Nov 27, 2007

Archived Postings No. 10

Q-n-A Subjects for January 2007:
The Taste of Semen from Blowjobs; Pre-mature Ejaculation; Nymphomaniacs; Man’s Penis Erection at Death; Fake BLOGS or Fake Websites; The Area Around the Breasts; Rimming; Elephants; King of the Jungle; Martial Arts Classes; Poop Chute or Shit Packer; Large Nipples versus Elongated Nipples; Animals that Kill Humans; Suck Marks on the Neck; Avalanches; Toyota Repair; Penis Size; Getting Rid of Ejaculated Semen; Child Adoption in Arizona; Changing the World through Blogs and Websites; All Realtors Suck; Serving the Husband after Sex; Fishnet Stockings; Spoofing; Fake Email Listings; Largest Tongue on Record; Largest Alligator Every Caught; Bite Marks; FUBAR; Face Surfing; LA Subway Platform Terrorist Incident; Died from Drinking too much Water; Necrophilia; Muslims and Sex with Animals; U.S. Border Patrol Agents Jailed; Government versus Parents Right to Spank; Disposing of Christmas Trees; The Origin of BLOGS; Reducing Germs in Your Home; Semen Stains; Speed Dating; Tallest Person of Record; Record Holder for the Most Continuous Basketball Throws; Employers Google You; MILF; Sex in Public; Requiring a State License to be a Security Guard; Vaginal Discharge and Stained Panties; Getting Pregnant from Lose or Discharged Semen.

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Archived Daily Q-n-A from the Month of – January 2007:

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(Q) More on Semen please. Can I get pregnant or catch a disease from ejaculated Semen?
31-January-2007 Jennifer.
(A) Here’s your Semen ….. Answers Jennifer:
*** On getting pregnant, yes and no. If the semen is fresh, as in the man just let his load go and you allow it to come in contact with the vagina, possibly. So don’t rub fresh semen around or in your vaginal area. The ‘No’ part comes into play once the semen has dried. The sperm, which gets you pregnant are now all dead.
*** As for STDs Yes, some forms of STDs (diseases) can survive, although the government disputes this in most part. Germs are easier to kill when exposed to air than bacteria. Again if the semen is fresh the general answer is ‘Yes.’ This would include entry into the body via mouth (oral), the anus (anal sex), or the vagina (vaginal insertion, penis, fingers, object). Also if you have a cut that is exposed germs or bacteria could enter, such as a cut on your hand or finger. The common accepted theory is that once the semen is dried it is harmless. Personally I don’t adhere to this theory unless it has been exposed to something like soap and water, or say a moist handi wipe, or Clorox wipe. Remember it is always best to air on the side of caution.

(Q) Okay I’m 15 and I am ready to have safe sex with my boyfriend but I can’t because my discharge is yellow, heavy, and it stains my panties. I have to wear a panty liner. My discharge comes daily but it doesn’t itch and I’m scared for my boyfriend to see my stained panties. Please help me I don’t understand why it comes everyday. I’m wet for no reason.
30-January-2007 Name Withheld.
(A) Normal vaginal discharge has several purposes: cleaning and moistening the vagina and helping to prevent and fight infections.
Although it's normal for the color, texture, and amount of vaginal fluids to vary throughout a girl's menstrual cycle, some changes in discharge may indicate you have a problem. First, though, it helps to learn some of the differences between normal and abnormal vaginal discharge. This will help you to recognize changes that may occur.
* Normal vaginal fluids can vary somewhat in texture and color. They can be somewhat thin, sticky, and elastic or thick and gooey. Vaginal fluids should be clear, white, or off-white in color.
* It's important to keep an eye out for changes in vaginal fluids.
The following changes may indicate a problem:
** Change in odor (especially an unpleasant odor).
** Change in color or texture (especially greenish, grayish, or anything looking like pus).
** Vaginal itching, burning, swelling, or redness.
** Change in color that is caused by vaginal bleeding or spotting
that is not a menstrual period.
* Vaginal infections, such as bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis
(yeast infection), and trichomoniasis are common causes of
abnormal vaginal discharge. Some types of infections are transmitted by having sex such as gonorrhea (a form of STD).
* Other infections can occur with or without having sex, such as
bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. Although the symptoms
of these infections can be similar in nature, there are some differences to look for:
** Yeast infections may cause your discharge to become very white and thick, resembling cottage cheese. A yeast infection usually does not cause a strong odor, but it may cause severe itching and burning.
** Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) may cause your discharge to be heavier
than usual. The fluids may become foamy or frothy and grayish in
color. BV often causes vaginal fluids to have an unpleasant, fishy
** Trichomoniasis, a common sexually transmitted disease (STD),
may cause a musty, stale odor. Discharge may become grayish or
yellow-green and may become thicker. Trichomoniasis also often
causes vaginal itching and pain during urination.
IMPORTANT: You should see a doctor. Get an exam, and a pap smear test. Many areas have free teen clinics if you don’t want your parents involved, but see someone. If you have any of the symptoms of abnormal vaginal discharge. Then it really important for girls who have had sex, especially those who have had sex without using a condom to get a check up. Many STDs cause changes in vaginal discharge or cause other infections that affect discharge as well. If you have not had actual intercourse yet, please make sure the boy uses a condom, carry one with you to be sure. An infection can also come from a boy putting his dirty hands in or around your vagina to include having dirty fingernails. Most forms of infection can be transmitted.
Conclusion: Most of the time the only way to get a clear diagnosis
is to have a gynecological examination (see an OBGYN doctor) and some vaginal swabs taken for laboratory analysis. Occasionally this identifies straightforward problems that have simple solutions such as inflammation of the cervix or infection in the vagina. At your age if you have not seen an OBGYN, please do so. If you are a virgin, make sure you tell the doctor before the exam begins. Most likely
you have a yeast infection, it will not clear up without treatment (he will give you a pill, these are common in women). Remember STDs are also transmitted from oral sex. At this time, until you have an OBGYN exam it is not advisable to have sex.

(Q) Read your take on Arizona Adoption Requirements, I couldn’t
agree more. Here is my Arizona problem – Apparently some moron in the legislator decided that all Security Guards had to be licensed. I am a college student at ASU and need some extra money. Have you ever heard of this bullshit before?
29-January-2007 Name Withheld to Protect the Innocent.
(A) At first I didn’t believe it myself, so I checked it out. Yes indeed again Arizona has succeeded ingoing where no one else has gone
before! Requiring Rent-a-Cops (unarmed security guards) to have
a license issued by the state is absurd. This is what the State of Arizona requires:
*** If you work for a specific company, as one of their employees,
you are not required to have this license.
*** If you are employed by any security company or security guard service that contracts to a third party, even something simple like a night shift person at a desk in an office building making clock rounds, or a guard at a residential community, you are required to attend an 8-hour class and have a license. Here is the Arizona DPS Website for details:
*** This is just another way to collect a tax. Some person making
minimum wage or trying to earn some extra money while in school has to pay the state for what is no less than a ‘Right To Work Permit’ is absurd.
*** Saying all that I would agree that an ‘Armed Guard (someone carrying a firearm, loaded weapon)’ should at least attend a class on firearms and firearm safety. This should be waived for combat veterans like U.S. Marines. I also believe they should have to take a safe driving course if they are driving an armored truck.
Note This: The so-called Janet Reno clone a.k.a. Janet Napolitano,
Governor of Arizona appoints these morons. One of the biggest joke appointments of all time is Elaine Richardson, The Arizona Real Estate Commissioner. What did you expect from a worthless left wing nut case idiot liberal? So now help me stop some of the bullshit, lets recall Elaine Richardson, send a message to the clone, enough crap; Please visit my ‘Recall Elaine Richardson’ website at:

(Q) Have you ever had SEX in public before?
28-January-2007 Gary Lim.
(A) Oh yeah. When I was young I was very wild. I have done it in my office, my boss’s office, the copy room, in a hospital, in an elevator, janitor’s room, office supply room, movie theatre, on an apartment roof, in a car, in a truck, in an airplane, on a quad runner, in a swimming pool, in a bar (nightclub), in a tent, at a girl’s house on the back porch with her parent’s home, in a mobile home (RV) while it was moving, in a college dorm hallway, at a frat house party, on a park bench, at the beach, in a hot tub, on a motorcycle seat, in a factory complex, in a karate dojo, at a fund raiser, at a carnival, at a company picnic, at a political rally, in the woods, at a sports stadium, in a hotel stairwell, at a construction site, at a drive-in, in a raft on the water, and in a war zone in a village under attack.

(Q) I heard the term ‘MILF’ the other day, what does it mean?
28-January-2007 Janet Russo.
(A) This is an acronym. It has 4 definitions I am aware of. In common use today is the first definition.
Definition 1: MILF has become a much-used descriptor on the Internet for pornography sites featuring women mostly between
the ages of 35 and 50.
Definition 2: Mother I'd like to fuck: A (putative) mother found
sexually attractive. Coined in the 1999 Movie American Pie - "Dude, that chick's a MILF!"
Definition 3: Male Is Loving female.
Definition 4: Abbreviation of Moro Islamic Liberation Front, an organization in the Philippines seeking to establish an Islamic
State on the island of Mindanao. Yes they are an Islamic terrorist

(Q) Is it true that employer’s often times ‘Google You’ for a Job?
27-January-2007 Mr. A.
(A) Absolutely. This is becoming a norm or industry practice by employers in America. If you have a common name it probable won’t affect you. However, if you have an uncommon name, you may want to check Google before applying for a job. If your name is their, get it removed. If it is your name, but not you, make sure the employer knows in advance it is not you. Many jobs are lost and people are clueless as to why. To Google yourself, simple type in your name and look at the first 10-pages. An employer probably won’t go further than that. To be totally safe also check the first 4-pages on Yahoo using the same search method.

(Q) Who holds the current record for continuous basketball free throws?
26-January-2007 Randy James.
(A) The Current World Record for consecutive free throws with a basketball is 5,221 held by Ted St. Martin.

(Q) Who is the tallest person on record?
26-January-2007 Jude Wartz.
The Tallest Man ever was a man named 'Wadlow.' According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the tallest man in medical history for whom there is irrefutable evidence was Robert Pershing Wadlow. He was born in Alton, Illinois, USA, on February 22, 1918, and when he was last measured on June 27, 1940, was found to be 2.72 meters (8 feet 11.1 inches tall).

(Q) What exactly is ‘Speed Dating?’
25-January-2007 Name Withheld.
(A) It is when you have a redetermined amount of males and females, supposedly all single sit down at tables across from one another. Each asks the other a series of questions in a set determined amount of time. At the end of a set time period, one gender (usually the male, rotates to the next table (female person) and you start all over. At the end of a full session, you decide whether or not you want a date with someone you just met. These speed-dating services are currently very popular. They vary on how each session is conducted and how many people are there. In some cases a checklist of questions to ask is used. There can be up to 20 tables, 40 participants. The time frame also varies from about 3 to 5 minutes before rotating to the next person. You have to pay for this service. Many men have complained that it is a rip off, especially the ones run by women. They have even suggested that some of these have female participants that are in fact employees of the speed dating service. If you are a male I would check to see who owns the service, if it is a woman, don’t use it. Also check to see if they have any consumer complaints. Some of these are in fact a cover for illegal prostitution and you just go there, pretend, and pick the whore you want. Assuming you find a legitimate service, I personally can't imagine being able to learn enough about a person in just a few minutes to select a date. Meeting say 10 or 20 people in an hour could make your head spin trying to figure out who’s who and remembering what they said, etc. Thus the term 'Speed Dating' is implied because of the short time spent with each person. Many people prefer this method to Internet Dating because you can meet a live person and there are some security that gives in a crowd. But you're still own your own if you leave with someone.

(Q) Following up on a previous Q&A, how do I get Semen Stains out of clothing?
24-January-2007 Jason P.
(A) As previously stated soak the clothing. But try these specific
(1) If it is fresh, still wet and you are referring to white cotton
underwater, run them under hot water using any mild hand soap.
(2) If the semen stains are dried, soak them in warm water and mild soap.
(3) If this doesn’t work try some seltzer water.
(4) If all else fails, try using a concentrate such as one of those Tide detergent sticks and then wash as normal in a machine.
(5) If it is colored clothing such as a black t-shirt, wash immediately
with cold water and mild soap using a toothbrush rubbing lightly to remove the stain. Then wash as normal in a machine.

(Q) What would you recommend to reduce germs in my home?
24-January-2007 Pam Smyth.
(A) Please try the following:
1) Take your shoes off when entering. Most dirt, grim, germs, grease, stains, and bacteria are just tracked in on your shoes. If you don’t like going barefooted in the house, wear a pair of socks or slip into house shoes (slippers).
2) Never put anything you bring into the house onto the kitchen counter or the eating table.
3) Spray all door handles, telephones, and toilet seats a minimum of once per week with Lysol. If you don’t want to spray use Clorox wipes.
4) About once per month pour one-cup of bleach down every drain,
this includes sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, and the dishwasher drain.
5) Once per week spray every room in the house and the interior of
the cars with Lysol. If someone is ill spray his or her bedroom everyday (but not while they are in it).
6) Take your trash out frequently especially the kitchen trash should
be disposed of daily. Spray your trashcans once per week with Lysol.
7) Microwave all sponges, scrubbers, and cleaning cloths for 4 minutes on high. These contain an enormous amount of bacteria, viruses, spores, and germs. So unless you are going to throw them out after every use they collect germs and thus you put it back on your dishes, windows, etc.

(Q) Hey read your q-n-a about Blogs. Very interesting, but how did Blogs come about and infest the Internet?
23-January-2007 Ben Walds.
(A) They were originally used by Computer Geeks to exchange information and q-n-a about a variety of Internet program thoughts and problem solving. For years I participated in a Java Script exchange of ideas and q-n-a type of Blog before it was ever called a Blog. Later the political nut cases like Al Franken and the Drudge Report started using this as a political forum. Now everyone on the web with some conceivable thought (useless or otherwise) can post an opinion. Even the ass wipe Muslims use it to promote their Jihad and violence. If you are old enough you will understand this. Blogs have become to the Internet what CB Radios were to non-truck drivers in the 70’s. Every dam fool had a CB Radio in his car cluttering up the airwaves with their useless babble.

(Q) Is it true elephants love Christmas Trees?
23-January-2007 Becky Wildwood.
(A) Absolutely, elephants consider it a delicacy.

(Q) What is your opinion on the California proposal to legislate parents by prohibiting spanking their children?
22-January-2007 Munch Sardosa.
(A) Dr. Spock wrote a famous book many years ago; at that time he didn’t have children. After having children he admitted he made errors in his assumptions and how to handle children. This action again is brought on by stupid politicians, idiot social workers, babbling college professors, and left wing nut case liberals. The government has its hand stuck so far up our butts now; do you want their entire arm? Anyone who vaguely thinks the government knows what the hell it is doing or what’s best for the public just go ask any Katrina hurricane disaster victim what they think.

(Q) What is your opinion of the two U.S. Border Patrol Agents recently convicted by the Justice Department case for shooting an illegal drug trafficker on the U.S. Mexican border?
22-January-2007 Clare Rhom.
(A) It is bad enough that we can’t secure our borders and we have
20 million illegals in this country sucking the life out of our school and healthcare system, now we want to prosecute those we pay to help us. The U. S. Government and anything vaguely related to that moron we call a U.S. President, George Bush has totally gone insane. We have sent a message to every illegal, and every drug smuggler that the borders are open. Does anyone think any border patrol agent, police officer, or national guardsmen is going to shoot anyone knowing they will be facing prison? I don’t think so! Hell shameful as it is and I must admit I voted for George Bush twice but his refusal to remove his head from his ass over Iraq and the fact he won’t pardon these two agents is reprehensible. I am all in favor of Congress impeaching this President.

(Q) What about sex with animals?
21-January-2007 Mr. A.
(A) What about it? If you want to do it who cares? It’s commonplace
among many Muslim men, especially with goats, donkeys, cows, and camels. As I have said before, what you do in your own home is your business just don’t try and force the concept among others demanding rights and asking everyone else to be tolerant of your behavior. Being discrete and quiet often times is the best avenue in life.

(Q) What is having SEX with dead people called?
21-January-2007 Larry Storker.
(A) Necrophilia.

(Q) Ok, I am confused, can you clarify something. A woman died in California from drinking too much water, how the hell is that possible?
20-January-2007 Sally Ann.
(A) The woman in question, died from ‘Water Intoxication.’ The 28-year old woman, Jennifer Lea Strange died as a result of Water Intoxication while participating in a contest held by a local radio show. This occurs when a person drinks enough water to significantly lower the concentration of sodium in the blood, causing the brain to swell, which in turn produces a decreased level of consciousness progressing from lethargy to stupor to coma and in this case to death.

(Q) What do you think of the CNN report that shows a Middle Eastern man dumping (dropping a vial of mercury) on an LA subway platform then walking away, and ultimately calling 911 to report it? The police arrived 8-hours later. What is your take on this?
20-January-2007 Bellamy James.
(A) The CNN report is accurate. As for the Mercury it is a heavy metal, mostly used in thermometers where everyday access can be obtained. There is no logical reason for carrying this onto a subway. Mercury can be converted into fulminated mercury [also called, fulminate of mercury, Hg(ONC)2] an unstable explosive. Personally, I believe it was a terrorist attempting to check our response time and coordination, which proved to be very very bad. LA could be the next terror attack location. Subways have proven to be very effective for terrorist as demonstrated in Tokyo, London, and Madrid. Make sure you check out my BLOG, America versus Islam (what do we do when America is attacked again? A call to arms.) at:

(Q) What does the term ‘Face Surfing’ mean?
19-January-2007 Glenda.
(A) It is when a man buries his face between a woman’s boobs. It works best when the woman has large ones like 36D or bigger. Men will often comment on large boobs and say, ‘I’d like to bury my face in those, referring to face surfing.’

(Q) What does the term FUBAR mean, and what is its origin?
19-January-2007 Gladys.
(A) Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. It was a phrased coined by Kurt Russell in the 1989 movie ‘Tango and Cash.’

(Q) Follow-up on those disgusting bite marks a boy puts on a girl’s neck. I’ll have you know I am no ones property. So, do you think I should dump a guy if he does this to me?
18-January-2007 Barb.
Whether you dump a boy or not is your decision. If it bothers you
tell him to stop, if he doesn’t stop think hard about leaving and getting a new boyfriend. On the lighter side of the issue some scientist relieve that the ‘Caveman’ use to pee on a woman so other males would know who she belong to. May be those marks aren’t so bad after all.

(Q) What is the biggest Gator (alligator) every caught?
17-January-2007 Senshemm.
(A) Last year (2006) in India there was an alligator caught that was believed to be the largest on record. It measured 25 feet long. Alligators and Crocodiles can live to be 100 years old. They can be found in both freshwater and seawater.

(Q) Who has the world’s largest recorded tongue?
17-January-2007 Gary Flowers.
(A) A 12-year old girl named Annika Irmler from Tangstedt, Hamburg,
has the longest tongue in the world. It is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. The tongue is 70mm (2.7559 inches) long.

(Q) I read the Q-n-A posted by Ms. Annon concerning your BLOG
about Real Estate Agents. I agree it is pretty obvious that person
is a Realtor. Anyway, back to my question, which is, what is Spoofing and Fake Email Listings?
16-January-2007 Cloie J.
(A) Spoofing is when you receive an email, or a post is made to a BLOG or Forum Discussion (like and it appears to be from you but is in fact generated by someone else. Fake Email Listings are in fact a real and authentic email from a FREE email service such as Yahoo, Hotmail, MyWay, etc. that uses your real name. An example of this is or neither one of these are my emails
so if you ever get one it’s not me. Whereas encantoman2005, encantoman2006 Yahoo emails are mine.

(Q) How does Spoofing actually occur?
16-January-2007 Jay Tennets.
(A) There are two ways a person can create ‘Spoofing:’ The most popular way is through an admin function. This is whereby an IP address is altered along with the sender’s name or email address or both to the party receiving the email or posting. This requires some programming skills. Individuals can perform this themselves with little or no knowledge by either using a 3rd party Internet Website or by purchasing a piece of software.
IMPORTANT: It is not illegal to design and even post harmful software such as viruses or spoofing. It is however, illegal to use it. So for all the smartasses out there that think they are hurting me, or others by faking Names, IP Addresses, and Emails you will probably end up in prison real soon, so think about that. The FBI, NSA, CIA and most major Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo have the capability to track spoofers. Also they’re some software available to the general public that can perform some tracing aspects of Internet use and activity. There are also Internet Security companies for a fee that will track you down better than a police dog trained to sniff out cocaine.

(Q) Do you like girls in fishnet stockings?
15-January-2007 Cathy Jives.
(A) Absolutely, they are very sexy; very sexy indeed. I don’t know any guy at any age above 15 that doesn’t.

(Q) My husband of several years wants me to get him a beer and a snack after sex, which he stays in bed and watches TV while having. He is very good in bed, but I am tired of running to the kitchen like some waitress. What is your opinion?
15-January-2007 No Name Here.
(A) Look your relationship works for you. It’s a little late to start changing. It sounds to me like you may have been talking to another woman, and she is feeding you bullshit, saying things like “I wouldn’t do that for my husband.” You don’t know what other people do or don’t do when they are with someone. Also you could be heading for a big fight or your husband may start looking at other women. The bottom line is change is not always good. Instead, try getting some food and drinks and sharing it with him.

I noticed your ‘All Realtors Suck’ BLOG pops up periodically on various postings. Aren’t you satisfied with the BLOG you have? Can’t you leave well enough alone?
14-January-2007 Ms. Annon.
(A) I am accused of all kinds of things. First of all I post links to and within my own Websites, Web Pages, and BLOGS which I have many. Next many of these are posted or reposted by others, which I have no control over nor do I want to have any control over. An example of this is CraigsList.
Next, if I post something, I don’t hide, I use my own email address.
Finally for those of you, especially REALTORS, that think they know a lot about everything and generally know little about anything, there are two aspects of the Internet that are really bad for everyone (outside the normal virus, Trojans, worms, spyware,
ad-aware, and SPAM), they are Spoofing and Fake Email Listings.
So before you criticize you need to understand how the Internet
works. It can be a very helpful tool but it has many serious problems. It is obvious to anyone reading this you are a REALTOR. The BLOG referred to in this question can be found at:

(Q) Do you actually think by creating websites and blogs you are
going to change the world?
14-January-2007 No Name.
(A) Every consumer advocate has been criticized. If anyone thinks
change can’t come about, then look what Ralph Nader did to the
auto industry in the 70’s and he didn’t have the Internet. BLOGS have all ready reshaped American politics and will continue to have a greater impact as time goes on.

(Q) Recently I inquired into adopting a child in Arizona. I was told that I would be required to attend a state run mandatory class for ‘Adoptions and Adopted Parents.’ I informed the state that we all ready have two sons and want a daughter, and would take an older child ages 5 through 8. They said everyone must attend this class and if I didn’t want to follow the rules, may be I should think of adopting a child from China or some other foreign country. What is your take on all this?
13-January-2007 A Frustrated American.
(A) You have just seen your government at work. They are friggin
idiots. These people should be fired and forced to work at Taco
Bell the rest of their life and not be allowed to breed. Telling an
American Citizen who has children, and wants to genuinely give
a child a home, that either lives in some orphanage or is being
bounced around in the Foster Care System, to run through useless
psychobabble classes on how they (the state) think you should raise
your child is both moronic and un-American. Further to tell someone to adopt a child from a foreign country while millions of children here in America need loving parents and a good home is criminal in my opinion. Unfortunately you probably will find this type of bureaucratic nonsense and bullshit in almost very state.

(Q) I am concerned about getting rid of my ejaculated semen. I have
been using a variety of things to wipe it up but then I have stains. So I started throwing away my underwear from the excess discharge.
Do you have any suggestions?
12-January-2007 Robert.
(A) LOL, sorry. The biggest problem for both the occasional and meticulous male masturbators is those hard-to-remove stains left behind by stray semen. This self-stimulating side effect makes me wonder about the wisdom of suggesting semen be wiped off on whatever clothes or linens happen to be lying around. You haven’t been taking advice from Martha Stewart have you? Sure, in a pinch, you must do what you must do, which means wiping it on anything you can find. But why not try remembering to bring along some tissues the next time your cum needs to go? And by all means, wash that semen right out of your wears ASAP. Try getting a small plastic or rubber bucket (Wal-Mart or Target are good places), remove your dirty little underwear (boxers, thongs, or briefs) and soak them in some warm water with mild hand soap. The stains will probably dissolve and come out in white cotton fabrics easier than colored fabrics. If masturbators tossed their semen receptacles in the trash after each soiling, the fine folks whose names are on our undies and sheets would be ejaculating all the way to the friggin bank! On a closing note: Since masturbators sometimes have other unfortunate angst guilt about doing it, getting caught in the act, thinking that they should be having sex with someone other than with themselves, etc. it's probably a good thing that semen won't mess up even the tidiest or messiest guys around. In other words pleasure yourself, life is short, things are replaceable.

(Q) What is the average size of a man’s penis? My g/f and I have a
bet on this. Take care and answer when you can.
11-January-2007 COWWWBOY.
(A) This question is asked quite often. I originally answered it on June 3, 2006, which can be found in the Daily Q-n-A Archives for June 2006. But here’s the answer again: In the USA the average Penis size length ranges from 6 to 6.25 inches erect. About 32% of all males fall into this group.

(Q) I have a 2002 Camry, 5-speed, that feels a little soft at the clutch. In high gear cruising when you let up on it, then accelerate again the shifter moves back and forth about a half-inch. It used to be very solid and positive and it also squeaks the tires real easy now. The vehicle is a 4 cylinder with 117 thousand miles. What could be the problem?
11-January-2007 L&L Swafford.
(A) Car problems are almost impossible most of the time to analyze because cars now are controlled so much by computers. Saying that the most likely cause is either the clutch itself needs to be replaced (it’s plain worn out with that many miles), or it’s the slave cylinder on the transmission. A new clutch by a licensed Toyota dealer will probably run you between 20% to 50% more than a good garage (auto repair shop). With that many miles on the vehicle you may want to do a cost benefit analysis upgrading to a newer pre-owned vehicle with less mileage. The optimum would have a dealer or mechanic look at the car, and getting a repair estimate before making a final decision. Be a smart consumer shop wisely get at least two independent opinions and two estimates.

(Q) With the recent news about the avalanche in Colorado, just how
many avalanches occur each year?
10-January-2007 Betty Hutts.
(A) An avalanche is a huge amount of snow that falls down a mountain. No one knows really how often avalanches happen. Scientists think about 100,000 fall each year in the United States alone. It’s estimated about 1,000,000 avalanches happen throughout the entire world! Avalanches fall where ever there are snow covered mountains or hills.

(Q) What are those disgusting marks boys like to put on a girl’s neck really called?
09-January-2007 Sorry No Name.
You are probably referring to ‘Passion Marks.’They are also called ‘Suck Marks’ and Hickies.’

(Q) I just started dating; my boyfriend likes to put suck marks on my neck. I can’t get him to stop. Why is that?
09-January-2007 No Name Given.
(A) It is common for younger men (boys) to do this. They feel they
are marking their territory, as in letting other males know you belong to him.

(Q) What animal kills more humans in Africa than any other?
08-January-2007 Beatrice Spinner.
(A) The Hippopotamus known as the Hippo for short. It is aggressive and territorial. Most deaths in humans occur near water. The hippo can out run a man with an average gallop speed of 18mph and a trot at 9mph. The male beast which somewhat resembles a pig can weigh between 3,000 to 7,000 pounds. It lives primarily in the wet regions (jungles) of Africa.

(Q) What’s the difference between large nipples and elongated nipples?
07-January-2007 Janet Sudds.
(A) Here’s your answers:
*** Elongated nipples are those of ½ inch or longer. To measure the
length of the nipple take a ruler and measure from the breast where
the nipple starts to the tip of the nipple.
*** Large nipples are those about a ½ inch long or are larger than
normal in diameter. This is nothing to be concerned about other than bra’s fitting properly. But the upside is every guy will love them. By the way I love your name.

(Q) Out of curiosity can you think of a funny term for doing her in the poop chute (anal sex)?
07-January-2007 Dwayne Hickie.
(A) Shit Packer.

(Q) I have started taking martial arts classes both for exercise and
self-defense, what is your opinion on the use of something like Karate, Judo, Aikido, Ju-jitsu, Kick Boxing, etc.?
06-January-2007 Cynthia Looner.
(A) I think for exercise it’s a great idea. I studied various Martial Arts myself and taught for two years but that was back in the early 20’s. As for self-defense it’s not practical in America today. Carry a handgun stop watching Hollywood and Hong Kong based karate flicks (movies). Taking a gun or knife away from somebody is stupid to even try unless you know for an absolute fact your going to die, then trying is your only option. The best for self-defense is Aikido and the best for physical exercise is kickboxing. Be careful, injuries are prevalent in many sports especially where there is contact with another opponent or an object is involved. The problem with many martial arts, such as karate they want you to learn forms (kata) but they have no real practical purpose. To become proficient in a martial art takes about 5 years. However with kickboxing or aikido within a year you’ll have enough basics for general self-defense.

(Q) Which animal is really KING of the jungle?
05-January-2007 Bonnie R.
(A) The elephant. Although some still believe it is the Lion.

(Q) Is it true that an Elephant is the only mammal that cannot jump?
05-January-2007 Billy King.

(Q) What is it called when one person licks the anus of another person?
04-January-2007 Sue Ellen.
(A) Riming.

(Q) What is that area around the breasts called?
04-January-2007 Luis.
(A) The Areola, which is a small-darkened area around the nipple of the breasts. This varies in size and color with different people.

(Q) What are Fake BLOGS or Fake Websites?
03-January-2007 Rudi Ferraro.
(A) This requires a two-part answer:
1) Fake BLOGS are functional, but are put up by someone in a particular industry such as Real Estate.
An Example: A real estate company like Century 21, or a perhaps an individual Realtor. These are used to conceal a ‘Sales Pitch’ with often-misguided information. It doesn’t mean the information is a lie, it just means it is tainted towards the real estate industry, or that real estate company, i.e. Century 21, or a particular Realtor. If the BLOG allows for comments, anything negative would be removed. Thus it is a BLOG is disguise (Fake as in the true purpose of BLOGS).
2) Fake Websites are slightly different. They claim to contain information about something, a product, service, etc. but turn
out to be an Advertisement Page. They also may be a ‘Rate’ me type of page, say like rate my ‘Realtor’ or rate my ‘Lawyer’, and in fact they appear real. They even have a realistic rating system. But after the consumer rates the so-called professional (usually by state, by name) anything negative is removed. Only average or positive ratings are kept. These sites again, are often run by the industry, say by an individual Realtor, a national real estate firm, like Century 21, or by an organization that represents that industry, for Real Estate it would be, ‘The National Association of REALTORS.’ So if you post to one f these, wait a few days and check it. If your rating has been removed, it most likely is not an independent rating service for consumers as it pretends or claims to be.
NOTE: The information I just provided has also been reported on Yahoo News Groups and on CNN Technology Report.

(Q) Is it true when a man dies he gets a hard on?
02-January-2007 Sarah P.
(A) Not always, but a lot of the time. And, yes it is stiff and hard.

(Q) What is a woman’s condition called when she must have sex constantly?
02-January-2007 Glenda Markam.
The condition is called nymphomania. This is a common unscientific term that is used to refer to sexual behavior or desire in women that is considered "excessive" or "abnormal." The woman is referred to as a Nymphomaniac.

(Q) Read your QA about ejaculating early. I am 16 and have this problem. I often get a mess on myself, and my girlfriend. How can I get better control?
01-January-2007 Name Withheld.
(A) Masturbate more often. In fact if you are going to have sex with a girl that evening masturbate right before you see her. Other methods are take a cold or cool towel and place it on your groin (balls) when you feel you’re about to do your thing, and stop any sex or body movement for about 3 seconds and then resume.

(Q) Interesting BLOG (QA) you have. I am also a teenager by definition but will be of legal age in a few months. I have been doing BJs for about 4-years. I love the sensation of a boy squirting his juices in my mouth and that warm sticky goo sliding down my throat. It gets me horny (yes, I am still a virgin). I go home and masturbate thinking about it. Is this normal or do I need help?
01-January-2007 Young BJ Lover.
(A) Normal is a questionable attribute of self-determination. In other words what is normal to you is not normal to someone else. Lets say that most women do BJs for their man to please them. If you enjoy them it’s obvious that it makes doing the act easier. It does concern me that you started so young, and the fact that you are not using a condom. Again I would like to stress you can get sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) through oral sex. Please think about that.