave; Israel versus Lebanon; World Record for the Fastest Baseball Pitch; Looksmart and Yahoo Search Engines; The Middle East Crisis; Terrorist Cells; World’s Tallest Waterfall; Bathing Parts of the Human Body; Women Having Orgasms; 3-sum Sex; Remington Model 700 Mountain Rifle; How Does a Search Engine Ranking Work; Do Snakes Eat People.

Oct 12, 2007

Archived Postings No. 3

Q-n-A Subjects for June 2006:
Spankings; Sexual Fetishes; Golf; Average Penis Size; Longest Recorded Penis Length; Muslim Websites; Marksmanship; Tennis Balls, Firewalls; Ranking Public Utilities; Boycott Burger King; Getting Hate Mail; Morphodite versus Shemale; Origin of Life; Woman’s Vagina Size; What Age Does Masturbation Begin; Useless Job Professions; Is Torture Effective; Killing and Death in War; Drinking Water Controversy; List of the Best and Worse Search Engines; How Long Should You Breast Feed; Who Really is The Encantoman; Identifying and Resolving Cell Phone User Problems; Hair Loss Causes; Google Policies; Problems with Non Profit Organizations; Scientific Facts About Our Solar System; Google Adsense Shows that Google Sucks; Sniper Training; Daddy Complex; Dating Older Men; Temperatures at Time of an Atomic Blast; Love Bites; Types of Women; More about Pussy Farts.

Archived Postings No. 2

Q-n-A Subjects for May 2006:
Deadliest Spider in the World; Women Masturbating; Corn Huskers; Pussy Farts; Deadliest Snakes in the World; White Panties; Bowel Movement Problems; Dangers of Canned Foods; Vaginal Odor; Hating America; Having Children; Birth Control Pills; Male Ejaculation and Sperm; Oral Sex; Condoms v Pregnancy; Anal Sex; Capital Punishment; Terrorism. Racism; Largest Dog Breed; Search Engines; Soccer; Unprotected Sex Dangers; Muslim Bashing; Fraud Schemes; Three and Half Men TV Show; American Idol; Roofie (date rape drug); Face Sitting; Are X-ray Glasses Real; Illegal Immigration; Artificial Vaginas; Shoelaces; Longest Orgasm; Spider Silk; Timur the Lame; Instructions; Facts About Malaysia; French Kissing; Interesting Facts about US Presidents; Goddess of Mercy; Hummers; Sex Toys; New Wife and Sex After Marriage; What PC Brand to Buy; High Gasoline Prices; Aliens and UFOs; Dirty Harry Scenario; Anal Warts; Ram v Memory.

Oct 9, 2007

Archived Postings No. 1

Q-n-A Subjects for March 2006:
A Woman's Perspective; Shiles Family Tree; Men and Sex; Golf Balls; Government Spending; Physics; Green Cards; Camel Dung; Oral Sex; North Korea & Axis of Evil; War & Death.