Nov 27, 2007

Archived Postings No. 10

Q-n-A Subjects for January 2007:
The Taste of Semen from Blowjobs; Pre-mature Ejaculation; Nymphomaniacs; Man’s Penis Erection at Death; Fake BLOGS or Fake Websites; The Area Around the Breasts; Rimming; Elephants; King of the Jungle; Martial Arts Classes; Poop Chute or Shit Packer; Large Nipples versus Elongated Nipples; Animals that Kill Humans; Suck Marks on the Neck; Avalanches; Toyota Repair; Penis Size; Getting Rid of Ejaculated Semen; Child Adoption in Arizona; Changing the World through Blogs and Websites; All Realtors Suck; Serving the Husband after Sex; Fishnet Stockings; Spoofing; Fake Email Listings; Largest Tongue on Record; Largest Alligator Every Caught; Bite Marks; FUBAR; Face Surfing; LA Subway Platform Terrorist Incident; Died from Drinking too much Water; Necrophilia; Muslims and Sex with Animals; U.S. Border Patrol Agents Jailed; Government versus Parents Right to Spank; Disposing of Christmas Trees; The Origin of BLOGS; Reducing Germs in Your Home; Semen Stains; Speed Dating; Tallest Person of Record; Record Holder for the Most Continuous Basketball Throws; Employers Google You; MILF; Sex in Public; Requiring a State License to be a Security Guard; Vaginal Discharge and Stained Panties; Getting Pregnant from Lose or Discharged Semen.

Archived Postings No. 9

Q-n-A Subjects for December 2006:
Men Thinking About Sex; Transsexual (Tranny) Encounter; Michael Richards and the ‘N’ Word; Poloniun-210 Poisoned the x-KGB Spy; Longest Distance a Golf Ball has been Hit; Pitfalls of Casual Online Dating; Men Who Hit Women; Redneck Baggage and Sex; Sex with a Divorced Mom; Nose Boogers; U.S. Air and Muslim Clerics (Imams); Vibrators; Does Viagra Work; Bashing Muslims; Life Sucks; How to Avoid Dog Bikes; Should Woman Who are Raped Report It; What Type of PC or Laptop should I Buy; Best and Worst U.S. Presidents; Reincarnation; Life After Death; Armageddon; Does Alien Life Exists; Finding a Job in America; Competing in Pageants; Donald Trump and Miss USA Tara Conner; First City Powered by Electric Lights; Number of Words in the English Language; Chastity Belts; Men and their Gadgets; Road Rage; Best and Worst U.S. Vice Presidents; Gun Owners in America; Iraq Study Group Report; Truth in Real Estate Advertisements; Spending Limitations on Employees for Christmas Presents; Men are Lazy When it Comes to Sex; Men Love Anal Sex; The Origin of BUMI Malays; Searching Google for The Encantoman; Teenagers and Sex; Young Men Ejaculate Fast; Health Concerns and Excessive Anal Sex; Gay Rights; Queefing (Pussy Farts); Bestiality.

Archived Postings No. 8

Q-n-A Subjects for November 2006:
Fast Food and Dietary Problem; Right Wing Conservatives; Avoiding Personal Detection; Wiping Data from Your Hard Drive; How To Post on the Internet Without Leaving a Trace; 2006 U.S. Elections and Voting; Woman’s Purse and Bacteria; Possible Civil War in Malaysia; Changing Insurance Companies to Save Money; Recall Petition Status of Elaine Richardson AZ Real Estate Commissioner; Real Estate Websites; Google’s Buyout of YouTube; Yahoo’s Downfalls on Their Version of an Online Q&A; Dating Sisters; Two and Half Men TV Show; Malaysia Sucks Website; Malaysia Hates Me; Using Lotions or Oils on Condoms; Got Pregnant but Used a Condom; Mid Term U.S. Election Results; Oral Sex; Eating Pussy; Stack Sex; My Boobs Hurt and are Leaking; Favorite Muscle Cars; What to Expect Traveling to or living in a Muslim Country; Having Professional Jurors; Getting Married for Convenience Sake; Best Qualities in a Man a Woman Should Look For; Male Fetish for Woman Who Wear Glasses; Oral Sex for Beginners; Owning a Motorcycle; Redneck Humor; Ball Gag; Slobbering Drunk; Dating Tips for Young Over Weight Males; Retail Stores and Your Personal Information; Grocery Store Discount Cards; Causal Sex; Fantasies About Dating Other Races; Japanese Girls; Statistics on Dog Bites; Real Estate Consumer Information; Growths on Male Testicles; The Property Tax Revolt.