Oct 13, 2007

Archived Postings No. 6

Q-n-A Subjects for September 2006:
Brain Freeze; Tech Stocks; Girls Underwear (panties); FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List; Warren Jeffs; Republican Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney; Consumer Advocates; Things About Realtors; Google is Arrogant; Preparing to become a Marine Corps Sniper; The 30.06 Rifle; Using Recall Petitions; Nightclubs and One Night Affairs; Crotch Itch; Atmospheric Water Generators; Identifying Real Estate Problems; High Real Estate Commissions; Opinion Poll on Professionals; Boobs v Butts; Using Pigs Fat to Coat Bullets; Casual Sex; Oral Sex v STDs; Islam; Shaving or Trimming Pubic Hair; Stained Panties; Pretexting; America v Islam, A BLOG; Boobs Large v Small; Opinion Poll by Women on Penis Size; BLOGS, Bloggers, Blogging and BLOG Websites; Patients Rights; Condoms on the Battlefield; Breasts and Different Cup Sizes; Alcohol v Sex Performance; Prolonged Penis Erection; Uses for Condoms; Two and Half Men Sitcom; Law and Order TV Show; Things I Hate; Nationwide Property Tax Revolt; Purchasing a Security System for Your Home.

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Archived Daily Q-n-A from the Month of - September 2006:

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Q) I just bought a new house and everyone is trying to sell me a security system package, are they any good?
30-September-2006 Rhonda N.
A) Not really, but you will get a discount from your insurance company for having one. Usually that discount is NOT offset by the yearly cost (monthly fee the alarm company charges). Also do not sign a contract for more than one year with any company. Frankly nothing is better than hidden cameras with a recording device. But an audible alarm may be all you need. Most home burglars won’t hang around to see if you are connected to an alarm company. If you do have an audible alarm, test it once per week, this will also let people, including criminals casing the area know you have one. Test it on different days at different times. Window stickers and signs are useless, save your money. If you live alone buy a gun and learn how to use it. If someone enters shoot the dirty bastard(s).

Q) What do you think of the Property Tax Revolt currently sweeping the nation?
29-September-2006 Ben Gulf.
A) I am in favor of anything that reduces taxes. The problem in life isn’t how much tax we pay, it’s how those idiot politicians and stinking bureaucrats spend the money.

Q) It is apparent you hate BUMI Muslim Malays, is there anything else you hate?
28-September-2006 An Interested Malay Girl.
A) Terrorist, con artist, spammers, the UN, pigeons, cats, liberals, the
French, lawyers, Realtors, Burger King, Motorola, Intel, investment bankers, illegal aliens, people who drive slow in the fast lane, soccer, and animal lovers.

Q) I know you are a Law & Order TV Fan. Did you see the latest new series episode last Friday night? I thought it sucked. They got rid of Detective Fontana, replaced him with some dumb ass woman, got a new woman for Jack McCoy’s assistant who is also worthless, and never showed what happened with McCoy from where they left off at the end of last season. I am very disappointed, what do you think?
27-September-2006 Ronald Jenkins.
A) Couldn’t have put it better myself. The show really sucks! I am no longer a fan. I won’t watch it again, except the reruns!

Q) Saw your list of favorite Prime Time TV Shows. I agreed with most of them. I really like Two Half Men but they managed like all TV shows to screw it up. The concept about Charlie being a player appealed to the male, and the idiot brother and arrogant mother appealed to all those with a dysfunctional family, the fat putz of a kid rounded the show out with the other odd characters like the maid and neighbor. But they have ruined it with letting the cute dumb blonde go and having Charlie get in touch with his feelings and want a permanent relationship … i.e. blah blah blah. What do you think?
27-September-2006 Kevin Spikes.
A) I absolutely agree. It was the best show on TV. But just let those useless TV mongers start with their liberal ass attitudes and they ruin a perfectly good comedy series. The last two NEW episodes really suck. I will give it one more time before I abandon it altogether.

Q) Read your answer about Condoms. Out of curiosity are you aware of any other uses?
26-September-2006 Debra Shanks.
A) Yes, and they are:
* Sex and sexual related matters.
* Polish gold embroidery (actually used in India).
* Ad-hoc emergency use to carry water (India, Pakistan).
* Repair Thatch Roofing (Thailand).
* Occasional Pranks (practical jokes).
* Nipples for feeding baby animals.
* And, the One I mentioned (cover Rifle and Shotgun Barrels to keep dust, sand, dirt, and water out).

Q) What is a painful or prolonged penis erection called?
25-September-2006 Arthur.
A) The medical term is called ‘Priapism.’ Whereby the penis does not return to it’s flaccid state (normal position) prior to erection. This use to be associated with either a physical aliment or a psychological problem. Now doctors are finding some drugs can cause side effects. Also in rare instances the use of penis erection enhancement drugs like Viagra or Cialis may also cause this problem. This condition exists when neither sexual or psychological stimulation occurs. As in you are not having sex, thinking about sex, or masturbating and don’t want a hard-on. Yes an unwanted hard-on is painful!

Q) Hi, we've been living together for 3-months dating for six. Last night we got drunk and went to bed. While rubbing his body he got hard so I got on top then we went to doggy, finally with him on top. Then he just went soft. This has never happened before. Do I not turn him on, or are there any other explanations? He said he didn’t think I wanted it. I don’t believe that.
24-September-2006 Gayle Rehkopf
A) You didn’t mention age. Age is a factor in men over 40. Assuming age is not a factor, drinking is. When you drink your mind says do it but your body is uncoordinated and lazy or even listless. You also didn’t specify whether you have had sex while he was drinking before. You need to establish a baseline. But speaking in generalities it is most likely the alcohol. The excuse comes from male ego. Men will never admit even to themselves that they have a sexual problem unless they just can’t get it up at all. Male impotency can occur at any age, but again it is most prevalent over the age of 40. That is when you use Viagra or a similar drug. My best guess is that it was the alcohol combined with a lame excuse. Alcohol can affect you differently at different times. So one time it may allow great sex while other times failure as you experienced depending on how drunk or intoxicated he was. The other thing was he failed when climbed on top, the brain may have just said to the body sleep time. In conclusion, I wouldn’t worry about it. I also wouldn’t bring it up again. Sex failure especially in a younger guy will cause emotional difficulties between the two of you. If this problem occurs again when he is drinking, then expect northing when he drinks. If it occurs and he is not drinking write to me again for another cause and suggestion.

Q) My boobs are different sizes. One is an ‘A’ Cup, and the other is a ‘B’ cup, is this normal?
23-September-2006 Ms. Embarrassed.
A) Relax this is quite normal. Every woman has some slight irregularity from one breast to another. Some are more extreme than others. An estimated 40% of women have different-sized breasts, so you are definitely not alone. If you see two perfect breasts that are exactly the same they are fake. Girls whose breasts are different sizes or develop at different rates are also normal. In fact it's so normal, there's a medical term for it called differential development. The difference in breast size tends to even out once a girl is older or fully matured. This is usually anywhere between the ages of 16 and 20.

Q) Is it true U.S. Soldiers in Vietnam and other areas would use condoms to protect their rifles and why?
22-September-2006 TT.
A) YES. The condoms are used to keep out the water. The monsoons in Southeast Asia are severe. So soldiers would take a condom (often used) and put it over the barrel of their M16 to keep the water out. Some do this in Iraq to keep the sand out during a sandstorm.

Q) What do you think of Patient’s Rights?
21-September-2006 Sarah Linkks.
A) What rights? Patients go to a doctor, clinic, hospital, medical facility, etc. seeking both care and advice. They have reasonable expectations of being treated fairly and honestly. They get neither. In fact the entire medical industry in the United States is the biggest
egal con game going. They ask you for your personal information, which they don’t need. They loose it causing great harm to you if it falls into the wrong hands and nothing is done to them. They treat you like they’re doing you a favor by servicing you. They don’t tell you the truth or they withhold valuable information unless you are astute enough to ask the right questions and insist on the proper treatment. They are test and referral crazy. In other words it is a money making scheme of epidemic proportion. It is very difficult to have a doctor’s license revoked. It is getting harder to sue a doctor or hospital even if they are the biggest screw up of all times. They want to tell you what they want and expect. This is the only industry that gets away with this. Put it into perspective by using this example:
You hire a contractor to build you a patio deck. He tells you how much it will cost, what shape and color it will be, when he will complete it, and gives you no guarantees. This is what you get from doctors, hospitals, and drug companies. Using my own experience, try this one … I was advised I might have contracted Hepatitis ‘B.’ This contagious. The only known way to determine if you have it is a Blood test. I immediately, that same day, went to my primary care physician. Yes I have medical insurance, that in itself can be an anchor around your neck. I was told by the doctor’s office that they just don’t do blood test without the doctor’s Ok. This particular office has its own lab onsite. They advised since I have not seen the doctor in 2 years (I haven’t been ill, why go there?) that I must see him for a check up and consultation. According to the CDC if you suspect you have Hepatitis get a blood test ASAP. Now since you need the blood test first and it is a contagious disease you would think the doctor’s office had some common sense. NO they did not. They stood there ground. Doctor first then test then doctor again, if needed. One more time, there is NO way any doctor can tell if you have Hepatitis without a Blood Test. Also, the CDC, that’s the U.S. Government paid by our tax dollars to protect us from disease outbreaks, etc. state to get the test without delay. Doctors ignore any of this and do what they want. It’s called money. They want that co-pay office visit, not once but probably twice or more if they can get it. And people complain about lawyers. Congress was going to take up the issue of Patient Care several years ago but Arizona Senator John McCain killed it before it ever came up for a vote, and this useless ass wipe wants to be President of the USA.

Q) What’s up with all these Bloogers, Blog Websites, etc. Do you have any insight or opinion on this?
20-September-2006 Wanda Jones.
A) Yes indeed I do. Blog is like a cross between an Online Newsletter and a Chat Room. Blogs have three issues and problems:
(1) Many call themselves a BLOG but have no ability to respond to the writer. This is NOT a Blog it is an online ‘Bitch’ Page. This was created by some idiot to bitch, moan, and complain about something, or to post useless crap about themselves, family, friends, etc.
(2) A true Blog must be open and on point about a subject unless the BLOG is intentionally created as a BITCH forum. This you can get in Chat Rooms from AOL, Yahoo, etc, mostly made up of teenagers.
(3) A real BLOG should be independent in discussion, have the ability to respond to the subject without rules or restrictions from the BLOGGER (owner of the Blog site).
Common things that people complain about BLOGS are:
--- The news media using BLOGS too promote themselves or their TV or Cable Network / Magazine / Newspaper. Many in the news media use this as a forum to stress their political agenda. They also use it like a Dear Abby column. Blogs where never intended for that.
--- Having to sign up / register to use the BLOG, i.e. leave a comment.
This again is NOT a true Blog. One of the original reasons Blogs where created was too establish a place people could voice their opinions in discussion format about a particular subject with total anonymity. Having to register is stupid. Never use a Blog that requires registration and if you do, create dummy names, emails, etc.
--- Blogs are now appearing like rats infesting the Internet.
--- Blogs have pop-ups, fraud schemes, pedophiles, loud music, too many advertisements, and are created under false pretense, as in they claim to be one subject matter but in fact are something else.
--- People create Dummy Blogs that are really advertisement pages, often about unrelated subjects, intended to get traffic to that website, but in fact just piss people off.
--- BLOGS are also called ‘Threads.’
--- For 2 examples of BLOGS, done correctly, totally interactive, no sign-in or sign up join me at:
--- I created this Blog before I realized it had a mandatory sign-in policy (registered user). Myspace.com requires all bloggers and participants to register. Most blogs default to that setting but can be turned off, allowing 3 possible choices for the user responding to the subject.
See my other Blog at:

Q) What do women think about a man’s penis size, is it important to them?
19-September-2006 Jeffery Edmonds, London.
A) Yes. In two recent surveys of 100 women the following responses were given:
Survey No. 1 –
** 41% Said the girth (diameter) of a penis was more important than the length.
** 14% Said it depended on the woman’s size, as in if you are petite a 4-5 inch penis length was sufficient, and larger as the women got larger.
** 40% Said a 6-7 inch penis was perfect, using the example that a vibrator is usually 6 to 7 inches long.
** 5% Said give me a big penis every time, with a minimum of 7 inches as acceptable.
Survey No. 2 –
All 100 women in this survey agreed that …
*** Longer Is GOOD.
*** Thicker is BETTER.
*** Longer and Thicker is BEST.

Q) Ok, read the Boob v. Butt question. What types of Boobs do you like small or large?
18-September-2006 Sinclair East.
A) Both, but in boobs I like a woman with great Nipples.

Q) I am an x-Marine like your son. I agree that something has to be done about Islam. The problem with the U.S. Military today is it has too damn many rules of engagement. You can’t tell the good guys from the bad until they shoot at you, and often times then it’s to late.
17-September-2006 Gunny Smith.
A) Thanks for your input. I agree with your assessment of the U.S. Military’s idiotic Rules of Engagement. Personally my attitude is … see it and kill it! This comment is about my New BLOG, America versus Islam, visit it at:

Q) What is all this latest blah blah about Pretexting? Can this affect the average American?
17-September-2006 James Boden.
A) It sure can. Pretexting is when someone pretends to be you to obtain personal information and records about you. In the recent HP case a private detective pretended to be different people in order to obtain personal telephone records and other vital information about a variety or people without their consent or knowledge. This is illegal without a court order. The telephone companies involved are raising hell and want HP and all the parties involved prosecuted. The courts and the U.S. Justice Department have always been light on prosecuting corporate America and wealthy people, especially those connected with or who influence the stock market. But we need turn around and fair play here. If this were you doing this on your own you would be charged with Identity Theft and a host of other crimes. As for what you can do, call you bank, credit card companies, and telephone companies (including cell phone, pagers, etc.) and have a secret password put on your account that only you would know.
Important: The company is obligated by law to place a secret password on your account. hey will insist that you use your mother’s maiden name, mother’s birth date, or the last four digits of your social security number.
Do NOT use these. Each of these companies are required by law to allow you to pick both your secret question and your secret answer. Consumer fraud experts are recommending you use something only you would know, such as the name of your first love (boyfriend or girlfriend), first pet’s name (not current pet). Use something that is highly unlikely to be found through any computer search of your personal files. Don’t delay, do it now! Also never use any password or secret identity question and answer more than one time. Use a different one for everything you do.

Q) Why are my panties always stained?
16-September-2006 Sue M.
A) Panty stains primarily come from three things.
(1) Hormone discharge, common during pregnancy.
(2) Urine, you didn’t wipe yourself or it was insufficient.
(3) Sexual discharge, as in masturbation, or a man’s sperm leaking out of your vagina.

Q) I just turned 15. Many of my friends are all ready shaving their pubic hair. I am thinking of starting to shave mine as well. What do you think?
16-September-2006 Angie.
A) This is a personal choice for all women. But here are some things to think about before you start shaving your vagina area:
1) If you start shaving your pubic hair, it will probably itch when it grows back in.
2) Most hair gets darker as you shave it.
3) Shaving generally causes the hair to grow faster.
4) If you cut yourself down there and get an infection you are in serious trouble.
5) Don’t do things because others do it, do what you want, especially when it comes to your own body.
6) Trimming your pubic hair is normal. Especially in hot weather or if you perspire heavily.
7) You may want to consider shaving the top area only, just above the vagina as a try out (test) before doing the entire thing.
8) Be very careful not to cut yourself.

Q) Islam will rule do you know that?
15-September-2006 P.K. Dubwhatte.
A) Rule what, Hell, they are welcome to it. Do I give a shit about Islam?
NO! In fact do I give a shit about any religion? No I do not! Religion is the ruination of mankind and will be his (her) ultimate downfall. Don’t forget to visit my New BLOG site, America versus Islam at:

Q) Is it true that I can get several different types of STD’s from simple oral sex?
14-September-2006 Diane L.
A) YES. Absolutely you can get venereal disease (VD) or sexual transmitted disease (STDs) from oral sex. Many of these are not curable and will eventually cause death. So either use a condom or give the guy a hand job.

Q) It seems like you’re fairly experienced with women. Just how many women have you had in your lifetime?
14-September-2006 James Goods.
A) Over 300.

Q) Ok tell me how do you coat bullets with Pigs Fat?
13-September-2006 R. Wicks.
A) Here are step-by-step simply to follow instructions:
1) Go to the grocery store and buy some Pork Bacon, if you don’t all ready have some in the refrigerator.
2) At the end of the Bacon is usually a piece of white pork fat. Cut off the white fat portion, about one inch is sufficient.
3) Take out the ammo.
4) On the bullet portion of the cartridge, rub it with the pork bacon fat.
5) Let sit for about 10 minutes.
6) Load the Gun.
7) Now your ready to shoot those ass wipe stinking useless Muslims when they come.
8) Make it well known ALL of your bullets are coated with Pork Fat.

Q) Out of curiosity, are you a Boob or Butt man?
12-September-2006 Drake.
A) A Butt guy. I love a woman with a nice round tight ass.

Q) Are there any statistics on what Americans think of so-called professionals such as lawyers, politicians, and realtors?
11-September-2006 Jamie Sanderson.
A) Yes Jamie there are. I will use the ones that reflect the worse opinion polls since there are many polls on all the categories you mentioned plus some. Here are five professions that stay in the limelight and get the average Americans attention:
Part 1 - Survey on Politicians:
The U.S. Congress gets the lowest marks.
Most Americans think it’s time for a change.
Only 23% of Americans think Congress is doing a good or adequate job.
77% think Congress is doing a poor job, they address issues unrelated to the average American, and they don’t address concerns that Americans have.
81% of all Americans think Politicians spend too much time pointing fingers, name calling, and blaming others instead of just fixing the problems.
68% of all Americans think Congress, especially the U.S. Senate spends too much time on partisan politics and voting party lines.
Only 37% of registered voters plan to vote in the upcoming November 2006 elections.
Part 2 - Survey on Lawyers:
70% of Corporate America blames frivolous lawsuits as one of the key reasons for exporting American Jobs.
96% of all Americans distrust lawyers.
87% of all Americans blame lawyers as the prime reason the court system is broken and needs a major overhaul.
Part 3 - Survey on REALTORS:
89% of ALL Americans distrust real estate agents, think they lie and cannot be trusted.
91% of all Americans think their real estate agent could have done a better job representing them in their transaction.
86% of all Americans think real estate commission fees and closing costs are way too high.
Part 4 - Survey on Human Resources (HR) People:
91% of all Americans think an HR Department and any related interview with an HR representative is a waste of time and company resources.
77% of all job seekers think a resume is a waste of time and a place to lie or exaggerate the facts.
95% of all job seekers think it takes employers too long to respond to vacant positions.
65% of all job seekers are convinced that employer HR departments advertise positions that do not exist to see what type of qualified applicants are in the market place.
Part 5 - Survey on Police Officers:
77% of All Americans think their local police spend too much time on domestic issues and traffic situations.
60% of all Americans think that their local and state police agencies are trying to become TV personalities instead of catching the bad
71% of all Americans think hostage negotiations are a waste of time, cause great problems for commuters and local businesses and
should be handled with force after 60 minutes of talking.
88% of all Americans think with current technology including helicopters high-speed chases should not be allowed except in a life threatening hostage situation.

Q) You are an asshole. I am a Real Estate Broker and if you get what you want the industry would have chaos and collapse.
10-September-2006 Mr. Anonymous.
A) Well I see besides cheating consumers by being guilty of price fixing I also see you are stupid and believe your own bullshit. This coupled with the fact you are a coward, you can’t even use your own name your too embarrassed because you’re a Real Estate Broker. Now go piss off and let the Real Estate Industry be Market Driven like everything else in America. Folks they’re running scared all ready, join me, sign my petition, go to:

Q) Just a comment, no one is ever going to listen to your crap about
Real Estate. I am a Broker, I like it the way it is, and it’s never going to change.
10-September-2006 Ron in California.
A) Your right about one thing. It will never change if people don’t act and get involved. I have given the consumer the tool to start a revolt in this country about Real Estate Prices, Commissions, Price Fixing,
Getting rid of Real Estate Brokers, Doing away with the National
Association of Realtors, and bringing Real Estate into the 21st century and making it market driven. It is up to the consumer (buyer, seller, investor) to make the choice. If they choose poorly so be it. Then they get what they deserve. I just want them to have a choice, Real Estate Brokers and the system doesn’t give the consumer any choices!

Q) Have you ever had a problem with any particular realtor or real estate company?
10-September-2006 Glen.
A) Yes, I have bought and sold many houses across America. I can say that I have never had a smooth real estate transaction or a totally honest realtor. The last set of problems were with the following real estate companies:
John Hall; Remax; and Century 21.

Q) What are Atmospheric Water Generators?
09-September-2006 Paul Rabbine.
A) A developed process based upon air filtration and the use of Ultra Violet light (UV) that allows water (humidity extracted from the air) to be currently used for drinking. This is being done at a cost below that paid for bottled drinking water. Currently Disney is using this at its theme park in Orlando Florida. It also reduces the heat index (temperature the body feels by reducing the humidity in the air).
The machines are referred to as Atmospheric Water Generators.
The scientific value of this is enormous. Using a more advanced approach, probably generated by a small nuclear reactor, this device could be placed on a hostile planet environment or possibly a baron planet body such as a moon to create new life, virtually a new world. The process could take decades even centuries but would allow humans to colonize their own solar system without worrying about vast travel distances to other solar systems. Another modified use could be to remove hydrocarbons and pollutant particulates harmful to life here on earth and restore a more balanced breathing atmosphere.

Q) What is Crotch Itch?
08-September-2006 Selma.
A) Crotch Itch or Jock Itch which it is commonly called is actually a Fungus. In men especially it usually comes from other parts of the body (commonly tinea pedis or 'athlete's foot') can contribute to jock itch. Men should never wash their feet or dry their feet then touch their groin area. This causes the fungus to spread. These types of fungi like a warm damp environment, which allows the fungus to cultivate. The fungus especially likes areas with tight, sweaty, or rubbing clothing. The type of fungus that most commonly causes jock itch is called trichophyton rubrum. There are other types but they are still all a fungus.

Q) Read your Q&A on Whores versus Prostitutes. I sleep with different men I meet at nightclubs. Does this mean by your standards I am a whore?
08-September-2006 No Name Please.
A) It is not my standard it is the definition. But I think your actions and life style have answered your own question.

Q) I like your idea of a recall petition in Arizona. But I live in Washington
State. So what to do?
07-September-2006 Jerry.
A) Well Jerry copy my page and start one up in Washington State.
The idea of my recall petition to get rid of the Arizona Real Estate
Commissioner, Elaine Richardson has three distinct uses, they are:
(1) To actually get rid of this woman who endorses Price Fixing and discriminates in employment practices of Real Estate Agents.
(2) Send a Message to Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano that this is an election year and she better clean up her act.
(3) For people like you in every State and U.S. Territory to copy my page and start one where they live. So here is a Public Announcement.
Anyone who wants to start a Recall Petition of there State’s Real Estate Commissioner, please feel free to copy my webpage format at:

Q) Thanks for the input of August 18, 2006 about my 30.06. Yes and Yes to your question, but I have always come back to this rifle. What do you use for hunting?
06-September-2006 Craig Schummer.
A) A variety of things. But I don’t hunt 4-legged game anymore Igave it up for the 2-legged kind. There is a real thrill in watching some piece of shit (referring to one of America’s enemies) brains being blown out of the back of their skull and all over the place. They shouldn’t run they just die tired.

Q) I would like to become a sniper, any suggestions on what branch
of service to join or what pre-training I should do?
06-September-2006 Gary Alexander.
A) Depends on several factors, which unfortunately are no longer reliable for future combat only on known circumstances and current engagements.
But try this thinking approach:
(1) If you like mountains, climbing, and cold weather then you may want to look at joining the High Mountain Rangers.
(2) If you like hotter weather and hunter killer operations, then clearly Marine Corps Snipers.
(3) Building to building and in fighting in city or town surroundings probably fits the Army Rangers Sniper Group.
As for what you need and any pre training, follow these suggested guidelines …
** Run a lot, a minimum of two miles daily, preferably five miles.
** Do lots of sit-ups, push-up, and pull-ups. Before joining you should be able to do a minimum of 13 pull-ups; 100 sit-ups; and 30 pushups.
** You need to have shooting abilities, at minimum you need to be able to fire a high powered rifle in a prone position with a scope at 350 yards.
** Not everyone becomes the shooter. They are almost always accompanied by a spotter. Also consider the following:
*** You must be very fit, have excellent eyesight, 20:10 or 20:15 is preferable. Also you cannot be colorblind.
*** You need to have a lot of patience, as in stay in one position, and wait for your target. It’s sort of like hunting deer on a cold winter day in a tree blind.
*** Killing an animal is not the same as killing a human being. Even combat veterans have problems shooting a sitting target. You are in fact a paid assassin (killer).
*** You will need to join the regular Army or Marines and then apply for that particular unit.
*** If you want to be one of the best in the world, like the idea of in-and-out missions, and you can swim over a mile, scuba dive, and operate a multi man oar boat or rubber raft, have some canoeing or rafting experience then you may want to consider the Navy Seals.
*** Military Recruiters lie do not listen to their bullshit and promises.

Q) Its high time someone pounced on Google’s arrogant ass. They cost me money as well. There ranking system sucks. I hope they go bankrupt soon. I took your advice and tried MSN. You are right they have greatly improved. My website was listed in two days. I don’t think much of Looksmart, Myway, or Yahoo either. Are you planning to go after anyone else?
05-September-2006 Sheri Sowers.
A) Thanks for your input. Sorry not at the moment.
Visit my Google Sucks page at:

Q) Read that Q&A about Realtors. Wow never quite put it into perspective like you have. The consumer is getting screwed royally. Do you really think there is a chance to enact change in this country?
05-September-2006 DB.
A) Thanks and Yes. Help me, sign my Recall Petition, go to:

Q) What are you some kind of consumer nut case? You are taking on the Country of Malaysia because they stole money from you. You are going after Islam and Muslims because of 911 and your son was injured in Iraq (a George Bush problem). You are taking on the entire Real Estate business in the United States. And, now you want to form a private ass kicking Army made up of x-combat veterans and burn MECCA to the ground. Did I miss anything?
04-September-2006 Paul Richards.
A) Yes you did! You forgot my anti-Burger King drive as in boycott anything and everything Burger King. But hey somebody has to stand up for America, the common man (and woman), future generations of real Americans, and what’s right. Our politicians aren’t doing it; their useless appointed bureaucrats aren’t doing it; the news media isn’t doing it, so if not me, then who? Or, do you just like being screwed out of money, having your hard earned taxes wasted on a bunch of useless ass wipe foreigners and their stupid problems. Or may be you would just like to see some more Americans die? Hey the next terrorist attack it could be in your city or town. What if your family dies? I have always found that real life experiences make all the so-called liberals and do-gooders be the first to demand action when it hurts or effects them directly. So when you buy or sell a home or piece of property and pay all those high real estate commissions and closing cost remember you wanted it.

Q) What is this hype about the Republican Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney referring to ‘Orwellian?’
03-September-2006 Beck Hindergrant.
A) Orwellian relates to, or evocative of the works of George Orwell, especially the satirical novel 1984, which depicts a futuristic totalitarian state. In this particular context Romney says using stem cell research would be heading off an "Orwellian" future. This is a typical extreme right wing ultra conservative religious nut case. Keep in mind these assholes are the same ones who demand cures for diseases and curse the drug companies for exploiting the consumer.

Q) What is your personal opinion of Warren Jeffs?
03-September-2006 Gary Wilkes.
A) He exploits children. He destroys families. But keep in mind as I have said many times, religion will be the downfall of mankind. Get rid of all religion replace it with human dignity, common sense, and science and we could explore the stars and colonize new worlds.

Q) Do you think Warren Jeffs, the infamous polygamist should have
been on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List?
03-September-2006 Mr. R.
A) No sir I don’t. He may be a pain in the ass, he may evade paying IRS taxes, he may be a pedophile but he is only a threat to those around him and even then he doesn’t kill anyone or bomb anything. Usama bin Laden (UBL) and people like him make the 10 Most Wanted List because they are a threat to everyone in America. Jeffs was put on the FBI’s list for political reasons nothing more. Keep in mind what happened when Clinton’s Administration with Janet Reno did the Waco Texas compound, the results created a homegrown nut named Timothy McVeigh that resulted in the Oklahoma City bombing. We don’t need any more internal problems and shit stirring by any government agency America. We get enough of that from Islam and Muslims around the world.

Q) I have caught my younger brother several times going through my underwear drawer. I think he is stealing them. What should I do?
02-September-2006 Troubled Sister.
A) I suggest you confront him immediately and tell your parents. Sounds like he is experiencing strong sexual desires and is afraid of girls. Some men, even adult men, have fetishes over ladies underwear. Women’s used dirty panties are even sold over the Internet. Men will even use women’s panties to masturbate with. My concern is that he may at some point, depending on his age and physical ability, try and have his way with you or one of your friends. Telling your parents can only help him and you.

Q) I am from the UK and I agree Google Sucks. You are spot on mate in your evaluation of both Google and Yahoo. Anyone caught holding all those inflated over priced tech stocks is going to take a real dive.
02-September-2006 Hugo Chancery, London England.
A) Don’t see a question, but thanks for the support. To see the website Hugo is referring to, go to:

Q) What exactly is a Brain Freeze (what causes it)?
01-September-2006 Jonathan L.
A) Most people have experienced the dreaded ice cream headache at one time or another. You are minding your own business, eating something like an ice cream cone, a milk shake, a Slurpee, a snow cone and then, suddenly you are hit with the most excruciating headache! Fortunately it only lasts about 30 seconds. When something cold touches the roof of your mouth on a hot day, it triggers a cold headache. The cause is a dilation of blood vessels in the head. The dilation is caused by a nerve center located above the roof of your mouth. When this nerve center gets cold, it seems to over-react and tries to heat your brain. Therefore, the easy way to avoid the dreaded painful "brain freeze" is to keep cold things away from the roof of your mouth!