Oct 25, 2007

Archived Postings No. 7

Q-n-A Subjects for October 2006:
Jury Duty; Hillary Clinton; Women’s Penis Preferences; Milkshake; Using Colored Tissues; European Union (EU); Richard Montgomery; Dogs that are Leg Humpers; Towel Heads; So Many Crazy People in the World; Disgusting Things People do in Public; Smelly Vagina Odors; Washing New Clothes; Causes of House Odors; Which Countries have Nuclear Weapons; Boyfriend’s Who Want Your Nude Pictures; TV Sets versus Population Growth; Lock Pounding; Common Karate Injuries; Email Stock Tips; Pop-up Window from Yahoo Email; Building Oil & Gas Platforms along the U.S. Coasts; Condom Uses; Dating Men for Looks or Money; All Realtors Suck; Google Sucks; How to Get Out of Jury Duty; The Bush Administration and White House Politics; Will Sanctions on North Korea Work; Malaysian Chinese; Voter I.D.; Gasoline Consumption; Hating Muslims; Website Picture Images; Bondage; Getting Kinky; Assholes for Neighbors; Arizona Realtors; Elaine Richardson; Hating America; Encantoman’s Idiot Awards; Credit Reporting Errors; How to Obtain Private Information on People; People Still Pay Cash; Tracing and Finding People; Some People are Under the Radar Scope; Social Security.

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Archived Daily Q-n-A from the Month of - October 2006:

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Q) Speaking of computer screw-ups, another area that we take for granted is the Social Security System itself. I was advised in college to check my Social Security account information yearly, which I have been doing. I am only 24 and have found accounting mistakes in my personal account with the SS Admin records. What are your thoughts on this?
31-October-2006 Jane H.
A) It is advisable to check your records periodically with the Social Security Administration by requesting a detailed printout of your account. The amounts should correspond with your W2 statements each year. If they do not, get them corrected. As for retirement, only the last 10-years of your life count in the calculation of retirement benefit check amount. It is advisable to keep all W2s and tax records for 10 years before discarding them.

Q) What do you mean by the phrase or term ‘Under the Radar Scope?
31-October-2006 Sandy Belcan.
A) People that don’t show up on frequently used databases such as Credit Reports. That would account for about 55 million people in the USA of the some 320 million residing here.

Q) About your q&a on ‘Credit Reports’ and finding info on any person … are you saying that anyone can get my social security number and personal data and either publish it on the Internet, sell it, or use it (i.e. steal my identity)? I find this hard to believe.
30-October-2006 Jessica Powder.
A) Yes it is true they can do all that. That is why you need to be more careful in today’s crazy world. We don’t just have to worry about terrorist or some nut case shooting us on the freeway or serial killers or home invasions and a host of other nonsense we pay taxes to prevent, but now our personal identity is no longer ours. Welcome to the 21st Century. Unfortunately Congress and the rest of the politicians at every level are lagging far behind the criminals. That’s why they call it organized crime, because they are. It is important to remember one thing anyone who puts something up on the Internet out of spite may indeed become victim themselves. So if you are say pissed off at your x-husband, boyfriend, boss, etc. Just remember revenge works both ways.
Important: Keep in mind that many people have the same name (including first, last, and middle; add to this credit reporting agencies are often times inaccurate and post things to the wrong person’s report or even misspell a name). The source that is giving you the information for a fee is simply accessing these databases. You may be posting or using something totally erroneous or inaccurate to the fact you have the wrong person, this easily could result in legal action against you if you are discovered.

Q) I am a little fuzzy on this so-called 1% of people who pay cash.
What exactly do you mean?
30-October-2006 Mr. Anonymous.
A) About one percent of the total legal adult population (ages 18 to 80+) pay cash for everything they buy. Four basic types of people fall into this category:
Type 1 – A person with no credit.
Type 2 – A person with bad credit or bankruptcy.
Type 3 – Wealthy people who don’t need credit.
Type 4 – Old people who don’t want debt.
In addition to these (over and above the 1%) are children (mostly teenagers) who pay cash for things; criminals, students, visitors, illegal aliens, and people trying to avoid being found for various reasons.

Q) Following up on your q-n-a response about private information and credit reports, I find it amazing in this day and age that people don’t check their credit report at least once per year. What are your thoughts on this?
29-October-2006 Kyle Stimmers.
A) I don’t find it amazing at all. I think if you are under the age of 65 you should check your credit report twice per year. The information age is something new, especially to people over 50. That’s why senior citizens fall prey to identity thief. Also, excluding those persons trying to stay under the radar, about one percent of all U.S. Adults still pay cash for everything. I am one of them. I am also a senior citizen. As I said before, Credit Reports are a joke, but unfortunately a way of life. For some people such as myself, they mean nothing. I pay cash for everything I buy. Add to the fact I am a little old to worry about credit.

Q) On the issue of credit reports, I checked my report last year and found several people with the same last name listed on my report. It took about 4 months before I got it cleaned up. Is this typical?
29-October-2006 JP.
A) Yes both with what happened and the time frame. Let me give you my own horror experience. The last time I checked my credit report was late 1988 or early 1989. It was a real mess. As I have said, I have always been pretty much of a cash and carry person (If I couldn’t afford it, I didn’t buy it). But when I checked it back then, here are some goofy errors that were recorded:
(1) Several previous addresses, which I never lived at. I lived overseas for quite a while when I was younger, so anyone could have used my name. Back then people didn’t check their credit report.
(2) Five persons with the same last name, two were women, and one of them was my x-wife who had been dead over 10 years.
(3) Three people with similar last name pronunciations but different spellings, Example: shields, sales, schiles.
(4) Credit cards I’ve never owned and debts I never incurred.
(5) Add to this I made an attempt for about 3 weeks to get things removed and cleaned up but it took too damn much time. I threw in the towel and quit, something I now regret. In today’s information age, even if you are part of the 1% that pays cash, I would recommend checking your credit report twice per year and immediately fixing any errors. In this case I didn’t take my own advice but now it’s too late for me to care. Don’t make that mistake, protect yourself and fight for what is right. That is why in my old age I have become somewhat of a consumer advocate on several issues.

Q) Hey thanks for bringing back the famous Encantoman’s Idiot Awards. I was one of those emailer’s who chased you for so long. Can you list the old archived files that once existed or did you throw them all out?
28-October-2006 David Bunnie.
A) No I didn’t throw them all away, I have some left. Yes, I will post the old files that I still have. I plan to list them under the subject heading: ‘Old Idiot Archived’ files. Look for the postings in the near future on my new main website page, The Weekly Idiot Award at:

Q) You are a total asshole. I hate you and America. Your new website is an abomination to Islam. Muslims everywhere hate you, so say us all.
28-October-2006 United UK Moslems against the Encantoman.
A) I say this, and respond as follows:
(1) I am not intimidated by you ass wipes.
(2) I’m glad to see I am getting to you.
(3) Develop a sense of humor or eat shit and die. Oh I forgot Camel
Dung and Donkey Piss are all ready part of your daily diet.
(4) I don’t give a shit what you think or want, and the websites will never be taken down unless the money that was stolen from me by BUMI Malays in Malaysia is returned.

Q) Came across your q-n-a, its great. That lead me to your main home page, jackshiles.com, surfed that for a while, and it led me to Malaysiasucks.com, which I ended up at your blog site, ‘ALL REALTORS SUCK.’ I live in Arizona, did the stupid thing spent lots of money at The Arizona School of Real Estate in Scottsdale getting a useless REALTOR License etc., etc. My question is do you plan to do something funny with Bill Gray, Elaine Richardson, et al?
27-October-2006 Mr. Anonymous.
A) Um could be, may be if time permits. It is obvious to a blind man Governor Janet Napolitano (up for current reelection) isn’t going to ax the useless bureaucratic shit and head of Arizona’s Department of Real Estate, Elaine Richardson. The writer is obviously frustrated after spending long hours and lots of money to find out the Real Estate Industry is broken, run by total idiots, and that all Realtors really do suck! For more on the web pages mentioned please go to:

Q) Wow you really have stirred up a hornets nest with REALTORS in Arizona. I let my license lapse into inactive a while back. I agree with most of what you say about the Real Estate Industry. Just curious do you get a lot of hate mail?
27-October-2006 TM.
A) Yes, and thanks for your input and support. I am sure every consumer advocate in this country gets hate mail. For topic and forum discussions, go to my real estate Blog, All Realtors Sucks at:

Q) I have this real asshole of a neighbor. I understand you can get any information about someone, how do you go about it?
26-October-2006 Ms. Anonymous.
A) I was reluctant to answer this question, but I did say ask any question and I would try and answer it. I will repeat what was all ready aired on CNN. Apparently the States of Pennsylvania and Florida are what is referred to as an ‘Open Ended Information State.’ This simply means that within that state it is legal for you to obtain virtually any information about anyone. So apparently several websites are located in these states, or outside the U.S. to do just that. You need a few things, like the correct spelling of their complete name and last known address. From this you can most likely get the following:
(1) Social Security Number.
(2) Spouses or children’s names, ages, dates of birth.
(3) Home phone, cell phone, business phone, fax number, and pager number.
(4) Actual cell phone records.
(5) Credit Card numbers and bank account information.
(6) Credit Reports.
(7) Complete list of all previous residences.
(8) Birth, Marriage, and Divorce Records.
(9) Driver's License Number and driving record.
(10) Criminal Record.
To obtain this information, go to Yahoo and type in the phrase Find People.’ Several websites will appear, pick one, pay a fee and get the info requested.
Note: I know someone who tried this. The information came back about someone else with the same name. So be careful, you may pay for something and not get the correct information.
Important: Also credit reports are notoriously inaccurate. If someone doesn’t check their credit report lots of things will be on there and may not even belong to them, that person may just share the same name or live in the same state and have a name with a similar spelling. Tax departments are one of those notorious for placing liens on many people with the same name in order to find the right person they are looking for. This is another area Congress and our politicians have failed us.

Q) My new husband of 2 weeks has started getting kinky. What should I do?
25-October-2006 Shelly S.
A) Well the term kinky is ambiguous at best. What is kinky to some is not to others. It also determines the level of experience of the partners. But I would have to ask did you not experience this before marriage? Any way, anything that makes you uncomfortable, you should tell him.

Q) My boyfriend likes to tie me up and have his way with me, is this normal?
25-October-2006 Joyce J.
A) In fact it is quite commonplace. If you enjoy it then proceed. When it gets uncomfortable or painful, then tell him he has gone too damn far.

Q) You Crazy Kid. After a brief inspection of your website, I must wonderl; how old are you? I can't imagine anyone over the age of 10 being amused by these nonsensicle, and often misspelled MSPainted image macros. If by some anti-miracle you're an adult who's managed to bend the power of html to his sick and unholy whims, please turn off your computer, walk to your nearest school and don't return until at the very least, your uneducated psycho-babble is readable. Or shoot yourself. That would work too. Love and kisses.
24-October-2006 Pseudo Nym.
A) Well I am not real sure what the question is. Probably no one else does either. But let’s take a closer look at this one (sort of a common type email I often receive). Breaking it down …
(1) The writer seems to be complaining about my spelling, But yet they have 3 misspelled words of their own:
wonderl; --- should be --- wonder
nonsensicle --- should be --- nonsensical
MSPainted --- should be --- MS Paint
(2) Taking a wild guess I am assuming that the writer here is referring to misspelled words that may appear on an image I post. Be Advised of the Following:
Many of the images posted on a variety of my websites and webpages are sent to me by others. It is difficult to correct an image once someone has written text on it. Add to the fact that the misspellings may be intentional for humor purposes. Also I get these picture images emailed to me from all over the world. Most likely English is probably not the sender’s mother language.
(3) You can tell this (question/ statement / complaint) came from either a Muslim or Muslim lover. Either way 9 out of 10 emails I receive support my websites and think they are funny. So to this writer I say, “Look in the mirror, look at yourself deep, develop a sense of humor. Also no one told you to read the websites, if they bother you go piss off, or better yet, YOU go shoot yourself.”
(4) Since I have over 200 web pages it would be beneficial to all to mention which website page you are referring to?

Q) How does one manage to be so spiteful? Seriously, what is you're reason for hating Muslims? Both of your parents clearly must have been killed by extremist Shiites, for you to have such an underlying anger for these people. Please don't try to feign that it was all in the name of comedy, because your "jokes" contain no hint at an attempt of humor ("real uses for the QURAN ", need I say more). You sir, represent the worst of American culture, with such racism even a man who witnessed his own sons execution by terrorists would be disgusted by.
24-October-2006 Alexander Khoury.
A) First of all moron I corrected your misspelled words. How about 911, how about the money BUMI Malay Muslims stole from me, how about my injured Marine son? I want everyone to read this Muslim Trash talk from this ass wipe idiot. He thinks it is perfectly ok to kill, maim, torture, and destroy but say something bad about Islam, Muslims, or that piece of crap they call The Holy Koran (Muslim Bible) is just unforgivable and horrible. Islam the religion of peace and tolerance my ass. Remember these are the same idiots that riot in the streets over a few cartoons and the Pope speaking the truth. If you come across a Muslim step on it, or just run out and PISS on one. They’re as useful as a filthy cockroach.

Q) How much gasoline is actually consumed in the United States each year?
23-October-2006 Clare Russell.
A) The last complete comprehensive date any data collection occurred was in 1999. At that time the total U.S. gas consumption was roughly 131 billion gallons. Historically, gasoline demand has increased at an annual rate of about 1 percent.

Q) Got something insane for your insane Q-n-A. Arizona passed a ballot referendum last election requiring all voters starting in the 2006 elections to show proof of residency and citizenship. The California Federal Court of Appeals said this was unconstitutional and discriminated against minorities. However, just the other day a large area Mall, which has a problem with teenagers hanging out on Friday and Saturday nights has passed a Mall Rule saying no one under the age of 18 will be permitted in the Mall without an I.D. or parental supervision. Do you think this is insane?
22-October-2006 Bill.
A) Yes and any normal person, except a filthy low life useless liberal would think otherwise. In simple terms, it means you need an ID to SHOP but not one to VOTE. This shows just how far the American court system and liberals are out of touch with reality and mainstream Americans. But in Arizona liberal is spelled John McCain or Janet Napolitano.

Q) Hey, I’m a Malaysian Chinese ... I just came across your site on Malaysia Sucks ... I agree with some of the points but there's one I think you should change about Malaysia not sending Chinese and Indian students to Korea. I'm currently in Korea as a student. Also it is wrong by saying that Malaysia Sucks, you kind of include the other races as well. Can't you change it to Malay or something more specific?
22-October-2006 Name Withheld.
A) My comments are as follows:
(1) I do not recall anything being posted on any of my Malaysian Websites about a foreign exchange student policy, but if you can excerpt that portion only and send it to me via email I’d appreciate it. It may have been part of something published by another, such as a study conducted by The Chinese Daily Newspaper on Malaysia, and sent to me to be included on my webpage.
(2) As I state on the web page there will be nothing taken down, changed, or modified until my money is returned that was stolen from me by Malays.
(3) NO, I can’t change the title of the page. I own the rights to the domain name: malaysiasucks.com. Domain names and hosting cost money.
(4) If you want real change in your country, join others who are non Malay Muslim and create a Civil War, overthrow the stinking government and kill off or deport all the BUMI ass wipe Malay Muslims back to Indonesia where they came from. Don’t think about it, do it, do it now, before you and every other non BUMI Malay finds themselves living inside an Islamic State. Then what are you going to do?

Q) What is your take on this whole North Korea thing? Do you think sanctions work?
21-October-2006 Karl Gullaff.
A) North Korea has always been defiant and will continue to be so until a regime change occurs. We have learned nothing, Iraq was no threat but that didn’t stop George Bush. It is often better to leave things alone. Who are we or anyone else for that matter to tell another country how to managed its government or society? Democracy is a word that has many meanings to other people around the world. As for sanctions they don’t work. The United Nations is a complete failure. Sanctions on North Korea will only hurt the people, not the government. Again we learned nothing from Iraq. There were sanctions against Iraq but that didn’t stop France, Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, and Germany from doing business with them and selling them arms and WMD technology. Unfortunately North Korea is run by an idiot dictator with an ego as big as the moon. He may opt to use one of those bombs.

Q) Do you think the Bush Administration is on the right track?
21-October-2006 Sybil Jenkins.
A) This is an openended question. But on international policy issues absolutely NOT! We need to get out of Iraq now.

Q) Read your q-n-a about Jury Duty. How do I get out of ‘Jury Duty’ if I am called?
20-October-2006 Bob in Chicago.
A) Jury Duty is mandatory both by state and federal laws. But they never select jurors with what I refer to as an attitude. Every juror is asked to fill out a questionnaire. Here are some things that will work (get you out of jury duty):
** Tell them that if the police arrested him he must be guilty.
** Tell them you advocate the Death Penalty for all criminals regardless of the crime.
** Tell them you think the legal system sucks, you hate lawyers and liberals, and you thought President Nixon was too far to the left for you.
** Tell them you are retired an always take a nap or fall asleep from 1 to 3pm everyday.
** Tell them you have a urinary track problem that requires you to make frequent unscheduled trips to the toilet.
** If actually called during the interview questioning tell them you can’t be impartial because you hate … Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, Muslims, Jews, whatever the defendant is.
** Tell them the whole thing is a waste of taxpayer money and the police should have killed the defendant instead of arresting him.
** If they see through this and make you serve anyway, tell them you will vote the opposite of everyone else. They cannot compel you too vote anyway but the way you want. The ballots are secret in a closed room. Insist on keeping them that way.

Q) Hey just stumbled across your Google Sucks Website. Seems there are quite a few web pages out there that agree with you. Are you planning to update this or add anything else?
19-October-2006 Ron Paul.
A) Yes I have noticed there is a growing hatred of Google on the Internet. Like those Google idiot geeks are under some impression people aren’t going to lash back at them when they get screwed by Google. I do update it when I have something to add. For those of you new comers to my q-n-a or to my websites, please check out my website about Google Sucks at:

Q) I see you post many of your Real Estate related websites to Craigs List, is this true and why?
19-October-2006 Brownie Hurrs.
A) Yes it is true. I like to publish my real estate and related sites such as helpful gardening tips, realtors suck, recall Elaine Richardson petition, and others to craigslist.org. The reason is many real estate buyers, sellers, and investors along with real estate companies such as John Hall, Remax, Century 21, Realty Executives and others plus real estate agents read those ad list. I want everyone to know real estate commissions, closing cost, and property taxes are way to high, and stinking useless bureaucrats like the Arizona Real Estate Commissioner, Elaine Richardson; and the National Association of Realtors; plus ALL real estate companies and real estate brokers are to blame. If they are unhappy with me they can kiss my butt!

Q) My new boyfriend works on Wall Street and makes a lot of money, but he is not a ‘hunk’, so should I keep him or what?
18-October-2006 Launa B.
A) Money is a key factor in any relationship. If marriage is on your mind then yes keep him. The so-called hunks of the world will eventually turn to potbelly lazy pigs. The old adage that you can love a rich one as easy as a poor one has real merit.

Q) Continuing the questions about Condoms. What do you mean by your answer, ‘Sex and sexual related matters?’ I understand the original use, as in a condom is used on a male penis but are
there other sexual uses as well?
17-October-2006 Donna Jenkins.
A) Absolutely. A condom can be used for the following sexual uses:
1) Besides intercourse (vaginal or anal penetration) they can be used in oral sex. As in a Woman giving a Man a BJ. Condoms now come flavored for this use.
2) They can be used to cover sexual toys such as a vibrator or anal plug.
3) This is sick, but happens. After vaginal sex, the girl drinks the sperm from the condom.
4) My favorite one is a disgruntled spouse or girlfriend hires a hooker (prostitute) to have sex with her husband (boyfriend). Then has the hooker keep the used condom, and that used condom becomes evidence against the man.

Q) If we are having such energy shortages and continued high prices, why is it that everyone opposes building oil and gas platforms off both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the USA?
16-October-2006 Gary Feldman.
A) Simple Gary, the people with money own the beach property they don’t want to look at it. They can afford the prices and don’t care about the rest of us. To put that in perspective, do you know any poor politicians?

Q) What is this constant new email pop-up window you get when opening your Yahoo Email Account when you try and read your mail? Are they trying to sell me something or what? What is their problem? Ben, Kyle, Jack, Jerry, Lex, Ted, Steve, Alex, Ralph, Justin, Blake, Roy, Bill, Trevor, Tom, Bob, Lynn, Candy, Joan, Tanya, Cindy, Beth, Betty, Shelly, Tammy, and Sharon.
15-October-2006 From the Many.
A) I got a lot of emails in the last two days asking this question, so I summed up the question in short form and listed the first 26 people that wrote to me.
First yes and no about Yahoo trying to sell you something. Never purchase anything from Search Engines like Yahoo or Google, you can buy these services cheaper elsewhere. Also they are not reliable and don’t do one damn thing more to secure your email account or stop SPAM than a regular free email account will do.
Secondly I have 4 Yahoo Email accounts myself. I have gotten these numerous times. At the bottom of Yahoo’s main page, there is a feedback, send them a bitch memo I did. Also, send Yahoo an email. Send it to abuse@yahoo.com
Subject: Yahoo SPAM
Text: Yahoo has become the spammer. Stop the email pop-ups. If I wanted new email, I’d let you know, now piss off or I will get another free email service elsewhere. Send the same basic message to Yahoo Feedback. Yahoo is full of a bunch of ass wipes. Their programmers are some of the worst in industry. If you want another FREE Email try myspace.com but they are no better at blocking SPAM than Yahoo. So far they have not sent me any bullshit memos or ads like Yahoo does. As I have said before, if you own Yahoo or Google stock, sell it now! For specific reasons about Google, but generic to Yahoo please visit my webpage at:

Q) I keep getting these damn SPAM Emails from BullsEye Financial Weekly Report about Tech and Penny Stocks. Are these any good?
14-October-2006 Jerome Sanderson.
A) NO. These are an online con game. Many of these off the wall stocks are in fact useless companies created by illegally backed sources such as the Mafia. Simply they start a company, drive the stock process up then sell their shares scamming millions from innocent investors like yourself. These are often off the radarscope of the SEC, FBI, and Treasury Departments because there are so damn many of them. Never buy anything offered in an email over the Internet. Never go to the webpage link, it may contain spyware, adaware, or viruses that are automatically downloaded to your computer without your knowledge.

Q) Hey, I gotta Q. A while ago, when I was 14, I was in Karate and was sparring with a man. I went in for the punch and he accidentally ended up heal kicking me on the bridge of my nose. It hurt for about 10 minutes, than there was no pain, but it swelled up greatly. After the swelling had subsided (about 2 weeks later), there was a nasal bump. To the best of my knowledge, my nose wasn't broken, because I grabbed it, and moved it to see if it was broken but there was no pain. Now here's the part where it gets confusing. I am not sure if it was from the kick or heredity because my Mom has the same thing. What do you think? P.S. – I wasn’t able to send it directly to you on your website because hotmail is being retarded LOL
14-October-2006 Salim Zabian.
A) Umm Well I wasn’t there so speculation isn’t good. As for the heredity part I would rule that out if you hadn’t noticed it before the injury. Nasal bridge bumps are not uncommon. Everyone has them to some extent. As for injury broken noses vary in degree and it is often hard to tell if the nose is broken or just severely bruised. Headaches, vision problems, dismiss, or nasal blockage, runny nose, or nose bleeds are signs there are lingering injuries, seek medical attention immediately. If it is still sore that raises some concern also if it has been more than two weeks, and a doctor should look at it. To put this into perspective, a neighbor of mine had his nose injured in a plane crash in WWII, 40 years later it turned into a nasal tumor, went all the way up to his brain. His nose was always a little discolored and when he got a cold one side would run and the other side would clog up, look for things like this as time goes on.

Q) Continuing a question on security for the home, I heard burglars are using a new technique to break in to homes, mailboxes, businesses, cars, etc. Just what is lock pounding?
13-October-2006 Jay Knotts.
A) Lock pounding is not new. Locksmiths have been using it for years. It works on about 80% of all locks including mailboxes, dead bolts for doors, etc. It is a special key that goes into the lock. The locksmith hits the key hard with a blunt object causing the tumblers in the lock to move and this opens the door. The problem now is burglars can buy these keys over the Internet. Even if they can’t get into your home or business, it probably will screw up the lock so your key won’t work either. You are not permitted to change the lock on a mailbox. However door locks on your home and business can be upgraded with a temper proof lock for about $100 each.

Q) Is it true that TV Sets have outpaced population per household in the USA?
13-October-2006 Joan Givers.
A) Absolutely. There have been several studies to confirm this. Right now as of 2006 in the United States there is an average of 2.7 TV Sets per household as compared to 2.5 people. One black lady who lives in San Diego was asked why she had so many TV sets in her house, she responded that after we got the wide screen projection for the family room we added a wide screen plasma for the master bedroom. That left the original TV for the children’s room and the spare TV we put in the Master Bathroom. And so it goes, don’t throw out anything that still works.

Q) My boyfriend wants to take pictures of me nude, what do you think I should do?
12-October-2006 Karrie K.
A) Do the words stupid and control have any meaning to you? What happens if you break up and he posts your nude or provocative pictures on the Internet or makes copies and shows them to all your friends? Also, this is a way of getting control. He wants to show you he is the dominant boss and in charge. If he insists on pursuing this either break up or get him to agree to reciprocate, as in you take nude pics of him.

Q) I am confused, which countries actually have Nuclear Weapons?
11-October-2006 Barnard Jones.
A) Part 1 - Countries Confirmed by the IAEA (an arm of the UN) with at least One Nuclear Weapon:
Russia (includes former Soviet Bloc countries)
Canada (uses weapons supplied by the USA)
Great Britain
North Korea (3 or more)
Part 2 - Unconfirmed but believed to possess at least one bomb:
South Africa
Part 3 - Unconfirmed but may possess (remote possibility) at least one A-Bomb:
Saudi Arabia
Iran (under active development)

Q) What causes House Odors?
10-October-2006 Cecilia Beckworth.
A) A wide range and variety of things. Here are the most common causes of houseatosis or house odors:
1) Cooking
2) Un-flushed Toilets
3) Kitchen Trash
4) Pets
5) Smoking
6) Dirty Carpets
7) Damp Basements
8) Dirty Bathrooms
9) Dirty Dishes
10) Laundry Hampers

Q) Is it true I should wash new clothes before wearing them, and why?
09-October-2006 Laura Shims.
A) Yes indeed. The reasons are as follows:
1) To get the excess dye out of colored clothes. This can cause skin and eye irritations, among other things, especially in young children.
2) The packaging materials, especially those shipped by cargo containers on the high seas are sprayed with pesticides. And almost everything is now made in India, China, Thailand or some piss ass third world country. Remember the cost of the goods have nothing to do with where they are made. Even the few goods still made here in America are subject to chemical sprays at the warehouses and truck yards. Wash them and avoid infections.

Q) I am a 17-year-old girl with an odor problem. I have a really smelly vagina. It is quite embarrassing and I am afraid of doctors. It smells sometimes fishy and sometimes like cheese or eggs. I wash and bathe and even have tried feminine deodars but nothing works. I’m very worried about my sexual future as the smell is really quite bad. When I have my period sometimes I can smell myself through my clothes. What is the problem, is this normal, and should I be worried?
09-October-2006 Miss Ann.
A) Smelly Vaginas (commonly referred to as Pussy Odor) is most likely caused by one of five things:
(1) The number one cause is Vaginitis. It's a bacterial infection, which is similar to a yeast infection. Any woman can get it, and it's not from being dirty. You can just go to the doctors, they will put you on some anti-biotic and the smell will go away. But the longer you wait the worse the smell will get.
(2) A Yeast Infection. Treatment as number one above.
(3) Tampon or Pad use. Change these frequently. If they leak change type or size. During menstruation (period) shower twice daily.
(4) Irregular menstruation cycles may also cause this problem. Birth Control Pills will regulate your period.
(5) Wearing colored under panties. The dye may be interacting chemically with your natural vaginal fluids.

Q) This may sound strange, but my girlfriend and I were discussing how some people just ignore everyone around them and do disgusting things in public, like picking their nose. Is there anything you can, well enlighten us on?
08-October-2006 Betty Grange.
A) First of all if you think your question is strange, you haven’t been reading my daily q-n-a. In two separate surveys, questions worded slightly different, conducted on 100 men and 100 women about picking their nose in public, here are the results:
Part A. 100 MEN surveyed said …
* Nearly 90% admitted to picking their nose while driving a car.
* 70% admitted to picking their nose in public places such as restaurants, airports, and at work.
* 40% admitted to picking their nose at a bar, nightclub, or sporting event.
Part B. 100 Women surveyed said …
* 23% admitted to picking their nose while using some form of public transportation such as a taxicab, bus, subway, train, or lounging at an airport.
* 5% admitted to picking their nose at work.
* 7% admitted to picking their nose while driving a car.
* 1% admitted to picking their nose in other places.
Note: This is why our tax dollars are wasted. Some moron sociology professor at a university conducted this study.

Q) Hey glad to see you brought back your Encantoman Idiot Awards. It is so true about neighbors. It seems you always get one asshole living next door or across the street. These idiots really don’t realize how many crazy ass people there are in the world, do they?
07-October-2006 Sammy Boy.
A) Thanks, and no they don’t. People are inherently stupid. As I have said here before, in this society filled with nut cases, terrorist, serial killers, gangs, and people spaced out on abuse substances you
never know who lives next door. So don’t be giving people the finger, calling them names, or annoying them. You may be right but being Dead Right doesn’t help you or your family, now does it?

Q) Yes Jack you had some bad towel heads but hopefully most of those worthless bastards are dead with their God Allah or whoever right now, and somehow we can keep enjoying those very beautiful good towel heads. What can we do to stop our stupid government from allowing these killing sons of bitches from coming here and causing more problems? Thanks Jack keep up the good work.
06-October-2006 Charley.
A) Well Charlie it’s simple we kill them before they kill us. But hey remember, go out and Piss on a Muslim Today, they love Yellow Rain Showers. The writer is referring to one of my many Muslim Humor Bashing websites called ‘What Are Towel Heads?’

Q) I recently took in my neighbor’s 3-year old dog. They had to move so they gave it to me, a large black lab. It has been whining and missing its owners. It also tries to hump my leg or arm whenever I feed it. What should I do?
05-October-2006 Troubled.
A) Get rid of it. Take it to the pound and have it put to sleep. Many would suggest waiting, others obedience school, some say discipline the dog, while others say breeding will stop this. But studies show dogs that are humpers (sex intense) needed to be broken of this habit at a young age. If the owner ever inquires tell them it ran away or got hit by a car.

Q) Who are you really? I am trying to locate your former business associate from the early 80’s, what was his name and where are you both located?
05-October-2006 Mr. A.
A) Blah Blah Blah … Richard Montgomery, company is Richmont. He is / was located in Ft. Smith Arkansas USA. Come on down, and Get-R-Done, if you can! Hope you find him he left a lot of people high and dry and took money from me he never made good on.
Note: I was never in business with him. I paid him a large fee to acquire a project for me overseas that did not exist (it was a scam).

Q) What do you think about the discussions of some in the European Union to round up all Muslims, regardless of their current citizenship status and deport them back to Islam, i.e. their origin of country of heritage?
04-October-2006 George H. of London England.
A) I wasn’t aware there were any official discussions going on. I was aware that many European citizens favor this approach. The Germans I know want to expel anyone from Germany that is not German, Muslim or otherwise. But to answer your question, yes I am in favored of that approach. I wish the hell we would do it here in America. Join my BLOG, America versus Islam at: http://www.call2arms4america.blogspot.com/

Q) Why shouldn’t I use colored tissues?
03-October-2006 Laura V.
A) The same reason you shouldn’t wear colored underwear. Never use anything such as colored toilet paper, nose wipes (tissue / Kleenex), napkins, or paper towels. They contain dye, and some people are allergic to the dye. Once wet the dye may enter the skin pours, a cut, the face, or private areas. To be safe always use items that are white.

Q) I was at a club recently and some guy asked me if I wanted to give him a milkshake. What the hell was he talking about? My girlfriend said he wanted a blowjob, is this true?
03-October-2006 Debbie M.
A) Well he didn’t want you to out to Dairy Queen. And, no a bj is not correct either, although many think that is what it means, both the person asking and the listener. A milkshake in a sexual sense means a hand job. It comes from an older term relating to when a milkshake was made with a machine. Sex was not done or in the open as it is today by most women and those who ventured into it pretty much keep their private parts private. Many women even when I was growing up would keep their virginity for marriage and give a guy a hand job. The term ‘Milkshake’ was a more polite acceptable way to ask or talk about it.

Q) Came across your Q&A about Penis Size and what women like. I have a 9¾-inch penis. My current girlfriend says I hurt her when I put it all the way in. How can women have babies and complain about a penis? The last time I looked a baby was bigger than my big penis.
02-October-2006 Sammy G.
A) This is often confusing to men. Simply it is because a women’s vagina is made to expand in width to allow a baby to come out, where your penis is going in for depth. To avoid hurting her, have her try being on top, that way she can control how much she takes in.

Q) They keep saying Hillary Clinton can really energize the Democratic Party. Personally I don’t that ugly bitch could get a teenage boys cock hard, and they walk around half the time with a hard-on. What do you think?
02-October-2006 Rudy A.
A) I agree she is worthless. But keep this in mind, if Hillary gets elected President that means we will have had 24 years of either a Clinton or a Bush running this country (4 with Bush 1, 8 with Bill Clinton, 8 with Bush 2 is all ready a total of 20 years). Talk about time for a change, and I sure the hell don’t mean Al Gore, John Kerry, Condi Rice, or John McCain. We need a NEW third party running the show.

Q) What do you think of ‘Jury Duty?’
01-October-2006 Dwayne Reynolds.
A) I think it sucks. The legal system with its stupid laws, useless lawyers, and dumb ass judges have ruin this country. The jury duty system was established by our founding fathers so everyone gets a fair trial by their peers (fellow citizens). If you have ever experience Jury Duty it is a nightmare. You go down and find out that about 200 to 300 people have been called to select 12 jurors and 2 alternates. This process can in itself take over a week. Add to this they pay you little to nothing to attend. In many cases they don’t even pay for parking or lunch. If selected these damn lawyers and judges drag these cases out forever. You may be on jury duty for a week to six months. In fact if you’re called for federal grand jury duty the term is for six months. Now add to the fact the jury may be sequestered (locked in a hotel room, which you share a room with someone else, and the accommodation is poor at best, plus you have no contact with your family, work, or friends). The system sucks.