Oct 13, 2007

Archived Postings No. 4

Q-n-A Subjects for July 2006:
Most Powerful Rifle Ever Made; Key Factors in a Marriage; Fastest Airplane in the World; The AK-47 Assault Rifle; Civil Liberties versus Flag Burning; Best Prime Time TV Shows; Largest Recorded Breast Size (biggest boobs in the world); Unholy Blasphemy; All Infidels Must Die; Barbaric and Inhumane Treatment of Prisoners; Yes Muslims Are Scum; Traveling to the Middle East; Best TV Rerun Shows; Civilian Deaths in War; Long Distance Shooting Techniques and Skills; British Opinion on Muslims; Salman Rushdie; The Koran in Pictures; Largest Dump Truck in the World; Terrorist in America; Why Men Leave; Israel versus Lebanon; World Record for the Fastest Baseball Pitch; Looksmart and Yahoo Search Engines; The Middle East Crisis; Terrorist Cells; World’s Tallest Waterfall; Bathing Parts of the Human Body; Women Having Orgasms; 3-sum Sex; Remington Model 700 Mountain Rifle; How Does a Search Engine Ranking Work; Do Snakes Eat People.

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Archived Daily Q-n-A from the Month of - July 2006:

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Q) Is it true snakes eat people?
31-July-2006 Ronnie Simpson.
A) Yes and no. Pythons and Anacondas are the only snakes capable of eating a human. Pythons have been known to eat babies or small children. The green anaconda of the Amazon region in South America will attack and eat humans. It can grow as large in diameter as the average human’s body circumference making it possible to swallow an adult.

Q) I read what you wrote about search engines. How can someone tell if a particular search engine has a good ranking system?
30-July-2006 Shawn Hennessy.
A) Well listing and ranking are different. Google proves that.
Here are two simple tests:
(1) LISTING: Take a complete URL website address and type it in the search engine ‘search bar.’ Example: www.jackshiles.com If you get a message this website can not be found, that search engine has it’s head up its ass. That means they can’t even find it to list it let alone rank it.
(2) RANKING: Now type in just the name. Example: encantoman If the website which contains the primary name ‘encantoman’ as in www.encantoman.com doesn’t come up at least in the top 10 items displayed using that criteria, then their ranking sucks. Go use another Search Engine!

Q) Took your advice. Been practicing my long distance shooting skills. I am using a Remington Model 700 Mountain Rifle .280 with a Bushnell Elite 4200 Rifle Scope 4-16 x 50mm. I have improved about 40 yards in less than a month. Been loading my own ammo any further suggestions?
29-July-2006 Pete.
A) That’s a fine set up, and a good choice of firearms and scope.
Yes. Use manufacturer ammo. Although any 280 will fit sometimes the mfg can be off by 1/000. I have found using Remington on Remington, or Winchester on Winchester works for me. Many will disagree. If you are loading your own get a loaders guidebook. The loads will help determine accuracy over distance. Also practice with loads that you plan your kill with. Another important fact is never use a brass shell casing too often for reloads, check for casing degradation or metal fatigue. Follow recommended manufacturer guidelines.

Q) My boyfriend wants me to have a three sum with another girl, what
do you advise?
28-July-2006 Jane Smyth.
A) If you are comfortable with it, and you think it brings you some pleasure do it. However, if not, to shut the boy up try saying to him, “If we have one with another girl, then I want one with another guy.”
But you may want to just evaluate your relationship altogether.

Q) I have a hard time getting my girl to have an orgasm, what advise, if any can you give me?
28-July-2006 Peter C.
A) Try changing positions. This generally works for most people. I would suggest allowing her to be on top. You may also try extended foreplay or use a butt plug (stick it in her poop shoot hole) as you pound that vagina (pussy) of her's really hard.

Q) Are there any statistics on what part of the body people wash first?
27-July-2006 Jennifer.
A) There are stats on every damn thing. This is the most common way to waste taxpayer money is to do studies. Anyway back to your question, here is a survey conducted last year of Americans who shower:
44% Wash their head / hair first
11% Wash their face first
7% Wash their hands first
7% Wash their arms first
4% Wash their armpits first
3% Wash their private parts first
The balance was spread over – back, stomach, butt, chest, and legs.
The good news of the 1,900 people surveyed none said they washed their feet first. They must not have surveyed anyone from India. Indians, have a compulsion to wash their feet. If you have ever worked with any Indian ethnic people in an office you probably have caught them in the restroom washing their feet.

Q) What is the tallest waterfall in the world?
26-July-2006 Andy T.
A) Angel Falls in Venezuela is the world's highest waterfall, at 979 meters. This waterfall is sixteen times the height of Niagara Falls.

Q) Are you concerned that Terrorist Cells such as Hezbollah are operating in America and what do you think should be done?
25-July-2006 Francine Wurtz.
A) Yes, any sane person should be. Do the following:
(1) I always say be prepared. So to get prepared, if you are smart, run out and purchase a weapon. Buy some pork bacon, tear a raw strip off and rub it on the bullet part of the shell casing.
(2) If America is attacked again, it will prove without a doubt that the government can’t or won’t protect us. They are too damn busy playing world politics, trying diplomacy on terrorist, and being politically correct. They refuse to close the borders, suspend trade with Muslim countries such as Malaysia that are nothing more than Terrorist States, disallow anyone from entering the USA that is a Muslim, and the government refuses to profile Muslims, which are the only real terrorist threat America has.
(3) Until a terrorist attack happens again we have to wait and hope the government is doing what we pay them for, to protect us. Unfortunately regular everyday Americans, like during the Revolutionary War days, will probably end up having to do it themselves.

Q) Based on you answer about the Middle East and the Arab world, what do you think we should do with it?
24-July-2006 Ron Marth.
A) Nuke it back into the friggin stone age.

Q) I totally agree with you about Google, they suck. What is your opinion of Looksmart and Yahoo?
23-July-2006 Daryl James.
A) As I said if you own Google or Yahoo sell your stock. Looksmart needs drastic improvement. It is coming out with a new advertising type program to compete with Google’s adsense. So my opinion on them is still out. However, saying that Looksmart needs lots of improvement in listing new websites. They fall short of being a real contender with Google and Yahoo just in that field alone. MSN, Myway, Alexa, and Dogpile seem to be better than Google, Yahoo, or Looksmart in getting NEW sites listed. Microsoft is making real inroads to be the number one search engine. They have the money but can their programmers get the mindset? MSN leads the way in getting NEW sites listed faster, and their ranking system is the best out there.

Q) What was the fastest baseball pitch on record?
22-July-2006 A. P.
A) The fastest pitch ever recorded was thrown by Sidd Finch, a rookie for the NY Mets in 1975 at a speed of 168 mph. The previous record was 103 mph.

Q) I assume you are siding with the JEWS over the Lebanon incursion?
21-July-2006 Ali Ali.
A) Yes, but not for religious preferences or to take Israel’s side. Simply because I don’t think any country should allow its citizens to be either killed indiscriminately or kidnapped without the other side suffering retaliation. Frankly I think the Jews are being too soft. Right now Lebanon is running about a 10:1 ratio of deaths to Israel’s. That number for the first day would be ok, but by diner on the second day it should have been 1,000:1, by the third day it would have been over. People hate George Bush for all kinds of reasons, most of it justified. But everyone ought to be glad I’m not running America or the only thing in the Middle East would be sand, radioactive dust particles, rubble, and a large ‘Keep Out Sign.’

Q) I seem to be having problems with Men. My last boyfriend said I gave great head. I don’t do anal sex and he was always disappointed about that. I caught him cheating with some girl he works with. What is the problem?
20-July-2006 Nanny Blake.
A) None, he is just looking for a full service slut!

Q) There seems to be a lot of talk about another terrorist attack.
Do you think it will happen and what should we do?
19-July-2006 Carmichael.
A) Yes I think it will happen again. It’s just a matter of time. As for what we should do in the meantime, take these steps:
1) Reduce our exposure by closing the U.S. borders north and south.
2) Stop all immigration from anywhere for at least two years until we fix the system and address the illegals we have. This would include any student visas and any tourist entries from Muslim based countries.
3) Pull all of our troops out of the Middle East and close all of our bases there including Turkey.
4) Enter into a non-posturing and non-interference mode but keep a presence of surface ships and lots of submarines in the surrounding waters.
5) Close all of our bases in Europe accept the UK starting with Germany.
6) Close our bases in South Korea and Japan let the locals handle their own problems for a while.
7) Use the troops brought home to shore up the security on our own borders, major cities and transportation hubs along with major chemical plants and refineries.
8) Require all passports (foreign and US) to have a thumbprint, DNA strip, and criminal style photo array (3-pictures, front, and both side profiles). Also no passports will be allowed after they are 3-years old and the person carrying the passport must look like the photo picture.

Q) What is the biggest dump truck in the world?
18-July-2006 Charles.
A) The T-19, short for the Terex 33-19 Titan Dump Truck. It’s 44 feet long and is over 27 feet high. It is rated to carry an average of 350 tons but often carries up to 500 tons in mining operations. The cost is about 3.5 million US dollars. It gives a real meaning to ‘Monster Trucking.’

Q) Islam is not forgiving. Do you remember Salman Rushdie some years back?
16-July-2006 Ali bin Ali Mohd.
A) Yes. But keep these things is mind:
1) This is America. We seek out and destroy our enemies especially those who attack us.
2) I am not some academic type that buckles under pressure or threats. I am a trained professional. I have killed before.
3) I have more weapons than a whole company of US Marines going into combat.
4) I coat all my bullets with Pigs Fat.
5) I am not with the government, military, or law enforcement and I don’t have to play by any of their silly rules, not that I did in the past. I don’t take prisoners.
6) I hit what I aim at.
7) And, most importantly if you toads would spend more time taking up a collection to return the money those stinking useless ass wipe BUMI Muslim Malays stole from me none of this would have happened in the first place and you could go piss and moan about someone other than me. Now if you want to stomp on someone take those terrorist threats and go destroy Malaysia, start with those ugly useless KL Twin Towers.

Q) Read your q-n-a point on torture, you are spot on. May be if we Brits would employ less kindness and more kicking arss we would have less problems. Anyway great website. Have you ever tortured anyone?
15-July-2006 Sinclair.
A) Thanks. Yes!

Q) What is the longest distance rifle shot you have ever made with accuracy?
14-July-2006 Kevin Woods.
Sorry I won’t answer that specifically. But I can tell you over 500 yards repeatedly and they were all dead on balls accurate.

Q) Have you ever missed anything you shot at?
14-July-2006 JJ.
A) Of course but rarely.

Q) What do you think about all this talk concerning U.S. Troops raping and killing innocent civilians in Iraq?
13-July-2006 Candice Foyer.
A) If you are holding a weapon, even a sharp stick you are not innocent, you may be awfully stupid, but you deserve to die. As for rape and carnage there is an old adage that has existed since war and time has begun, ‘To the spoils go the victor.’ In other words rape and pillage if you’re the winner. Don’t send a bunch of horny ass young men into combat for months on end and expect nothing to happen when they are under constant harassment fire from civilians. And certainly don’t bow down to media pressure. If we had a draft military these conflicts and prolong commitment of our fighting men and women would never occur. There would be open rebellion in America like during the Vietnam era with protest in the streets.

Q) You discussed current TV shows, what about reruns?
Which ones are your favorites?
12-July-2006 Larry Klang.
A) Here are my favorites:
---- Married with Children (my all time favorite)
---- Law and Order (original series only)
---- Star Trek (original series)
---- Night Court
---- MASH (early episodes)
---- Battlestar Galactica (original series)
---- The ‘A’ Team (early episodes)
---- The Cosby Show (early episodes)
---- All In The Family (early episodes)
---- The Night Stalker (original series)
---- Rockford Files
---- Taxi (early episodes)

Q) Have you ever actually been to the Middle East, an Arab country?
11-July-2006 Shubar.
A) YES. Most of the people are ignorant backward morons, they smell, they take a piss or crap anywhere they please, and that’s the good side of what I observed.

Q) Do you agree Muslims are the scum of the earth?
11-July-2006 CC.
A) As a religious group yes. As an individual no one can generalize about any one specific person.

Q) Since I read that you believe that torture is an effective method then doesn’t that make Americans barbaric and inhumane?
10-July-2006 Craig Weatherspoon.
A) Would you rather have someone explode a nuclear, chemical, or biological device and kill hundreds of thousands maybe millions of Americans? If your answer is yes, then you are really a left wing radical moron liberal with his head shoved so far up his ass he needs 5 gallons of oil and a crowbar to get it out, and I hope it is your city and your family that dies first!

Q) You infidel piece of crap how dare you talk about the Holy Koran that way? 09-July-2006 Mohammad bin Mohd Anwar.
A) Hell I find it easy. Making fun of Muslims, Islam and BUMI Malays is so easy. As I have said so many times, you ass-wipe useless morons and boil on humanity make it easy for the rest of the world to do so. Remember you are treated the way you act and how you treat others.

Q) Allah may forgive you for your unholy blasphemy of Islam and the
Koran but personally I won’t and I hope you die soon, now what do you say to me?
09-July-2006 MbMA
A) Well toad face, as I’ve said before, Allah, Islam, Mohammed, the
Koran and anything Muslim is for insane jackass twits like you. Frankly you and your religion can suck whale shit for all I care. Religion of any kind was created for controlling the masses, science is best for mankind, but idiots like you that instill religion, even today, stop things like eliminating disease, hungry, over population, global warming, and world peace just to name a few.

Q) What is the world’s record for a woman’s biggest breast size?
08-July-2006 Scary Larry.
A) A Canadian stripper claims to have the world's biggest chest. Crystal Storm says her officially certified 57F cleavage is a new world record. The 5ft-4in dancer 's breasts weigh a combined 40 pounds. She has spent nearly $35,000 on having her bosom surgically enhanced. Now Scary Larry get those thoughts out of your evil mind or Crystal will slap your face with her boobs!

Q) What do you think are the BEST Prime Time TV Shows?
07-July-2006 Cindy R.
A) I assume you mean currently on TV.
My favorites are:
1. Two and Half Men
2. House
3. American Idol or America’s Got Talent
5. Law and Order (original version)
6. My Name is Earl
7. Blue Collar TV

Q) I found a Koran, what should I do with it?
06-July-2006 Mr. A.
A) Wipe your ass with it and send it back to its useless Muslim owner.

Q) What is your opinion on the issue of burning the American Flag?
05-July-2006 Ricky Whites.
A) Well we are the only country in the world that permits its own flag to be burnt on its own soil, i.e. an American Flag burning in America. I say lets set fire to the ass wipes who burn it.

Q) I heard some American troops are using AK47’s in Iraq and Afghanistan, is this true? If true why?
04-July-2006 Lance Wools.
A) Yes the military in its so-called worthless planning efforts in Iraq send our armored and escort vehicles with little or no small arms protection such as side arms or an M16. So many of our troops are forced to find abandon AK47 Assault Rifles to carry around for personal protection. It is a disgrace the way we equip our fighting men and women. As for Afghanistan it is often hard to supply our troops in rugged mountain areas and the enemy can see a parachute drop for miles. So some of our mountain fighters have elected on their own to carry the AK47 because finding ammo and other gear is easy after you have killed that useless Muslim enemy piece of shit.

Q) What is the fastest plane in the world?
03-July-2006 Joey P.
A) An experimental plane built by NASA called the Hyper-x with speeds up to 5,000 mph. But the fastest plane ever in use was the SR71 Blackbird Stealth Spy Plane with speeds in excess of 2,000 mph. It’s cruising speed was 1,807 mph.

Q) What do you consider the key factors in a failing marriage or relationship?
02-July-2006 Sandy Beans.
A) There are 3 key factors:
(1) Money.
(2) Entering a relationship and expecting too much.
(3) Trying to change the other person or trying to change yourself into what someone else wants you too be!

Q) What do you consider is the most powerful effective rifle in use today?
01-July-2006 Arkansas Riley.
A) Well there are 3 key words in your question – today, effective, and powerful. I would choose a 50-caliber Navy Seal Assault rifle with exploding tip bullets, multi use long range finder scope, tripod, and silencer.