Oct 9, 2007

Archived Postings No. 1

Q-n-A Subjects for March 2006:
A Woman's Perspective; Shiles Family Tree; Men and Sex; Golf Balls; Government Spending; Physics; Green Cards; Camel Dung; Oral Sex; North Korea & Axis of Evil; War & Death.

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Archived Daily Q-n-A from the Month of - March 2006:

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Q) Have you ever killed anyone? 31-March-2006 Ashzar bin Bhutra Mohammad.
A) YES, have you?

Q) Do you personally believe we will go to war with either North Korea, Syria, or Iran? 31-March-2006 Sal Marino.
A) Iran is a very strong possibility but personally I think we should give the Israeli’s whatever tools they need and let them bomb the hell out of Iran.

Q) Would you lick my pussy? 30-March-2006 Roslyn Gunther.
A) Is it hygienically and clinical sound?

Q) What is fried Camel Dung? 30-March-2006 Charlie L.
A) Dried Camel Shit squashed like a pancake and cooked on an open fire just ask any dumb ass Arab they will explain it to you.

Q) Hey I need a Green Card would you marry me? 29-March-2006 Maria Gonzales.
A) Sorry, NO!

Q) What’s the difference between Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics? 29-March-2006 Rangy G.
A) Simply put: Quantum Physics is a branch of Physics that uses Quantum Theory. Quantum Mechanics is the study of Interaction of Atoms and Subatomic Particles based on Quantum Theory.

Q) Who really said, “We should be glad we don’t get all the government we pay for.” 28-March-2006 Becky M.
A) A great American, Mr. Will Rogers.

Q) So Mr. Answer Man a,k,a, The Encantoman are you American, Canadian, Mexican, or what? 27-March-2006 Mohammad Aziz bin Farook.
A) I was born in America. My family goes back to Colonial Times and Slavery. So I am as American as anyone can get.

Q) What are Golf Balls made of? 27-March-2006 Larry Wilson.
A) Wound balls have three parts: center, winding and cover (also called three-piece balls). They offer more spin and control but typically less distance.
Solid balls are comprised of two parts, a solid core and cover.
These two-piece balls offer more distance but less spin and control.
In general, the core is generally a compound of natural and ynthetic rubbers (polymers). Differences in core construction affect spin rate (control), initial velocity (distance) and compression (feel). Exact composition varies depending on the manufacturer.

Q) Why do men like quickies so much? 26-March-2006 Sandra M.
A) More pleasure, less effort. It's like a good beer, tastes great, less filling.

Q) My Dad says he knows you from the old days. He said you were a real womanizer. Just how many women have you been with?
25-March-2006 T. Lourding.
A) I am not really sure but over 300. Say hello to your Dad for me.

Q) A follow-up please. How many Dimples are on a Golf Ball? 25-March-2006 Kevin McFaye.
A) The number varies but somewhere between 330 and 500.