Nov 27, 2007

Archived Postings No. 8

Q-n-A Subjects for November 2006:
Fast Food and Dietary Problem; Right Wing Conservatives; Avoiding Personal Detection; Wiping Data from Your Hard Drive; How To Post on the Internet Without Leaving a Trace; 2006 U.S. Elections and Voting; Woman’s Purse and Bacteria; Possible Civil War in Malaysia; Changing Insurance Companies to Save Money; Recall Petition Status of Elaine Richardson AZ Real Estate Commissioner; Real Estate Websites; Google’s Buyout of YouTube; Yahoo’s Downfalls on Their Version of an Online Q&A; Dating Sisters; Two and Half Men TV Show; Malaysia Sucks Website; Malaysia Hates Me; Using Lotions or Oils on Condoms; Got Pregnant but Used a Condom; Mid Term U.S. Election Results; Oral Sex; Eating Pussy; Stack Sex; My Boobs Hurt and are Leaking; Favorite Muscle Cars; What to Expect Traveling to or living in a Muslim Country; Having Professional Jurors; Getting Married for Convenience Sake; Best Qualities in a Man a Woman Should Look For; Male Fetish for Woman Who Wear Glasses; Oral Sex for Beginners; Owning a Motorcycle; Redneck Humor; Ball Gag; Slobbering Drunk; Dating Tips for Young Over Weight Males; Retail Stores and Your Personal Information; Grocery Store Discount Cards; Causal Sex; Fantasies About Dating Other Races; Japanese Girls; Statistics on Dog Bites; Real Estate Consumer Information; Growths on Male Testicles; The Property Tax Revolt.

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Archived Daily Q-n-A from the Month of - November 2006:

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Q) I read your q-n-a on the Property Tax Revolt. So what do you think should be a fair property tax structure?
30-November-2006 Sunny P.
A) This requires multiple answers, so try this idea out:
(1) All property taxes should be based on structures and improvements without land. For the average American that rate should never exceed 1% of the appraised value.
(2) Land should be taxed at a flat rate of $50 per year for everyone. This would encourage more farming, ranching, and agriculture production in America and actually would reduce prices to the consumer in the long run.
(3) The exception to the land tax rule would be at time of sale or transfer including inheritance. Then a one time 1% tax fee would be charged on the appraised value then revert back to the $50 per year.
(4) All commercial property should be taxed at ½ percent per year on the appraised value.
(5) All industrial property should be taxed at 1% per year, and appraised once every 5 years.
(6) To help prevent the scrawling and never ending raw land development, and help keep some of our forest and desert areas, high rise condos (buildings over 20-stories) would pay only ¼% property tax. This would encourage people to be more conservative.
(7) Homeowners who have beach or waterfront properties should pay 3% of the total appraised property value including land. This would discourage idiots from building near flood plains and reduce high government expenditures for the rest of us in case of natural disaster.

Q) I have these growths (small bumps) on my testicles, I am 29 what are they?
29-November-2006 Shane Russ.
A) They are most likely a form of a cyst. I have them myself. Most men will develop some king of testicular lump between the ages of 25 and 35. They are generally nothing to worry about. Make sure you see a doctor to be sure. The prime thing to look for are lumps inside the testicle, as in not growing like a pimple on the outside but growing internally. These need to be looked at right away.

Q) Your anti Real Estate Website indicates you are a Realtor, is that correct?
28-November-2006 Bill Cutler.
A) Yes, I was a realtor. I was licensed as a real estate agent in Arizona. But I refuse to work for these damn useless Real Estate Brokers, and comply with their price fixing games. I also refuse to participate in a scheme created by the ‘Good Ole Boys’ to force every real estate agent to join the National Association of Realtors (NAR). I was forced to join the local chapter in Scottsdale. Every group, all they do is put their hands out and take your money. They got one hand up your butt and the other in your wallet. The websites the writer is referring to are:

Q) Is there any statistics on dog bites?
27-November-2006 Terry A.
A) Oh yes indeed there are:
- - 1 in 10 Dogs will bite a stranger. To put this number in real perspective there are over 4 million dog bites in the USA every year.
- - 1 in five large family dogs are apt to bite a small child in that family.
- - Small dogs are more likely to bite than large dogs.
- - Small dogs are more likely to bite or be aggressive with their owners.
- - Pit Bulls and Doberman Pincers are more likely to turn on their owners than any other species.
- - Most dog bites occur in children.
- - Most dog bites in the United States are from a neighbor’s pet or neighborhood dog that has gotten out or let out to run loose.
- - Almost every state has laws against dogs running loose. These are referred to as ‘Lease Laws.’
- - You are liable if your dog gets out and bites someone. In fact this is a major claim against Homeowner’s insurance.

Q) I read Japanese girls are the best at pleasing a man. Have you ever had one, and do you agree with that statement?
26-November-2006 Ben J.
A) Yes and Yes.

Q) I am a white guy, age 20, and fantasize about having a black woman. Is this normal and have you ever had a black girl?
26-November-2006 Rod.
Yes it is normal to fantasize about sex with other races, and yes I have had several black girls. I have lived or traveled all over the world and have had almost every race and color. My suggestion is stop thinking about it and have one. You can always give it up as a New Year’s Resolution.

Q) So what do you think about casual sex?
25-November-2006 Sheri W.
A) I’ll respond by asking you the following:
- - What do you think when men refer to you as easy, a whore, a slut,
a skank, a piece of ass, a fuck stick, etc.?
- - Are you into getting some form of STD’s?
- - Are you prepared to get pregnant?
- - What’s next an orgy or have you reached that point yet?
- - Are you into having your picture eventually posted to some porn site or used in a porno movie? If you said no to one or more of the above, you answered your own question.

Q) What do you think of Grocery Store Discount Cards?
24-November-2006 Jake Russell.
A) They were created by totally useless ass morons. Stupid people like to do stupid things. If you want to discount something then just do it. Consumers live a busy life they don’t need bullshit to complicate things.
Important Note: If you do obtain one of these or similar cards never fill out any questionnaire. Just take the card. If they insist on you filling it out use ALL false information. A California consumer group took an opinion poll on this subject at a major mall in LA and found that 91% of grocery customers, regardless of where they shopped, agreed the store should just give you the sale or reduced price without being some kind of a preferred member and carrying a card.

Q) Don’t you hate it when you go to some store, like Best Buy,
and they ask you for your zip code?
24-November-2006 Jimmy.
A) Absolutely. The store is conducting marketing surveys. It’s a demographic. This helps determine if stores stay open or close, expand or new ones are built. But yes it pisses the average person off. A random survey taken in 2001 showed a whopping 97% of people found this annoying.

Q) I visited your website and really liked it but had sum reservations about your comments on Muslims, not all of them are not bad, so anyways I have a problem. I am 17-years-old, a little fat, and haven’t been laid once in my entire life! I seriously want a girlfriend since I am now in USA. Do you have any suggestions on how to hook up with one? Please tell me the secrets.
23-November-2006 Umair.
A) You didn’t say which, website. I have over 200 websites / pages. On to your dating problems. You also didn’t specify whether you are trying to date a Muslim girl or any race / religion. But I have dated many Muslim women including (BUMI Malays, Indonesian, Indian Malays, Pakistani, and Nigerian). They all complained about one thing – Muslim men just look at them as a sex object and baby producer. Women share some common traits all over the world.
In western countries they are worse because they are even more liberated. I have a little experience In the fact I have been with over 300 women worldwide. Try these basic tips:
First a woman is not an object.
Next I always expect nothing from a woman and anything I get is welcomed.
All women like complements, but don’t over do it. Pick something obvious, like their shoes, eyes, or hair.
Contrary to belief you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a date, but you must keep their attention and entertain them.
Last don’t dominate in anyway including the conversation, ask them what they like. Listen to them.
A woman is sensitive and they observe things that men take for granted.
Make sure you shower, shave, and wear clean clothes and nice shoes with clean socks.
Also wear clean underwear. Brush your teeth, use deodorant, and comb your hair.
With a woman the first 60 seconds tells her everything she wants to know if you. So fail here you are in an uphill battle. That is why the old expression, ‘First Impressions’, means so much.

Q) My boyfriend got slobbering beer drunk. We had a big fight.
He got angry and pissed in my good shoes. What do you think I should do?
22-November-2006 Candy Burgess.
A) Throw them both out, the shoes and the boyfriend.

Q) What is a ball gag?
21-November-2006 Vivian Thomas.
A) It is a bondage device. It commonly has a rubber ball with a pin through it and a strap. The ball goes into your mouth, the strap around your head. You have to breathe through your nose. The device can be a long stick or tube instead of a ball. The purpose is to keep you quiet. Some say it muffles the sounds of pleasure other the sounds of pain and yet others just makes you quiet (as in shuts you up, no talking). If you go to Yahoo, type in ‘Sex Toys, or Ball Gag, in the search bar, a picture will come up.

Q) Are you planning to expand your website links page soon to include more Redneck Humor?
21-November-2006 Billy Bob Johnson.
Absolutely. Look for it at one of these websites near you!

Q) Have you ever owned a motorcycle?
20-November-2006 Bill Kings.
A) Yes, I have had 3 different machines. Two Hondas and a BMW.
I regret never owning the real thing, a Harley-Davidson.

Q) I read your advice on male oral sex any advice on a newbie just starting out?
19-November-2006 Chad.
A) Yes, first stop calling it male oral sex it implies you are Gay.
Now observe the following pussy eating, licking, muff diving, vaginal slurping etiquette and procedures:
(1) Inspect the girl’s panties. If they are dirty or smell avoid that hole.
(2) If the girl is using vaginal perfume or some type of fragrant oil there is no telling what she is trying to cover up, avoid that hole.
(3) If it smells before you lick it, stop avoid that hole.
(4) If she wants you to have sex first avoid that hole unless you are into eating your own cum.
(5) If it passes the above test, get down on it. Most women don’t like aggression down there. So start slow. Use you tongue, don’t suck on it, and stop to ask her what she likes. The two of you with practice will adjust to one another. It is like a woman giving a blowjob, men like it different ways, but we still like it.

Q) I wear glasses, and my new boyfriend likes me to keep them on during oral sex. Just before ejaculating he pulls his penis out of my mouth and squirts his sticky juices all over my face and glasses.
He gets angry and very insistent that I wear my glasses. Other guys I have been with always wanted me to swallow the stuff. Does this sound strange to you? Is this normal behavior or should I be worried?
19-November-2006 Angie.
A) Each person (male or female) have likes and dislikes, they also have quirks. What you are describing is a man with a ‘Librarian Fantasy Complex.’ In other words he secretly wants to have a mild timid but sexy girl that works in a library to have oral sex with him. He is just living out some sort of fetish or fantasy. There is nothing to worry about. It is not strange or unusual. However, if it bothers you it’s time for you to move on.

Q) What do you consider are the best qualities a woman should look for in a man?
18-November-2006 Rhonda Fletcher.
A) If you can find a man with the following qualities, keep him:
1) Doesn’t smoke.
2) Doesn’t do drugs.
3) Has a steady job.
4) Doesn’t fool around.
5) Has no violent tendencies.
6) Has no criminal record.
7) Doesn’t drink or drinks moderately.

Q) Just how many people today get married out of convenience?
18-November-2006 Joann Burns.
A) Actually there are more now than say 100 years ago. In the past, marriage by convenience was sought after by the wealthy, in order to keep what was and still is referred to as ‘Old Money’ in the bloodlines. However, with women now fully entrenched within the work place and gays in critical or important positions, people often will marry for appearance sake or convenience. Many of these are political figures.

Q) Continuing the Jury thing, do you think we should have professional jurors? People paid full time to serve on jury duty.
17-November-2006 A Law Student.
A) Yes. But they should be paid a low rate, say $10.00 per hour. The other possibility is to use people who are collecting unemployment such as autoworkers.

Q) I really need a few answers from someone who can give me a no-holds-bared opinion from his experiences in Malaysia. I recently found your website and have a few questions about the nation. First how do Malays treat let's say Caucasian women who were born in the country? Also how do they treat women who are biracial Malaysian/White in that nation? Do they get hit on a lot or are they bullied in school or at work? Are they mistreated? And about the nightclubs I have a few questions. I read on your site about how the BUMI guys have girls all over them all the time there, but do they ever hit on say Caucasian or White/Malaysian biracial females? I am worried because of the way the Islamo-Facist have been acting up in the news lately. Any feedback is appreciated and thanks for your time.
16-November-2006 My Name Withheld.
A) Your questions are both complex and are broad based about Malaysia but some generally apply to any Muslim based country concerning women. Here are my responses:
(1) BUMI Muslim Malays are arrogant and think their race is superior to everything on this planet. Saying that, men are basically men. Although many white women are sought after by Arabs, especially blondes, I have personally never seen or heard of a Malay with a white woman, although it was rumored that the former PM had a white girlfriend and that several of the sultan family males have courted or had illicit affairs with white women, this has been outside of Malaysia. I know personally of a German male who married one of the Sultan’s daughters. In reference to BUMI Muslims at nightclubs the ones I mixed with were all at public nightclubs in KL, and the Malays were quite party animals. Then there are Malay Men’s Clubs throughout Malaysia. These are essentially whorehouses for Muslim men.
(2) Interracial persons are known as Eurasians. This term comes from European colonies in Asia when white men would marry locals and have children.
(3) The woman you describe would more likely be hit on or chased after by white foreigners or possibly local Indian men. In the event she would hook up with a Muslim she would be expected to produce children and eventually subdue to her husband having another wife, possibly 3 more. Marriage to any Malay is mandatory that you convert to Islam.
(4) Any female in any Muslim country is looked down upon. I would never take a woman to a Muslim based country. I suggest she live somewhere else.
(5) In reference to children, male or female, it is my understanding only Malaysian citizens can go to local schools. Foreigners place their children in international schools. In Malaysia foreigners are permitted to live anywhere. However, they should live in apartment (condo) complexes that are heavily occupied by foreigners. Most foreigners are either in Penang (Butterworth) or Kuala Lumpur. Stay out of the extreme south and especially northern parts of Malaysia they are dominated by radical Islamic Muslims.
(6) As for your last point about the Islamic problems, personally I think Malaysia is headed for a civil war. The Chinese probably will eventually make an alliance with China and take over Malaysia.
About 1 in 3 emails I get on Malaysia from the local Chinese support this type of effort. The other two emails concentrate on either immigrating out of Malaysia or just generally being unhappy with the situation about the Malays. The websites referred to in this question are:

Q) What is or was your favorite car of all time?
15-November-2006 Jerry L.
A) 1968 Plymouth GTX 440ci auto with mag wheels, blue exterior, and blue interior. One hot running machine. I won a lot of money street racing with that car, stock right out of the factory with no upgrades.

I am 8 months pregnant and my boobs leak, they hurt like hell, and they feel like they are going to explode. Do you have any advice?
14-November-2006 Laura Chetts.
A) Yes, they need to be milked. Either have your boyfriend milk you, milk yourself (ask a doctor how if you can’t figure it out yourself), or buy a breast pump.

Q) What does the term having ‘Stack Sex’ mean?
14-November-2006 Cindy.
A) It means when a guy has two women at one time and one of the women is on top of the other. The man penetrates one woman then rotates to the other woman and so forth until he ejaculates generally sharing his sperm with both women.

Q) Do you like eating pussy?
13-November-2006 Mr. Unknown.
Yes indeed. In fact I love it, so will your woman.

Q) Everyone talks about oral sex, and men eating pussy, what do you think?
13-November-2006 Reluctant Guy.
A) Well reluctant here is some advice:
If you want the girl to do oral with you then get down on her like a real man. Otherwise play with your pud alone.

Q) So what is your take on the out come of the U.S. Mid Term 2006
12-November-2006 June Allyster.
A) My opinion and take is as follows:
1) As I have said before there is no difference in Democrats and Republicans. I personally voted for whoever was NOT in office for the exception of my local state senator.
2) I see the people of Arizona did not heed my warning currently posted on The Encantoman’s Weekly Idiot Award and put that scumbag worthless ass wipe John Kyl for U.S. Senator back in office. The verdict is still out on JD Hayworth, US Congressman the counts are not in yet. But he is as worthless as John Kyl.
3) There were way too many voting irregularities. After everything that has happened in Florida and Ohio over the past three elections we still can’t get it right. When I voted there were as many people standing in line for invalid voter problems as there were for voting.
An example: I had my driver’s license, voter ID Card, and the sample ballot with my name and address on it. I was registered and on the books but was told I couldn’t vote except as a provisional ballot. The system really sucks. It is seriously broken and neither party wants it fixed.
4) If the Democrats fail to do anything important most likely the 2008 presidential election will go a Republican.
5) This concept of ending the in fighting and working together is yet to be seen. They have not been able to accomplish this for the last 10 years (both under Clinton and Bush).
6) Unfortunately newcomers in both parties are taken aside and told to play the game and there will be outside funding assistance for your next re-election campaign. Add to the fact within 30-days all the newbie’s will be court shipped by lobbyist.
7) In conclusion if you are expecting serious change it won’t come and if it does it will be the same old thing moderate mild changes about 3 or 4 months before the next election.

Q) More on condoms please. Is it true you can get pregnant using a condom?
11-November-2006 Barbie Summers.
A) Yes. Here some possibilities:
* Most of the time it is caused by a condom being used more than once. Remember girls, boys are stupid. Check it before he uses it. Boys have been known to use condoms several times. Turning them inside out, or just letting them dry out and use them another time.
* It may also be caused from the condom breaking or having a tear in it before use.
* It may be caused by removing the condom or it falling off and some of the sperm gets inside the woman.
* The condom could be faulty from manufacturer. It could have pinholes or a defective area, as in it was too thin and tore during use.
Note: If you are worried about STDs or getting Pregnant, then trying to save money on the purchase of a condom is not a good idea.

Q) Is it true that you should never use lotions or oils on a condom?
11-November-2006 Betty Hooper.
A) Yes. Most Condoms are made from latex. Things such as baby oil or lotions may cause the condom to deteriorate. If you want a lubricated condom then do one of the following:
1) The preferred method is buy it all ready lubricated.
2) Use KY jelly.
3) Use two condoms and only lubricate the exterior one with baby oil. This is more expensive than buying it all ready lubricated.

Q) We once worked together in Malaysia. You are really hated there. Don’t ever return you’ll never leave alive.
10-November-2006 Mr. X.
I don’t see any question here, but wow like this is suppose to be some revelation to me. Just remember Malaysia Sucks, Islam is for idiots, so hurry Run out and Piss on a Muslim today.

Q) Hello there, I think your web site on Malaysia rocks! Tell me how I can support you.
10-November-2006 Matt.
A) Thanks you clearly fit into the 9 out of 10 emails that favor my websites. Join the many who are not ‘BUMI Malay Muslims’ and are fed up with Malaysia’s special treatment of the Malays, and the fact it is on its way to becoming an Islamic State, by overthrowing the government. A civil war is brewing, it is eminent, stop migrating to other countries, stand up for what is rightfully yours. Take back Malaysia and kick those damn useless Malays out, sent them back to Sumatra Indonesia where they belong.

Q) In reading some of your archived q-n-a I find that one of your favorite TV shows is Two and Half Men. On the last episode the stupid brother was both sexual aroused (horny) and intrigued over a pregnant woman. In real life how many men are fascinated or turned on by pregnant women?
09-November-2006 Joann Rentz.
A) Actually this is quite normal. About 3 out of 5 men ages 30 through 50 are sexually attracted to pregnant women, and not necessarily their wives. In fact pregnant porn sites get a lot of visitors. Also studies show that prostitutes that get pregnant have more clientele. It seems the bigger the belly the more desire. Also about 1 in 7 of these men like to lactate the breasts (milk them).

Q) My husband seems to be awfully interested in my sister lately, what do you think I should do?
08-November-2006 Sharon Beach.
A) Men are fascinated with the concept of dating sisters. If there is not something going on there may soon be. The question, is your sister interested in him? The latest studies show that about 10% of all men (dating or married) who are with one sister have an encounter with the other.

Q) I noticed that Yahoo has a Q and A but they seem to limit subject matter where you allow any question topic to be asked, even if it is distasteful to some. I believe that the quest for knowledge should never be limited to worrying about being ‘Politically Correct.’ Do you agree?
08-November-2006 Reggie Hamond.
A) Yes absolutely correct. I couldn’t have said it better. As I have pointed out many times this is just another reason to sell your stock in Yahoo and Google.

Q) Google blundered on YouTube buy out. Everyone in Wall Street is talking about Google’s blunder, what do you think?
07-November-2006 Rodney.
Google has never purchased anything and made it work. They are run by a bunch of useless left wing liberal thinking geeks who couldn’t find their asses with an ass map. As I have said many times, sell your Yahoo and Google stock the crash is coming. For more info on Google Sucks, go to my website at:

Q) I just want you to know that I love your real estate site it has been very informative and helpful.
06-November-2006 Florence Haines.
A) Thanks for your support. Keep checking my many websites frequently I update them and add things as often as time permits.

Q) I don’t think your recall petition is having much of an effect getting rid of Elaine Richardson, the Arizona Real Estate Commissioner. Any comment?
06-November-2006 Concerned.
A) Well ‘Concerned’ did you sign the petition? Any way she is still a useless filthy low life stinking bureaucrat. Anyone who does NOT sign it says, “I love paying high real estate commissions, high closing cost, high property insurance rates, and high property taxes.” When citizens sit back and take the bullshit they get what they deserve. Like voting for Janet Napolitano for Governor, she appointed the idiot. To sign the recall petition go to:

Q) Is it true I should change insurance companies frequently?
05-November-2006 Rebecca Jones.
A) Yes, or at least at minimum get both a new auto and homeowner’s insurance quote every two years. You should get at least four quotes and compare them to your new bill. Insurance companies know you are lazy so they use a method called ‘Creeping Increases.’ This is whereby they increase your home and auto insurance every year slightly. Suddenly you will be paying $300.00 more per year for auto insurance than with competitive rates. Liberty Mutual is famous for this technique.

Q) Sit back enjoy a good BBQ with lots of Pork Ribs, Hotdogs, Brisket, and Cold Beer watching the start of a Civil War in Malaysia on a wide screen HDTV with stereo surround sound, whereby the Chinese and other minorities kill all the BUMI Muslim Malays. How’s that for an idea?
05-November-2006 Richard Chen Austin Texas.
A) Works for me.

Q) I heard that a woman’s purse was highly contaminated with germs and bacteria. What exactly is going on?
04-November-2006 Pauline Rochester.
A) This is very true. The average woman’s pocketbook or purse is over 100 times more infectious than a public toilet seat. The reason is that it starts off being ridden with germs and bacteria on a shelf at the store, then through use. You put it in a laundry cart, grocery cart, on the office floor, on your work desk, on the ladies room sink counter, on the bathroom floor near the toilet, you sit it on a public chair, you sit it on a counter to make a payment, you let others touch it, etc. Each time you touch a public area you pick up germs and bacteria. Then many bring it home and plop it on the dining room table or kitchen counter next to where you prepare food or eat. The older the handbag the more germs. Leather is the worse. Don’t panic, all you have to do when you first buy it is spray it with Lysol inside and out. Then once per week take everything out and spray it again plus wipe the bottom of the bag and with Clorox hadi wipe. But still don’t put it where you eat or prepare food!

Q) So out of curiosity are you voting in this year’s U.S. election and for whom?
04-November-2006 A Dedicated True Democrat.
A) Yes I am voting. As I have said before, I don’t see any difference in Republicans and Democrats. But my policy generally is to vote for the person NOT in office. Our founding fathers never conceived career politicians. So the candidate that is new I will cast my ballot for them (Republican or Democrat). See I am a true ‘Independent Voter.’ You on the other hand are idiot.

Q) So if I wanted to use someone’s data, not for identity thief but to say post it to a public Internet Blog, how would I do that without getting caught?
03-November-2006 Ms. Jane Doe.
A) Follow these steps:
1) Use a public computer such as one at a free public library or Internet Café.
2) Post whatever you want then wipe the keyboard down with a Clorox handi wipe to remove any fingerprints or DNA.
3) Most libraries will ask you to sign your name before using a computer. Just use a fake name and make sure to print only. If you elect to use an Internet Café pay by cash only. Credit cards are easily traceable.
Warning: This type of activity can cause harm to others either directly or indirectly may be illegal in your jurisdiction. I don’t advise that you do this!

Q) I have been told that simply wiping the data from your computer hard drive, doesn’t really erase it and this data can still be found, is this correct? How would you go about permanently erasing all data so it cannot ever be retrieved?
03-November-2006 Kenny.
A) Your question has two parts. But here are the answers:
(1) Erasing your hard drive will not get rid of the data. Good computer techs plus law enforcement and intelligent agencies can retrieve the data using a variety of methods.
(2) To make sure your computer hard drive is rendered totally useless and no data can ever be retrieved will take some effort on your part. Please follow these steps:
*** First erase the drive using the Utility program.
*** Now the hard drive must be physically removed from the computer. Make sure the machine is turned off and unplugged.
*** Once removed from the machine, take a magnet and run it all over the drive.
*** Now drill holes using a 3/8” drill bit into the head of the drive. That is where the wires were attached. Also drill random holes in the flat surface of the drive.
*** This step is optional but recommended. Most professionals will use a butane blowtorch that can be bought at any Ace Hardware or Home Depot store. Just hold it with a pair of vice grips and burn it for about 2 minutes. In lieu of this smash it with a hammer.
*** Finally using about 2 gallons of water in a bucket add 1 cup of laundry bleach and 1 cup of salt, stir well, drop the hard drive into the liquid and allow to sit 48 to 72 hours. If you used a flame to heat the drive, allow it to cool for 20 minutes before dropping into liquid solution.
*** You’re done, now place in a trash bag and throw it away.

Q) If I wanted to avoid detection and be under the ‘Radar Scope’ how would I go about doing it?
02-November-2006 No Name.
A) It is not as easy as one may think. Hollywood has painted a picture that we can disappear whenever we want. In some abstract view that is correct. The best way is never get on the scope. But once on it is hard to avoid, but here are some things (not all) that you would have to do:
1) Do not have any credit cards.
2) Do not have any type of bank account. This would include checking, savings, money market, investment account, online trading account, etc.
3) Do not use your Social Security number.
4) Don’t have a driver’s license, and if you must have one, make sure it is not where you live (the state you reside in).
5) Do not apply for or obtain a U.S. Passport.
6) Do not have a phone (home or business).
7) Do not have a pager, fax number, traceable email account, registered warranty (especially on a computer or electronic device).
If you need a cell phone get a disposable prepaid minute phone, change it frequently.
8) Do not have any type of insurance such as health, life, or auto.
9) Do not own a vehicle of any type.
10) Never travel by an airline.
11) Do not enter any government buildings or heavily traveled pubic areas such as train stations, sports complexes, gambling casinos, etc. (electronic surveillance is everywhere, i.e. you are being photographed and watched).
12) If you have any tattoos you are screwed. Body piercing is another give away.
13) Do not dress out of the ordinary or out of climate surroundings.
14) Do not contact family members, former business acquaintances, lovers, or friends.
15) Don’t ever file any taxes again.
16) Do not get married.
17) Do not apply for any job that requires a security background investigation, especially those that fingerprint you.
18) Don’t purchase anything that requires any I.D.
19) Just disappear, don’t tell anyone you are going to do it, don’t tell anyone you are thinking about it or would like to do it, JUST DO IT! But before you proceed make sure this is what you want because coming back is even harder than leaving.
20) Most Important – Stay out of trouble, maintain a low profile.

Q) You sound like a right wing conservative nut case to me. What is your political position?
01-November-2006 Buffy.
A) If you believe that you haven’t been visiting any of my websites. I am in fact a ‘moderate.’ Like most true moderates, I am also an independent voter, no political affiliation. Personally anyone who thinks there is a difference between a Republican and a Democrat now days just isn’t paying attention to what’s going on in America and the world. Also like most moderates I am in favor of social values and issues but not radical left. I also favor a strong military defense but not war engagements like Iraq. In fact anyone who is over the age of 45 who can’t see the correlation between Iraq and Vietnam just has their head up their butt.

Q) Just how bad is fast food really?
01-November-2006 Becky Jones.
A) Well KFC is changing it’s cooking procedure for fried chicken and other foods because of its current (and history) of preparing fast food. The problem primarily lies in artificial trans fat which, is so common that the average American eats 4.7 pounds of it a year according to the FDA. When eaten, trans fats significantly raise the level of so-called "bad" cholesterol in the blood, clogging arteries and causing heart disease. Researchers at Harvard's School of Public Health estimated that trans fats contribute to 30,000 U.S. deaths a year. So if you want a heart attack or stroke run down to your nearest KFC or Burger King.