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Archived Postings No. 3

Q-n-A Subjects for June 2006:
Spankings; Sexual Fetishes; Golf; Average Penis Size; Longest Recorded Penis Length; Muslim Websites; Marksmanship; Tennis Balls, Firewalls; Ranking Public Utilities; Boycott Burger King; Getting Hate Mail; Morphodite versus Shemale; Origin of Life; Woman’s Vagina Size; What Age Does Masturbation Begin; Useless Job Professions; Is Torture Effective; Killing and Death in War; Drinking Water Controversy; List of the Best and Worse Search Engines; How Long Should You Breast Feed; Who Really is The Encantoman; Identifying and Resolving Cell Phone User Problems; Hair Loss Causes; Google Policies; Problems with Non Profit Organizations; Scientific Facts About Our Solar System; Google Adsense Shows that Google Sucks; Sniper Training; Daddy Complex; Dating Older Men; Temperatures at Time of an Atomic Blast; Love Bites; Types of Women; More about Pussy Farts.

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Archived Daily Q-n-A from the Month of - June 2006:

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Q) I am from Singapore. Out of curiosity what type of women do you like?
30-June-2006 Gary Chen.
A) I like most women. But I prefer either tall thin women or small very very tiny petite women. I like to put it in soft and wait for it to get hard, you can hear their bones cracking to adjust for my giant penis erection.

Q) My boyfriend loves to put those hideous love bite marks on my neck, breasts, and inner thighs. What should I do?
29-June-2006 Karen Kim.
A) Well Karen, if it bothers you tell him to stop. The only other choice, if that doesn’t work and you can’t stand it, then its time to move on. There are a lot of fish in the sea.

Q) What is the temperature at the time of an Atomic Bomb Blast?
28-June-2006 Melvin O.
A) The surface temperature is about 100,000 degrees F. at the blast but the radiant light spectrum is much higher. The average ambient surface temperature ranges from 3,000 to 7,000 degrees Fahrenheit (F).

Q) My college roommate has a fascination for older men. Is there really such a thing as a Daddy complex and why?
27-June-2006 Barb C.
A) Yes there really is such a thing. The cause as psychologist call it, if you believe in psychobabble, varies. But consider these as possible factors:
(1) She simply likes older men. They are mature, understanding, caring, and appreciate what they have.
(2) She could have been abused as a child by her father, uncle, stepfather, teacher, clergy, or a close family male older friend.
(3) She grew up without a father and is looking to fill the gap in her life.
(4) Her father cheated on her mother and this is her perverted thinking of getting even with her father.
Remember the old adage, girls marry men just like their fathers.
This is more often true than you may think.

Q) Well son I was reading the Q&A about your sharp shooting skills. I like to varmint shoot in a stationary position with a scope at long range. I can get them pesky critters up to 150 yards. Can you elaborate on how good you are with a rifle and what type? Also any suggestions would be helpful.
26-June-2006 Texas Pete.
A) Well Pete good shooting. Lets just say at one time I could hit a Gnats ass at 600 yards. As for the type (caliber and gun manufacturer), I have used several. Best thing to do is find whatever rifle best suits your needs, stick with it, learn all there is to know about it and the manufacturer, and load your own ammo. You see Pete you shoot them their 4-legged varmint, but I use to shoot the 2-legged kind.

Q) Sounds like you have a hard on for Google, is this true?
25-June-2006 Mr. A.
A) No, because when I have a hard-on I have real sex.
Google just sucks!

Q) I want you to know I like Google, so think about that.
25-June-2006 Doris B.
A) Well Doris, you dumb ass, you didn’t phrase you answer in the form of a question. But my response is that many dogs eat their own shit (stools), that doesn’t make them smart. You think about that. Try using MSN or Myway. And, if you know anyone who has Google stock tell them to sell it now.

Q) What is the distance from the Earth to the Moon?
24-June-2006 Constance M.
A) The distance from the Earth to the Moon (an orbiting satellite) is 384,400 Km as compared, for example, to the distance from the Earth to Pluto (a planet) which is 5,913,520,000 Km.

Q) Who or What non profit organizations do you consider absolutely worthless?
23-June-2006 Jeannine Summers.
A) Probably all of them. The reason is simple. Most of the money they receive, less than 20% in most cases ever gets to the person, party, or group it is intended for or advertised to help. I oppose any form of US Dollars leaving America. If it is clothing, medical supplies, or food it should be clearly marked whom it is intended for and that it was donated by the USA. Also, only organizations operating in this country with IRS Tax Exempt Non Profit status should be granted that status if 100% of the money is spent on helping needed Americans. As for the worst, there are clearly two: The First is the National Organ Donor Bank. This is where you donate your organs, body tissue, or whole body upon death. You cannot control who the organs go to, your family receives no income, and everyone but you gets paid a lot of money for both the organs and body parts. This is the biggest legal con game in the USA today. And, what’s worse, your estate and loved ones still get stuck with the hospital and death cost.
The Second is the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) is a real con game. This useless group of ass wipes have had decades to institute and sway Congress into a national health insurance plan and instead has done nothing. Anyone who belongs to this group and pays money for membership needs serious mental help and should reevaluate their position on giving this group money for them doing nothing but fucking old people (their members).

Q) Do you agree Google email policies suck?
22-June-2006 Stewart T.
A) Absolutely. Google wants you to give them a cell phone number to get a ‘Gmail’ email account with Google. What damn fool would give out his cell phone number to a market driven public listed information collecting group of narrow mined geeks like Google? Google claims that the cell phone reduces spam. Bullshit, I get a lot of Gmail SPAM from Google email users into my Yahoo email accounts. Sending their abuse department a forwarded email is a waste of time. Also, Google claims you can get GMail through an invitation from a Gmail user. Myself and a friend both received an invite to use Gmail. We signed up, did all the normal bullshit, and the damn thing never worked. It never registered the passwords correctly and after about 10 emails to their support group, and no corrective action by their so-called incompetent programmers, we both went back to our respective emails from other free subscribers such as Yahoo.

Q) What really causes Hair Loss?
21-June-2006 Karl S.
A) A variety of things. These include heredity, scalp disease, stress, skin cancer, radiation exposure, chemicals, treatment for cancer, and drugs (illegal, prescription, and non prescription). In women hormones are also a factor for thinning or loss of hair. Sorry I couldn’t be more precise but that’s doctors for you.

Q) I need help on reporting Text message spoofing. I got a message from a friends cell phone number. It was a spoofing text message. I immediately contacted my provider, there was nothing they could do but change the cell phone number. My provider verified the message came in through a cell phone. By all means I am not a text message Yuppie, but I am aware, spoofing is illegal and read somewhere, law enforcement is able to determine where the spoofing came from. Before I go to this extreme, do you have any suggestions or comments?
20-June-2006 Miss Anonymous.
A) This is going to be the NEW SPAM wave of the future. Cell phone numbers can easily be obtained through the following methods:
(1) They can be purchased like regular phone numbers from listing bureaus.
(2) If someone wants your number bad enough, certain online spy agencies will not only give someone your cell phone number but a complete recording of all text messages and conversations. It cost around $200.00. This would be if someone were targeting you personally, such as an old flame, a stalker, someone looking to collect a debt, etc.
(3) There is a device that allows people's cell or mobile car phones to be read while on (not in use) just turned on. In NYC they have caught Identity Thieves stealing cell phone numbers using these devices in rush hour traffic, generally around bridges. Once a real number belonging to someone is obtained, the person uses another type of device and simply programs a blank cell phone with your number. The next thing you know you have a huge cell phone bill. Since what happened to you, please watch your cell phone minute use and billing charges closely for the next two months.
(4) TEXT SPAM can be done through a random set of block numbers.
A good way is the spammer finds out what cell prefix and area codes the cell phone (mobile) provider has all ready used. They then simply send a text message or advertisement to every number. This can come from any source, even the Internet via email, etc.
What you can do ...
(1) Make sure your cell phone; pager; business phone, fax number; and house phone are all on the National Do Not Call Registry List.
This prevents most marketing users from selling your number or buyers of the numbers from calling, faxing, or text messaging.
(2) Turn off your TEXT Message feature on your cell phone.
(3) Yes, you can probably send that message using the Forward feature to another phone or email. But generally most providers will charge you for this if it goes to another carrier provider or to email.
(4) Most cell phone providers erase stored messages and text after
60 to 90 days stored by them, such as voice mail message (VMS).
If you have built in storage memory chip capacity you can store it on your own phone, but I don’t know why you would.
(5) Changing your number will prevent that person from text or calling again unless they are sending random messages to all numbers, as explained above.
(6) Don't give out or publish your cell phone or other numbers.
Never send any personal information by email, or when using
Instant Messaging (IM) over the Internet or by cell phone.
(7) The FBI and other law enforcement agencies can track numbers unless they are sent through dummy bridges (devices) that scramble sending information or are sent from disposable cell phone numbers. It is hard to trace spoofing if it is sent from a computer email because it can have any sender’s name that the spoofer wishes to use. For example, I have received over 100 spoofing messages in my various emails this year alone. Also I have had complaints from people claiming that I sent them a message or virus, but in fact I did not. I never send out originating emails, and I rarely respond to the ones I get. Law Enforcement generally only tracks these types of messages if they are death threats or other serious crimes have been committed. Your cell phone provider in many cases can track it, they just don't want too. It is cheaper to give you a new number. If it happens again, insist the cell phone provider track and report the offender. If not call law enforcement and inform them this has happened before and your provider is not cooperating. Then change providers. They have probably violated their contract with you by allowing your private information to be used by a 3rd party if this problem persists. Depending on what state you live in, this should get you out of the contract with the provider. Report these violations to both the FTC and FCC. Also contact the attorney general in your given jurisdiction such as the city, county, or state you live in. They have more clout over cell phone providers than you do.
In conclusion, we would all like the government to do more, but they are overwhelmed chasing terrorist, pedophiles, drug runners, coyotes, and organized crime. Also, remember the more the government gets involved in our personal lives the less freedoms we have.

Q) Who the hell do you think you are?
19-June-2006 Mokhtar Mohd.
A) I am the famous Encantoman. I am wonderful almost everyone loves me. I am great, I am funny, and I am the answer man. I am The Professor. I give the world true enlightenment without religious non-sense and restrictions. My funny lighthearted side of entertainment is needed in this upside down crazy cruel world full of you pathetic humanoids. I am very intelligent, handsome, terrific, and I have a big penis. I make people laugh! Now what is your friggin problem?

Q) Don’t you feel you offend people with your comments and websites?
18-June-2006 Samoan Garris.
A) The Internet is the last true frontier of Freedom of Speech. This is something Search Engines such as Google have lost perspective of.
Freedom of Expression and Ideas have been eroded away by lawyers, do-gooders, liberal idiots, fanatic right wing religious nut cases, and politicians. If you don’t like a website (web page) don’t view it. No one is forcing you too read it. My websites are intended for humor and entertainment while in some cases also trying to be informative. If you piss people off or offend them, don’t be surprised when they retaliate and speak out in protest. Life does NOT revolve around you, your ideas, thoughts, or beliefs. In other words, develop a sense of humor or piss off.

Q) How long should I breast feed?
17-June-2006 Charlotte N.
A) Not less than 6-months. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies be breast-fed for at least 12 months and thereafter for as long as mutually desired. Up to 2 years old will not harm the baby. By then they should be on milk. A good breaking off period is when the child gets teeth and starts eating solid food. Also research studies have shown that breastfeeding beyond 6 months starts to increase the fat content of mother’s milk. Too much fat is bad for anyone including babies. Yes, some people breastfeed into the 3rd, 4th, and 5th year. These people need to see a doctor. That is not good for the child.

Q) I am a little fuzzy on your opinion of Search Engines. I will be
specific for my question. If I wanted to advertise a product,
which search engine, if any, would you use?
16-June-2006 Berry Mac Donald.
A) This is one of those questions that requires a somewhat lengthy
answer …
Internet Ads are divided into Two Categories:
1) Those ‘Advertisements’ which you pay for –
And, There are also two types of these Ads …
The First Type – Is those displayed as an ‘Ad’ on the search engine’s website which only appears according to certain search word terms selected by the Internet surfer; and ‘Ads’ which you want to appear on websites with related search terms. The first is like any paid advertising, expensive and left up to the person paying for the ‘Ad’ to determine where the ad goes and for how long. I Do NOT recommend this type of AD using the Internet.
The Second Type – Is where your ‘Ads’ (in a banner format) appear on other people’s websites, and you only pay for these when the ‘AD’ is selected by the surfer (web page viewer). You as the advertiser are charged for each ‘Click’ called a ‘Hit.’ Important – If you choose to advertise with a search engine using banner style ads placed on other people’s websites, read the next item very very carefully before proceeding.
2) Those ‘Ads’ which you get paid for – The problem with selecting the ‘Click and Pay’ as you go method and have your banner ad placed on other people’s websites is confusing at best and deceptive by the Search Engines. This method using ‘Google’ as an example chooses what websites are suitable based on there (Googles) criteria. So for example, there exists, lets say, a website that gets 700,000 hits per month (high traffic volume), good for you and your banner ads, and Google deems this site NOT suitable for their AdSense Banner Ads, then your banner never appears. You would not be aware that Google has turned down a website with high traffic volume and thus caused you to loose revenue because Google has its head up its ass or bad choices made by a bunch of stupid Geeks who have no business sense. Thus, when they sell you this service they don’t tell you that. This makes Google and others guilty of deceptive advertising policies in my humble opinion. As I have said if you own Google or Yahoo stock sell it now! But to answer your question, I find Google the worst. I have personal experiences in dealing with them, and to date none has been good! Others may disagree. But I wonder what Google’s investors and stockholders would say if they new Google turned down revenue opportunities because they didn’t like the site according to their mix useless opinions of what is good and bad. Remember, Google also claims to be one of the biggest supporters of free speech, which I have proven to be wrong on two separate issues. If Google or others with similar policies change their criteria, I will let you know.
So at this time, based on what I know, none of the major Search Engines are good for small or low budget advertisers, the heartland of American business. I personally find this in direct opposition to the purpose the Internet should be available to everyone regardless of social or economic status, or political opinion. I also find Google a prime example of how the government will eventually end up regulating the Internet because of its stupid useless so-called politically correct policies in both advertising and in search engine ranking criteria. Google proves that their policy about openness and free speech only applies when it is defined by Google and fits Google’s narrow minded opinions. I wonder what our founding fathers in America would say about that? Also, this is a kick in the face for all the men and women who fight and die for America so Google and people like them can operate its ‘Politically Correct’ anti free speech policy here in America. I plan to expose Google for what they are, look at this new website called:

Q) What do you think of all this controversy over drinking water?
15-June-2006 Simon Terrace.
A) I am not sure of your meaning, as in ‘Drinking Water, as in the quality of tap water or the fact people drink water in lieu of something else. Either way consider the following:
--- W.C. Fields once said, “I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it.”
--- Most tap water is considered safe for drinking.
--- To be absolutely safe of harmful bacteria, viruses, germs, and organic life forms boil your water, cover it, allow it to cool at room temperature, and refrigerate it.
--- Spending money on bottle water may not prove to be any healthier than tap water. In fact reusable containers such as water cooler jugs commonly found in offices and even homes are higher in bacteria than tap water.
--- The glass in which you use probably has more bacteria than the water.
--- If you open a bottle of store bought water without cleaning the bottle first, you are consuming more germs and contaminates from people touching it, shipping, and other factors.
--- If you use ice from a bag of ice or the freezer, along with bottle drinking water you have just pissed your money away.
--- Water is the healthiest liquid you can consume. Drinking lots of water helps prevent dehydration, kidney problems, and urinary track infections.
--- It is true liquor kills most germs and bacteria, so having a bourbon and water or scotch and water is healthier than a mixed alcohol beverage such as rum and coke.

Q) You say you have killed before, was this in the line of duty and have you ever killed a Muslim? 14-June-2006 Gunther S.
A) Yes and Yes.

Q) Do you believe torture is an effective method of getting information?
14-June-2006 Miss Anonymous.
A) Absolutely and only an idiot disagrees. It has worked many times over history and will be an effective method for centuries to come.
The important thing is to verify the information. This generally requires more than one subject undergoing interrogation concerning the same topic of questioning.

Q) What do you consider the most useless Job Professions?
13-June-2006 Jimmy Smyth.
A) There are many. Here is a partial list that comes to mind that the world would be better off without …
1) Human Resources (Personnel People and Departments).
2) Psychologists.
3) Student Counselors.
4) Teachers and Professors of Literature, Poetry, Art, Sociology, Psychology, and Art History.
5) Religious teachers and instructors including monasteries and colleges or universities of religion.
6) TV and Radio Talk Show Hosts.
7) Cable News Networks and anyone who works for one!
8) Lawyers (attorneys).
9) Real Estate Brokers.
10) Artist, Art Dealers, Art Store Owners, Sculptures, etc.
11) Mime, Circus Performer, etc.
12) Professional Gambler.
13) Professional Criminal.
14) Political Analyst.
15) Pollsters.
16) Arrogant Search Engine Owners, like Google.
17) Career Politicians.

Q) I am 20 years old. I have been masturbating since I was 12 and ejaculating since I was 13½. I masturbate 6 or 7 times a day, is
this normal?
12-June-2006 Mr. A.
A) NO it is not normal but my hat goes off to you anyway. I suggest you see a doctor or find one damn horny lady to satisfy your needs.

Q) Is it true a woman’s vagina size is determined by her race?
12-June-2006 Tara McBride.
A) Basically yes. However, there are always exceptions to every rule.
But ethnically speaking, Asian women have the smallest (tightest) vaginas with whites in the middle and blacks having the largest.

Q) What is the origin of life?
11-June-2006 Patty H.
A) There are three possible answers, all of which are in debate and controversy with no one having proof of their theory. Pick the one that makes you most comfortable:
1 – We evolved from prime mortal ooze to eventual prime mates and onto ‘Man.’ - The Darwin Theory.
2 – God made us. - The Religious Theory.
3 – Aliens with a sense of humor created us from Monkeys. - The Evolution Intervention Theory.

Q) What’s the difference between a Morphodite and a Shemale?
10-June-2006 Jerry Y.
A) A hermaphrodite or commonly called a morphodite is a person who has both male and female characteristics. They are generally born with both male and female parts. A shemale or transvestite is a man living as a woman. They have a penis but take hormones to grow breasts and generally dress like a woman, they are also called drag queens or tranny.

Q) I hate you do you understand that?
09-June-2006 Abdul Sahim bin Mohammed.
A) I don’t give a flying pigs fart do you understand that? And, I hate you back, and may a Camel flung dung all over your dirty Muslim abode.

Q) Are there any people you won’t do business with?
08-June-2006 Miss Anchors.
A) YES. I practice what I preach. I do NOT do business with any Muslims, except buying gasoline at the pumps, which I have no friggin choice. I boycott …
-- Anything from or made in Malaysia (a known terrorist state).
-- I never eat at Burger King, they go out of their way to oblige Muslims.
-- I never eat at KFC, they have lots of locations in Malaysia and other countries who hate America.
-- I never buy any Foreign made automobiles.

Q) So who do you think is the worst Public Utility in the country based
on your experience?
07-June-2006 Alex Shempats.
A) I have lived in many states and pretty much they are all bad. A bunch of whining cry babies managed by a worse bunch of idiots. Up there on the worst list though for Electric Companies clearly are:
Delmarva Power and Light Company (DP&L); and Arizona Public Service (APS).
Up there for the worse Telephone Company clearly is:
And, up there for the worse Cable Company clearly is:
Cox Communications.

Q) What is all this ya ya talk about using firewalls?
06-June-2006 Randolph James.
A) I assume you are talking about computers and not automobiles. Firewalls are an excellent method to help prevent Viruses, Trojans, and Worms from infecting your computer. First install a good anti virus program and keep it up todate. Either use McAfee or Norton. If using Windows, use XP and keep all of Microsoft’s security updates current. A good firewall will run about $100 and is an actual device that goes between your computer modem and your computer. They also come in WiFi.

Q) What are tennis balls made of?
05-June-2006 J. Burke.
A) Tennis balls are made of a layer of rubber surrounding a hollow center. Then they put a thin layer of adhesive on the rubber and cover it with a layer of felt (usually yellow). The letters that you may see on the felt are just ink, generally black in color.

Q) My sources tell me you are very good with a rifle, is this true, and if it is true are you planning to put up some pictures of yourself on the web?
04-June-2006 Mr. Anonymous.
A) Interesting idea. I might consider some abstract older pictures, and no close-ups of my face, at a later date, and thanks for the idea. Yes I am pretty good with a rifle both small and large bore, but I am just dead on balls accurate with a handgun.

Q) It seems you are having a lot of problems with posting new websites, and now it appears you are having problems with your daily postings as well. Are Muslims finally starting to get to you, are we becoming a pain in your ass like you are too us?
04-June-2006 Abdul Rahim.
A) NO! As I stated earlier, I have started a new job and it requires time so work before pleasure. That is why I haven't had the time to create new websites. To all my fans and supporters, I apologize. As for my Daily Postings, I have been using a Free Web Hosting Service for many years. I will be moving soon so this is no longer practical so I am slowly converting my daily postings to a registered domain and website at: www.thedailyposting.com

Q) What is the average Penis Size?
03-June-2006 Jimmy Reid.
A) In the USA the average size length ranges from 6 to 6.25 inches erect. About 32% of all males fall into this group.

Q) What is the largest recorded Penis length?
03-June-2006 George U.
A) Hard to say. Until the Kinsey Reports started, it wasn’t the kind of thing many people talked about or even studied. However, in 1935 a
French doctor recorded a penis erection of 12 inches. The largest erect penis on medical record is 14 inches. But according to the latest Kinsey Institute, the biggest erect penis on record measures 13 inches. The smallest tops off at 1 3/4 inches. This is a far cry from the doctored fantasy photos of Internet Pornography Images. So now you can believe what you want … Doh.

Q) Do you play golf?
02-June-2006 Rhonda Jennings.
A) NO, my Dad use to say anyone who would hit a ball and then go chase it isn’t very bright.

Q) My boyfriend likes me to call him Daddy do you think that is strange?
01-June-2006 Peggy H.
A) No. If it makes him happy just do it.

Q) My boyfriend likes to spank me. I kind of enjoy it but I am afraid of being labeled kinky, what do you think?
01-June-2006 Rhoda F.
A) This is quite commonplace. If both of you like it do it. My question is how would anyone know you’re kinky if you don’t tell them.

Q) I have a follow-up from last month’s posting about Pussy Farts. What is the technical or correct medical name for Pussy Farts?
01-June-2006 James Woods.
A) They are called queefs.