Oct 13, 2007

Archived Postings No. 5

Q-n-A Subjects for August 2006:
Facts About Volcanoes; Google; Terrorist Attacks; Owning or Buying Google and Yahoo Stock; Global Warming; Most Expensive Motorcycle Ever Sold; Most Powerful Bomb Ever Built; Yellow Rain; Digital Cameras; MSN versus Other Search Engines; Preferred Weapons of Choice by Today’s Modern Foot Soldier; Sexual Desires; Google Really Sucks; National Identity Card; How Can a Girl Make a Relationship Work; Military Mistakes by Israel; REALTORS; Remington Model 700 30.06 Hunting Rifle; Serial Killers in Phoenix Arizona; World’s Record for the Fattest Human Being; Malaysia Sucks Reader Feedback Webpage; Recall the Arizona Real Estate Commissioner, Elaine Richardson; More on Pussy Farts; Pedophile John Mark Karr; Prescription Drugs from Canada; Real Estate Transactions; Bring the U.S. Troops Home from Iraq; Teenage Girls and Boy Problems; America versus Islam; Bitch Slap; Good Ole Boys; Stop the Price Fixing and High Real Estate Commissions; Real Estate Brokers; JonBenet Ramsey; Prostitutes versus Whores.

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Archived Daily Q-n-A from the Month of - August 2006:

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Q) What’s the difference between a Prostitute and a Whore?
31-August-2006 Rebecca James.
A) A Prostitute is also referred to as a Call Girl or Street Walker and gets paid for sex. A Whore is also refereed to as a slut, who just gives sex away free. In other words a whore is easy, sleeps around, and isn’t too particular who she has sex with. At least a prostitute has sense enough to get paid.

Q) Back on August 23, 2006 you responded to my question about John Mark Karr and the JonBenet Ramsey media hype. It turns out that your theory may be true, this guy just wanted to get out of a Thailand Prison. You are one insightful and smart guy. I plan to read your q-n-a daily. Why do you think none of the media can up with the same conclusion you did?
31-August-2006 Timothy Elms.
A) Thanks I appreciate your support. The answer is simple. The news media hasn’t been interested in the truth for years. All it cares about is media coverage and hype which equates to TV Ratings, and that equates to profits. They are all the same; none are any better than the other. Unfortunately, good media coverage and truthful news died out when cable TV started. As for the so-called experts these idiot cable news shows have on for expert advice and commentary is nothing more than an old-fashioned round table discussion (forum), which comes down to an opinion. If you notice all the people they have on share the opinion of the newscaster (Cable company, i.e. cnn, msnbc, fox, and cnbc). I could get better commentary and more honesty if I asked a bunch of kindergarteners their opinions.

Q) Just want to say, I support you 100 percent on your thoughts about Realtors. I have had nothing but bad experiences. After some research I found most of it is because of the Real Estate Broker the agent works for.
30-August-2006 Pauly in NYC.
A) Well I see there is no question here, but thanks for your input and comments. The sooner we have the complete elimination of both Real Estate Brokers and the National Association of Realtors the better for the consumer. Wake up Congress smell the political environment crawling up your butts. Check out this webpage:

Q) I am broker in Arizona and I am highly offended by your publication advertisement Sunday on craiglst.com. You have a low opinion of REALTORS and may be you have had a bad experience in a transaction. But that doesn’t mean every REALTOR is bad. I admit the governor could have selected a better real estate commissioner than Elaine Richardson.
30-August-2006 (no name was left).
A) Well again, I don’t see a question here. I also see that you failed to leave a name. Frankly I don’t give a damn what you think. Understand this - You are the problem. I don’t have anything against real estate agents. I want to get rid of brokers, the national association of realtors, high commission fees, high closing cost, and that idiot Elaine Richardson and I won’t stop until all those goals are accomplished. You can tell Elaine Richardson (Arizona Real Estate Commissioner), every real estate BROKER in America, the National Association of Realtors, and the Governor of Arizona to kiss my butt. For reader reference, this person is referring to My FREE Public Service Information Website that contains Helpful Hints and Tips for Buyers, Sellers, Investors, and Property Owners can be found at:

Q) Are you in la la land or what? You will never get rid of Real Estate Brokers and the ‘Good Ole Boy’ mentality that goes with it.
30-August-2006 Sharon C.
A) It is high time someone stood up to these assholes and said enough is enough. Stop complaining if you don’t want change. The government and organizations like the National Association of Realtors with their powerful lobby in DC is counting on it. I say lets do a ‘Joe Lieberman’ on them. Everyone said no one can get rid of Joe Lieberman, well the people have spoken he is out. Send politicians a message. Tell them the consumer has had enough either Brokers and The National Organization of Realtors go or they do. It is an election year you know. Join me. I have started my own campaign here in Arizona to get rid of our Real Estate Commissioner. Sign my recall petition. Send politicians a message.
Go to these websites:

Q) What does the term ‘Bitch Slap’ mean?
29-August-2006 Joy.
A) It has two meanings:
1) Originally referred to when a man slaps a woman across the face with his penis.
2) Ghetto term referring to slapping an inferior person across the face because they are not considered worth punching with a fist.

Q) Well there now, it seems with the latest attempt at hijacking and destroying numerous US Commercial Airline Flights over the Atlantic Ocean from London England you should be assembling that army to destroy Islam that you claim exists. Where is it, Islam is waiting for you American assholes?
28-August-2006 Mohd A.
A) Well shit head I never said I had the army assembled I said it would be a good idea, and that one needed to be assembled. But good point may be it should start now in the recruitment stages at least, so we can BURN MECCA to the ground. Go to this Brand New BLOG Website at: http://call2arms4america.blogspot.com/

Q) My boyfriend is tight with is Bud. I am still a virgin and all I do is hand jobs. My boyfriend’s bud broke up with his girlfriend. We use to be a 4-sum. Now he wants me to give his bud a hand job. I don’t want to do it, but my BF says if I care about him I will. What do you think?
27-August-2006 MK.
A) This guy is treating you like some used sex object for handouts. Tell your boyfriend if his bud wants a hand job either have him give himself one, or have your boyfriend give him one. Otherwise tell this jerk to take a hike.

Q) Is it true that you support bringing our troops home immediately from Iraq? Is it also true you believe we should close our borders and use troops to prevent illegals from entering the country?
26-August-2006 B. Rikers.
A) Yes to both questions. But unlike these idiot politicians who want something and never have an option plan, try this as an alternative thinking concept: Bring our troops home from Iraq and redeploy them to guard the border. When they catch an illegal immigrant crossing the border, hand him a canteen, a package of MRE rations, an M16 rifle, and some ammo and ship him to Iraq. Tell him if he wants to come to America then he must serve a full 18-month tour in the military. In the old days of this country (the USA) we all did that. Give him a soldier's pay while he's there and tax him on it. After his full tour, he will be allowed to become a citizen since he defended this country. He will also be registered to be taxed and be a legal patriot. This option will probably deter illegal immigration and provide a solution for deployment of U.S. troops to Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan or whatever other shit hole country in the world our politicians get us involved in. Then these so-called poor illegal aliens trying to make a better life for themselves will have the same opportunities the rest of us had. If they refuse to serve, ship them to Iraq anyway, without the canteen, rifle, ammo, or food and let the Muslims deal with feeding, clothing, finding them work, educating them, and giving them health care. Thus the problem is solved.

Q) Damn read your interesting Q-n-A on Realtors. Personally I have never had a good experience with a real estate transaction. Something always goes amidst or delayed. Why doesn’t anyone start a ‘Class Action Lawsuit’ to sue the industry for price fixing?
25-August-2006 Ted.
A) Excellent right on point Ted, someone should. The entire Real Estate Profession (industry) is seriously broken and needs fixing immediately because in the end only the consumer (Seller and Buyer) gets screwed. There have been some sporadic lawsuits and the U.S. Justice Department in Washington DC is investigating the National Association of Realtors (NAR) for price fixing and other consumer violations. To get directly on point, the lawsuit needs to be a National Class Action against all Real Estate Brokers, Brokerage Agencies, TEMPO, MLS, and the National Association of Realtors. On a local level a petition should be created to have ALL Department of Real Estate Commissioners in every STATE recalled and force politicians to enact laws to get rid of Brokers and eliminate forcing Real Estate Agents to join or use specific services such as the Association of Realtors, TEMPO, and others. It should also allow the price for the sales commissions to float and since agents would then work only for themselves a true competition would be created which would enhance a better service to the consumer (sellers and buyers of homes and property). For an example go to these websites:

Q) I am thinking of trying out an online Canadian pharmacy. They have much lower prices. What's your opinion about the difference between Canadian and US medications?
24-August-2006 Adrienne Cummings.
A) Medications made in Canada and the USA are on par with one another, they both meet high government standards in both countries, and are derived from the same drug companies. Price is the only difference. Caution must be advised, however, never use an online substitution drug or never respond to any SPAM Email offering drugs. These medications are often times, expired, not made of standards or quality, or are just fake pills. In some cases they take your money and don’t even give you a product. Other scams are created to obtain your personal information and credit card number. So if you are going to buy over the Internet, the first test is check out the seller. You should assume any solicitation via email is a CON GAME, never respond to it.

Q) What is your opinion of this guy John Mark Karr who admitted to killing 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey?
23-August-2006 Timothy Elms.
A) This is a real wait and see situation. Some of the facts just don’t add up. I certainly hope it is the guy. John Karr is definitely a pedophile; the Thai police had him in custody for child sex crimes. There exist a possibility no one has explored todate. Try out this theory:
What if the guy is a child molester but is not guilty of the Ramsey killing. He knows how terrible it is in a Thai prison, so he is using this to get back to the United States. The U.S. has an international child pornography law and will prosecute Americans for being a pedophile and similar sex crimes even if they are committed in foreign countries that don’t want to prosecute them. But in Thailand they are cracking down on these child sex offenders. The prison systems in places like Turkey and Thailand are deplorable and worse for foreigners. Many foreigners don’t survive past two years in these prisons. So even if convicted of another crime other than the Ramsey killing this guy Karr would serve a sentence in a U.S. prison which is like a country club compared to a foreign prison. This may have been his reason for admitting his guilt. He can always recount once here.

Q) Why do you think some girls are experiencing pussy farts? I'm just curios coz my friend often ask me bout it coz she do experienced it and she was embarrassed with her bf every time they had sex and her pussy farts. What do you think is the cause of it?
22-August-2006 Maxine Sexy.
A) Actually this was asked earlier and I answered it on May 2, 2006.
But here is the answer again, with an expanded explanation:
(1) Vaginal Gas (pussy farts) comes from trapped air. Women generally get these during sex, but can have them at anytime. To eliminate this problem during sex, make sure your partner does not pull his penis all the way out and then shove it back in. This causes air pockets and thus the vagina expels the air like a FART!
(2) It is generally a myth that the penis is too small and air gets trapped inside. That occurs only when a woman generally has extensive sex, such as a prostitute or she has used some type of object for sex that has expanded her vaginal area (hole).
(3) Other causes for vaginal farts are sexual positions and her contracting her vaginal muscles.
(4) To eliminate the problem you are inquiring about try changing sex positions. I would recommend her on top facing him, and her riding it slow and easy and never taking it out. You will find that should eliminate vaginal farting and make sex last longer and be more enjoyable for you both. It also puts the woman in charge. And women always like to be in charge.
(5) Pussy Farts are odorless but do make noise. So if there is an odor, it is because your hole has an odor and needs to be sanitized and cleaned thoroughly inside and out.

Q) Damn just saw that page of yours on craigslist.com about the Recall of the Arizona Real Estate Commissioner, Elaine Richardson. I support you 100%. Those damn Real Estate Brokers are useless.
They are the ones ruining the whole damn business. What do you have planed next, if anything?
21-August-2006 Kane.
A) Thanks. I may take on the entire Real Estate Industry by forming a nonprofit organization to force politicians to do the right thing by consumers and get rid of the price fixing and put that damn useless National Association of Realtors out of business. The page on
craigslist.org mentioned above can be found at: http://phoenix.craigslist.org/rts/195929777.html
The RECALL Petition I created can be found at (please join me, sign it, stop the Price Fixing):

Q) I wrote to you about updating your Malaysia Sucks Reader
Feedback Page. You indicated back on June 18, 2006 you would update it sometime in July. It is now August is there a problem?
21-August-2006 C Chin.
A) Yes and No. Unfortunately with my work schedule, the fact I am converting all my Free Websites and Pages to my permanent domain sites, and the fact my youngest son, a former injured U.S. Marine in Iraq needs his site completely redesigned, I just haven’t had the time. I apologize. I have updated my Malaysia Sucks Part 2 website page twice since you wrote. When I post to the Reader Feedback Page, all the un-posted feedbacks will be listed.

Q) What was / is the fattest (heaviest) human being on a record?
20-August-2006 Karen Cummings.
A) A woman named Sarah who weighed an astonishing 734 pounds.

Q) I live in the Phoenix Arizona area, and it seems serial killers are on a national rise, just how serious of a problem is this?
19-August-2006 PW.
A) In the USA the latest statistics shows about 3% of the population have some type of serious mental defect or problem including psychopathic tendencies. This is just not psychobabble but crime statistics. The psychopaths are the ones to really worry about. They kill indiscriminately at random locations and intervals making it almost impossible to catch them. To add to the dilemma are copycat killers; many have serious psychological problems themselves. The best advice in this crazy world is to avoid any confrontation. So don’t be giving people the finger or hollering at your neighbor you never can tell they could be that psychopath that kills you or your family.

Q) I live in the north central US, been deer hunting since I was 12, and I use a Remington Model 700 30.06 bolt-action rifle. I load my own 165 Grain full jacket rounds for deer hunting. I do my shots from a blind around 150 yards, sometimes more. I get a deer every year. Just wondering what you thought of the rifle?
18-August-2006 Craig Schummer.
A) The rifle is a little more than you may need, but you compensated with a smaller grain bullet, and hell it’s a great weapon and it works for you. I have used it myself. If your going after anything bigger like Elk or Bear you might want to get a bigger grain slug. Remember to file the end of the bullet round slightly to reduce drag and improve velocity and barrel spin. Good shooting at that range from a blind. Wondering if you ever used anything else (rifle caliber or type), and if you ever made a shot with a deer on the run?

Q) What do you think about REALTORS?
17-August-2006 Jane.
A) First of all the real estate profession needs a serious major overhaul. Does the word con game have meaning? Keep in mind just because its legal doesn’t mean it isn’t a con game. Unlike what bureaucrats would like us all to think, this is a group that has long been run by what is referred to as ‘The Good Ole Boys.’ It is anti consumer orientated and has a mentality generated to mean ‘Screw the buyer but get that commission.’ The primary cause is that most bureaucrats just can’t keep up with technology, such as sales on the Internet. But what makes it truly detrimental for the consumer are the following factors:
(1) All licensed Real Estate Agents are forced to work on a commission so anything they do or spend is out of their own pocket.
(2) Real Estate Agents spend a lot of time on schooling and continued education but none of this schooling teaches what a real estate agent needs to know, such as good marketing techniques, and how to fill out a real estate contract.
(3) Next - Real estate agents are forced to join this stupid and totally useless organization called ‘The National Association of Realtors.’ This is the basis for the ‘Good Ole Boys’ whereby a totally dimwitted outdated organization on a local level collects large dues ranging from $250 to $500 per year from each realtor. It gives them nothing in return but grief. If a realtor doesn’t join they can’t use the MLS (multiple listing service).
(4) Next - The real estate agent has to join the ‘Local’ MLS, which cost about another $100 to $200 per year. This gives them access to the use of and input to the MLS, only thing a real estate agent needs.
(5) After this the real estate agent has to join a separate organization to get Lock Boxes, another fee for every lock box they use. This ranges from $35 to $100 per lockbox.
(6) Most real estate agents are forced to buy their own signs, with a basic cost of around $55; they have to get business cards; they must make flyers; and they must do their own advertisements. This would be acceptable to most realtors but there is another catch again created by these useless ‘Good Ole Boys’ called a BROKER. Real estate agents MUST hang their license with a Real Estate Broker. These brokers are like everyone else they take money and give nothing to the real estate agent in return. The entire real estate process for buying and selling homes is anti consumer because it is based on price fixing and restrictive use. So why doesn’t congress or politicians do something about the problem? Because the National Association of Realtors has a lobbying group that is very aggressive. They even have a new expensive building in Washington DC that overlooks Congress. This is where a lot of those forced dues paid by real estate agents go. This also keeps them from becoming a self-employed totally independent contractor working only for themselves, which in the end would only benefit the consumer (seller and buyer).

Q) What mistakes do you see the Israeli’s making in their war effort to destroy Hezbollah?
16-August-2006 Brian Sowers.
A) The same damn one America and the Brits have made. These assholes are waging a very good public relations war. So I would have destroyed all the infrastructure first starting with all communications, such as cell phone towers, satellite dish relays, telephone company buildings and relays, satellite dishes on tops of buildings, and radio and TV stations. Then I would have gone on and wiped out all the water and sewer relay and pumping stations, followed by all the electrical generating plants and sub stations. This could have been done in two days. The war would have been over by now. America should still do this with the al-Jazeera Arab TV Network located in Qatar. The destruction should be both on the ground and in space. Another real deterrent is waiting for these rallies to take place. Those assholes protesting are either current enemies or future enemies. Destroy most of those idiots parading and protesting would create a fear that says. “Hey they really can get to us any damn time they want to.” Remember that PR psychological warfare works both ways.

Q) What do you think a girl can do to make a relationship work?
15-August-2006 Lori G.
A) Women always make more out of a relationship than there really is. Men are simple-minded direct individuals. They are like little boys, so treat them like so. But specifically if you simply take your panties off, never say no, and give good blowjobs. The relationship is basically aced. He’s yours forever.

Q) What are your thoughts on the "Real ID Act of 2005" that will require all United States citizens to obtain a "National ID"? This legislation goes into effect on May 11, 2008. Anyone who refuses to get the national ID will not be able to buy or sell, hold a job, or bank account. Some believe this is the beginning of the "Mark of the BEAST". Due to the situation in the Middle East and references in the Bible pertaining to "The Battle of Armageddon", Paula Zahn of CNN recently had a special entitled "Is this THE END?" and interviewed several "experts" on what they call the "coming Apocalypse" and compared the events that have been happening with Israel as Biblical prophecy of the end of the world.
14-August-2006 Jimmy Burrell.
A) Your question really has two parts:
(1) For the First part of your question, with the situation in the world the way it is today, the mass entrance by illegals into the USA not just from border crossings but on over staid visas from workers, students, and tourist raises serious concerns who the hell is really here. The reality everyone needs to address in The United States is not an attack from outside this country but the enemy from within which was proven on 911. So to answer your question, YES I fully support a National Identity Card. It will accomplish many things such as …
-- A New way to track Credit reporting and stop using our Social
Security Card for something it was never intended for.
-- Make people pay taxes who are here illegally.
-- Identify those who are real problems, and probably mean us harm.
Arrest them and deport their useless Asses.
-- Stop employers from exploiting illegal aliens and force those employers to pay social security and corporate taxes.
-- Force States to stop issuing driver’s licenses to anyone who wants them just so they can generate revenue.
-- Force Politicians on a State and Local level to get a reality check.
-- Force colleges and universities to account for whom they are teaching.
Most of the terrorists were trained at U.S. schools.
(2) As for the Second part of your question, every generation (25 years) or so a group comes along and predicts the ‘End of the World.’ These are just nutcases. Religious fanatics exist everywhere in all religions. That is why religion itself is stupid. Science should control mankind and its destiny. The news media, especially cable networks no longer care about the truth or facts, just about ratings and income (profits). Keep that in mind when you hear them spew their bullshit, they are just another type of fanatic nutcase.

Q) Been following your Insane Q-n-A for the last few months. Lots of real interesting questions and some very good responses from you. That new website that goes after Google is a killer. It tells everyone the truth about Google and how it treats people and small business owners, especially here in America. Are you planning any others like it?
13-August-2006 George N.
A) Um Could Be, potentially there is one more. But right now I have my plate full with Google and Malaysia they both suck!
Visit all my great sites at the following locations:

Q) I think there is something wrong with me. I am constantly horny. I play with myself all the time. I have a boyfriend but he is not adequate for my needs. I am not a whore and I don’t want to sleep around. Any suggestions?
12-August-2006 Rhoda.
A) Yes. See a doctor. If that doesn’t help you buy a pair of Japanese vibrating eggs (balls). They hook to your panties and they will make you cum often even at work. There is another product called vibrating underwear (panties), they even come with a remote. The vibrator is actually built into the woman’s underwear. You can purchase either one at a good sex shop near you or just search Yahoo under ‘Sex Toys.’

Q) If you went back into combat today, say Iraq, and could take any weapon what would you choose?
11-August-2006 Jesus Garcia.
A) Combat is a loosely defined term when it comes to fire power. But since you specified Iraq and there is a lot of close in building-to-building type activity I would carry the following weapons on ever search and destroy mission:
(1) A 12-guage-pump shotgun with two shoulder over bandoliers of double 00 buck ammo.
(2) Two Colt 45 caliber auto handguns with dual shoulder holsters and 6 extra clips.
(3) 4 Grenades.

Q) I took your advice and tested a few of my websites with search engines. I found MSN was good. Google did have it listed but not on the radarscope. Yahoo had the site way down in position 100. Looksmart and MyWay were not part of reality either. Thanks for the advice. Have you changed your mind yet about Looksmart?
10-August-2006 Sammy Uduh.
A) YES. Looksmart even after repeated promises to change and hiring a new CEO has turned out to be a total failure. I have tested them myself, gave them ever opportunity to perform, and they have failed miserably. Looksmart can’t get their google style banner adsense working, and it looks like their criteria will be more stringent than Google. These idiots don’t understand that ads, any type of advertisement is GOOD, and itmeans revenue. Take ‘Looksmart’ off the hope list and put them in the Trashcan as useless. If a search engine ever comes up with an ad banner concept for small and medium business users without any ad banner restrictions, they will be the next Google.

Q) I want to buy a digital camera any suggestions?
09-August-2006 Marylou.
A) Yes, get a Sony with an extra memory chip. They are compatible with both MAC and Windows Machines and generally load with no special software. I would avoid getting a Kodak. They put pictures into their own format, which then requires other software to convert the images to a more standard format referred to as a jpeg or .jpg

Q) I have been dating this guy for a few months, and we went away for the weekend. We were taking a shower together when he suddenly peed on my leg and feet. He then bent me over in the shower and had his way with me. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do. What is this guy’s problem and should I continue to see him?
08-August-2006 Suddenly Startled.
A) He is obviously into a peeing fetish. Some guys want to mark their territory. If this bothers you move on now because this is probably just the beginning. But many people have some type of fetish.

Q) What is the most powerful bomb ever built?
07-August-2006 Billy Ray Little.
A) There are really two answers to this question, since you didn’t specify conventional versus nuclear.
(1) The largest conventional bomb ever built, but not used in combat, as of yet, is the GBU-43/B "Mother Of All Bombs" 
MOAB - Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb. The GBU-43/B is large, powerful and accurately delivered ‘High Explosive.’ The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb [MOAB] weapon is a 21,000 lb total weight GPS-guided munitions with fins and inertial gyro for pitch and roll control. The Arabs / Muslims / North Koreans should be glad this has never been used. It was considered for the Iraq War but was completed and tested too late when Saddam’s Regime fell. It is now being considered for possible use against Syria, Iran, or North Korea.
(2) The largest nuclear bomb ever built was developed by the former Soviet Union (USSR) at 100 megatons. Even the Russians feared its potential and only tested half of its capacity at 50 megatons, the largest ever tested by any nation.
(3) Under development and some believe completed but not tested, is a nuclear tip bunker buster capable of penetrating hundreds of feet below the surface which many nations now build secret facilities to avoid satellite detection. If or when completed would make it the first combination conventional weapon with a tactical small nuclear tipped warhead. Many believe this is a real option against Iran. In theory it is believed to be capable of destroying any underground facility up to 10 stories below ground level, minimize radioactive fallout, and limit civilian deaths.

Q) What was the most expensive ‘New’ motorcycle ever sold?
06-August-2006 Marlo.
A) A Harley-Davidson bid and purchased by David Steiner for $800,100 in February 2005. Steiner, CEO of Houston-based Waste Management, was eBay's highest bidder on a celebrity autographed Harley-Davidson motorcycle auctioned off by NBC's The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on behalf of tsunami victims.

Q) With all this talk about global warming just how important are trees to our health?
05-August-2006 Robbie Thornton.
A) An average acre of trees can remove about 13 tons of dust and harmful gases every year from the surrounding environment.

Q) Just a comment. I sold my Google stock, just a few shares. Made a bundle in and out before it collapses. I hate Google. I agree MSN is greatly improved I am switching back.
04-August-2006 Anonymous.
A) Smart fella. If others were only as smart as you. Thanks for the response.

Q) I read your answer last month on what we should do to help prevent another terrorist attack, but my question is what do you think we should do if there is another attack on America’s homeland?
03-August-2006 Stoker.
A) It would be high time for real Americans to stand up. This pussy attitude and trying to use diplomacy doesn’t work with religious fanatics and assholes. I would suggest a private army of previous U.S. military personnel be assembled outside the U.S. governments spear of influence. It needs to be organized, equiped, and then land at Jizan Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea and march to Mecca. Burn everything to the ground and destroy all that Islam stands for. A repeat of the Civil War era ‘Sherman’s famous march to the sea’ but in the Middle East.

Q) I know a search engine worse than Google, It’s About. How come you didn’t mention them?
02-August-2006 Sammy.
A) ‘About’ isn’t even on my friggin radarscope and it shouldn’t be on yours. They are also not in the same category as Google, MSN, Myway, Looksmart, Yahoo, Alexa, or Dogpile.

Q) Just how far can a volcano spew ash and debris into the air when it erupts?
01-August-2006 Kathy K.
A) A volcano has enough power to shoot ash as high as 50 km (about 30 miles) into the atmosphere.