Nov 27, 2007

Archived Postings No. 9

Q-n-A Subjects for December 2006:
Men Thinking About Sex; Transsexual (Tranny) Encounter; Michael Richards and the ‘N’ Word; Poloniun-210 Poisoned the x-KGB Spy; Longest Distance a Golf Ball has been Hit; Pitfalls of Casual Online Dating; Men Who Hit Women; Redneck Baggage and Sex; Sex with a Divorced Mom; Nose Boogers; U.S. Air and Muslim Clerics (Imams); Vibrators; Does Viagra Work; Bashing Muslims; Life Sucks; How to Avoid Dog Bikes; Should Woman Who are Raped Report It; What Type of PC or Laptop should I Buy; Best and Worst U.S. Presidents; Reincarnation; Life After Death; Armageddon; Does Alien Life Exists; Finding a Job in America; Competing in Pageants; Donald Trump and Miss USA Tara Conner; First City Powered by Electric Lights; Number of Words in the English Language; Chastity Belts; Men and their Gadgets; Road Rage; Best and Worst U.S. Vice Presidents; Gun Owners in America; Iraq Study Group Report; Truth in Real Estate Advertisements; Spending Limitations on Employees for Christmas Presents; Men are Lazy When it Comes to Sex; Men Love Anal Sex; The Origin of BUMI Malays; Searching Google for The Encantoman; Teenagers and Sex; Young Men Ejaculate Fast; Health Concerns and Excessive Anal Sex; Gay Rights; Queefing (Pussy Farts); Bestiality.

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Archived Daily Q-n-A from the Month of - December 2006:

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Q) What is having sex with animals called?
31-December-2006 Shelly P.
A) Bestiality.

Q) What are vaginal discharge sounds really called?
31-December-2006 Zoe Zoe.
A) The common term is ‘Pussy Farts’, but the medical or technical term is called ‘Queefing.’

Q) What do you think of Gay Rights?
30-December-2006 Karl V.
A) I think people should be allowed to do what they want in their own homes. I oppose any group who wants to openly protest and demand special treatment. Often times people bring grief upon themselves for going too damn far and bringing attention to themselves.

Q) Following up on the anal sex question, can your anus actually
expand and be damaged from doing the poop chute thing?
30-December-2006 Becky M.
A) Excessive anal sex including the use of objects or a large penis in
a small anal hole can cause tearing, bleeding, and even permanent expansion of the anal hole. To fix this would require surgery.

Q) I don’t want to tell you my age or name. But can you help me? How come a boy gets off so fast? This guy I am seeing likes me to jerk him off but he has no control and I have got his mess on my clothes a few times. Is this normal?
29-December-2006 Ms. No Name.
A) Yes. Young men have little control over their sexual desires and attributes. It is common for a boy to ejaculate quickly and with
little or no warning. As he gets older he will have more control.
If you are going to do this, get some tissues and have them ready,
or may be a towel. Sperm will often leave a yellow or off colored white stain on clothing.
Important: Do not use handi-wipe moist towels or Clorox type wipes on any private areas of the body, yours or his.

Q) I am what adults refer to as a teenager, i.e. underage. Like ‘Hello’,
they think that matters when it comes to my body. Anyway, all my
friends are doing it, having sex but I don’t want some guy in me, at
least not yet. So what about bjs?
29-December-2006 Paula.
A) Well you are smart enough anyway at least not to let some guy into
one of your lower two holes. Parents and adults in general are not getting on your case, they generally are concerned about your welfare to include seeing you not throw your life away getting pregnant or catching some nasty disease (STD). But to answer your question, it seems you are bent on pursuing something with a guy then I would suggest ‘Hand Jobs’ versus BJs (blowjobs). If you are going to
pursue oral sex make sure of the following:
(1) First check the boy’s overall appearance, make sure he has
bathed and is clean, no body odor, and has brushed his teeth. The way he treats his overall body is an example of how clean and hygienic he keeps those private personal parts he wants you too touch.
(2) Next check to see if the boy is clean down below, no odor or
smell is always a good sign.
(3) Check that thing (called a penis), make sure it doesn’t have
any sores, cuts, or discharge coming out of that little hole in its head.
(4) Finally, and this is very important, use a condom. I would
recommend carrying one yourself relying on a boy to have one
is a fatal mistake. They come in flavors so get something you
like, such as cheery, strawberry, etc. And yes you can get sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) from oral sex, so use a friggin condom!

Q) I did a search for ‘The Encantoman’ and ‘Jack Shiles’ on Google. Personally I think we need more Americans like yourself. I see people are really beginning to resent you (hate you for that matter) both about your attacks on Muslims and the Real Estate Industry. Are you worried?
28-December-2006 Larry Forsight.
A) This requires an answer in several parts:
**** Muslims and Islam: People can’t stand the truth. It is about
time America and the west in general wake up to this Islamic, Muslim, Mohammed, Allah, Koran bullshit and understand that Islam
(that means Muslims) have only two goals:
1) Convert the world to Islam and kill all those who oppose it.
2) Destroy the west, bring down America and create a worldwide
Islamic State, Hitler with a different name. I am here to make
sure people get the truth because you will never hear it on any
TV/Cable News; any Newspaper or Magazine; or any Radio Talk Show. They are all too worried about being politically correct.
**** Real Estate: The same basic principal applies. It is time
America wake up and realize that the politicians cater to lobbyist
and special interest groups, not the people who elected them.
The National Association of REALTORS is a strong lobbyist group.
Hell they have a building adjacent to the Congress. The news media
is beginning to come out on this one and every major news syndication: MSNBC, CNN, ABC, Fox News, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal have all reported numerous times the real estate market is depressed, property taxes are too high, transaction fees and closing cost on home sales are out of control, there are too many realtors, and that real estate commission fees are too damn high. Sellers and Buyers are realizing they can save a lot of money through FSBOs, a method I fully support.
**** I get quite a few death threats. Lately from Realtors it’s been
personal attacks on both me and my family. I am a staunch consumer
advocate, and they see me getting into their pockets and so Realtors
hate me for it. To these I say I am not going away. In fact I will just turn up the heat. Personal attacks such as the two recently listed on craigslist are under investigation. I report ALL threats and personal attacks to the authorities. So if you are a British Moslem I not only send these to the FBI but to Scotland Yard and INTERPOL as well. At minimum you are now on some government’s ‘Watch List.’ The
NSA is so efficient with their surveillance techniques they can tell when you go take a piss, so think about that Islam.
For more on the Encantoman, please visit the following websites:

Q) Don’t you know the Malay is not from Sumatra? They are originally from China, why didn’t you do your homework properly?
27-December-2006 Azlina Isacson.
A) The so-called colony Malays, which you are part of, are from
Indonesia. Most of them are from the island of Sumatra. Both
countries (Malaysia and Indonesia) speak the same language. The only original Malaysian races have all but been exterminated by the invading BUMI Sultans except for the Orang Asli, which is nearly extent and treated like dirt.
There are no BUMI Malays as you know them from China. What you are referring to are merchant traders and sailors that once came from the Island of Taiwan. They settled in
many areas and propagated with the local natives including countries, which now go by the names: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand. It amazes me how you BUMI Muslims are brainwashed and educated about so many untruths in the world. More political and religious Islamic
bullshit brought on by your worthless scum sucking UMNO
Muslim leaders. Try going to a real source for your historic
information. Not to mention, since you are a BUMI Malay Muslim yourself, do you look Chinese? Wake up girl, go have a cold beer, eat a great Pork BBQ sandwich, get a real life, and convert from Islam. Also, be on notice, a civil war in Malaysia is coming. The Chinese and other non-Bumi races will overthrow you, and shipped your worthless asses back to Indonesia, the ones that survive that is. Malaysia Sucks, it is a terrorist state. All terrorist must die. Therefore death to all BUMI Malay Muslims. And where is my money you scum bags stole from me?

Q) Why do guys like anal sex so much? It seems every guy I meet
wants to butt hole me.
26-December-2006 Cindy.
A) The anus or butt hole, sometimes referred to as the poop chute is tight. Women have a nice tight hole and it feels good to Men. Other men like control and holding onto a woman from behind and pounding her ass is a good way to exercise control over her. If you like it then do it.

Q) My guy likes me to stroke him for a long time, have oral sex with
him, and then he wants me to climb on and do all the work. I am not very experienced with men, so is this normal?
26-December-2006 Beatrice.
A) Yes for men. The guy is just plain damn lazy. He wants it all
without giving anything back. This unfortunately fits many men. A man should be willing to give back to a woman anything she gives him … oral sex, stroking, rubbing, sexual positions. Find a new guy. There are men out there that are loving, affectionate, and giving.
Note: Do not confuse this with romance.

Happy Holidays
25-December-2006 JACK a.k.a. The Encantoman
There are no daily postings today!

Q) I was walking out of a Best Buy the other day, and this couple
where arguing about the husband giving his secretary a $500.00
gift for Christmas. The woman was nagging the hell out of him
about it. She was over weight, about 50 with grey hair. Out of
curiosity what is your take on office Christmas gifts and that
particular incident?
24-December-2006 Judd Shaw.
A) A $500.00 Xmas gift to an employee, especially a secretary is stupid. But may be he is having sex with her, it appears that way. The wife probably has good reason to nag him. Saying that it wouldn’t hurt the fat cow too look in the mirror, fix herself up a little, and dye her hair. Being married is no excuse and it is a poor assumption that your spouse will be loyal if you look like a bad dream. As for Xmas gifts, they are generally a bad idea at the office. Employers should give all their employees the same thing, and gifts are not it. Either give every employee the same Christmas bonus amount or a gift card for the same amount. Small companies should give reasonable amounts like a $25 gift certificate. Larger companies are more departmentalized but some guidelines are best. If you run wild like these idiots on Wall
Street giving some CEO 50 million dollars leads to a hell of lot of
resentment both by stockholders and other employees. And people wonder why other people get killed (shot, gun down, blown up, poisoned, etc.) … Get the message. Christmas is an emotional time of the year and pushing someone’s button is not a good idea anymore in this crazy world we live in.

Q) Hey saw your Realtor Blog on and have a question. I also saw the following posting on craiglist - Attention all BUYERS of Real Estate. Whether you are buying a NEW build or a Fix and Flip, you
need to have your interests protected. As buyers my services are 100% free. This was posted by a Realtor working for Phoenician Properties Realty. Is this statement true?
24-December-2006 Genie Hargates.
A) NO because you pay for it indirectly. The Seller raises the price of his home to cover the average 6% real estate commission fees, generally 3% to the seller’s agent and 3% to the buyer’s agent who this guy is saying he represents.
Note: Every Seller, Buyer, and Investor must make their own
financial decisions. Property for most homebuyers and sellers is the largest expenditure they will make. So chose wisely. I have many free consumer tips on my website, please read them, and draw your own conclusions. For more consumer information about Real Estate and REALTORS - please visit:

Q) What did you think of the Iraq Study Group Report?
23-December-2006 Benjamin Stein, law student.
A) Well Ben, your just what we need another friggin lawyer in America. Saying that the group and the report are both a joke. Look this concept about asking people with so-called great experience in diplomacy, being a Washington DC insider, a career politician, etc. is just bullshit. You are seeking help from the same ass clowns who have been part of the problem since the end of World War 2 (WWII). This idiotic idea about experience
may be worthwhile if this country did something right in the handling
of the Middle East or similar hot spots around the world. This goes
for both Democrats and Republicans. Try asking someone without baggage (so-called experience) you will get better answers and probably better results. An example of this, expect nothing from George W. Bush to improve, he has committed the same stupid mistakes, he has surrounded himself by these old timers with set ideas that stem from the cold war. They won’t work, they never

Q) I saw your Q&A on, I bet you’re one of those damn gun owners, aren’t you?
23-December-2006 Posted-by-Hate-Me.
A) You betcha. I own many guns, and all mine are for killing people.
That’s a reminder to criminals and Muslims in general. Also I have had lots of practice at killing, and I am damn good at it!

Q) I saw your answer on the worse U.S. Presidents, how about the
worse U.S. Vice Presidents?
22-December-2006 Samuel Jhoos.
The three worse U. S. Vice Presidents in my opinion were / are:
*** Lyndon B. Johnson
*** Al Gore
*** Dick Chaney

Q) Found your q-n-a on If you noticed there was a heated but active discussion about road rage. What is your take on these idiot drivers?
22-December-2006 Name Withheld.
A) First of all we are all probably guilty of it at sometime in our life, even if we don’t want to admit it. Driving fast to make an appointment or being late for work may appear to others as road rage. Second some of this comes from idiots who just consistently drive in the fast lane. No atter how many damn lanes you give them, that same group of morons will be in the extreme left lane. Lastly consider this – Just ask Californians about road rage. If someone wants to get by, move over and let them pass. Is your life worth it? People are often obsessed with being right; this leads to being dead right. Whether you are killed in an
automobile accident or a nut case shoots your ass on the freeway, you’re still dead. Now think about that.

Q) Found your Q&A on - My idiot husband just bought a new video camcorder, like we need one. We all ready have two digital cameras, a Blackberry, two laptops,
a PC, three cell phones, a pager, and the list goes on. I want
to chat online with my friends using voice and video. They all have digital built in or external cameras with microphones on their computers. My husband keeps telling me he can connect the video camera up to my laptop and it will do
the same thing. Is this true and why are men so obsessed with new gadgets?
21-December-2006 Sharon Gould.
A) I have heard this story many times. Actually you have two
distinct questions. But here are my responses to both:
(1) You have partially answered your question men really are idiots. They think new technology is best. Actually it is expensive. Items that are 12 to18 months previous generation generally function just as well, and are a hell of a lot cheaper. I have been guilty of this myself, but over
the last 15-years have come to realize it’s a consumer con game. Get a handle on this now. Stop the spending, use it for the children’s college fund.
(2) As for the digital video camcorder being used as an interactive video camera set-up for your PC / Laptop, not practical. Sales people will tell you anything when they sell you something. I am not saying it won’t work, but it
may take effort and special software. Tell your dumb ass husband to buy a PC camera with a built-in microphone. You can get one from Best Buy. These are designed to plug and play and work on almost any PC or Laptop with Windows XP. IMac computers come with built in cameras and
microphones. Even if he gets the video to work it may not
function with the two most popular Chat Programs, AOL AIM and Skype. Also it will prove cumbersome to work and you will become frustrated in using it. If you break it or crash the computer, you will never hear the end of it. However you
will have this response posting to fall back on.

Q) Are there really such devices as a ‘Chastity Belt?’
20-December-2006 Bobbi French.
A) Yes, a chastity belt is an item or device that locks in place to prevent sexual intercourse or masturbation, but still allows for urination. Someone other than the person wearing the ‘Chastity Belt’ has the key to unlock and remove it. The purpose may also be to protect the wearer from rape or sexual temptations. Several devices and designs have been created for both females and males over the centuries. The use of such devices against another's will is now considered abusive in most western societies.

Q) How many words are there in the English Language?
19-December-2006 Suzie Pills.
A) Actually no one can agree on this but an organization called
‘Global Language Monitor’ estimates there are more than 900,000 words in the English language, and more are being added every day. This includes abbreviations, slang, politically incorrectness, proper and improper words, and just about anything that comes out of some idiots mouth that vaguely sounds like English.

Q) What was the first city to be powered with electrical lights in the United States?
19-December-2006 Bo Jo.
A) Cleveland Ohio in 1879.

Q) Do you think the reining Miss USA, Tara Conner, should lose
her crown?
18-December-2006 Sally Oxford.
A) Yes. This pageant and others have lost their perspective about
wholesome young ladies who do have a diverse effect upon young women, especially teens. Donald Trump needs to remove his head from his ass and revoke her crown now!

Q) What do you think of beauty pageants such as Miss USA, Miss
Universe, etc.?
18-December-2006 Randy Jacobs.
A) They really are a joke overall. The biggest thing is anyone with an
ounce of sense, and even a limited command of the English language,
can denote that the optimum word is ‘Beauty’ in beauty pageant. So why the hell does every stupid pageant have a talent portion, and for that matter a talking portion? Also if you have ever watched any of these and you don’t think they are rigged you must be death, dumb and blind!

Q) Do you agree that that finding even a simple job in America is becoming
in itself a tedious job?
17-December-2006 Ben Jiggs.
A) Absolutely. You can blame this on three things:
1) Idiot Human Resources, i.e. Personnel Departments.
2) The over whelming amount of illegal aliens in this country.
3) The George Bush / Dick Cheney creation and concept there
is a terrorist behind every tree.

Q) Do you believe in alien life (not illegals, but life on other planets)?
16-December-2006 Jim Hulks.
A) Absolutely. There are two types of people, those who can think
and believe, and those who can’t think at all. The universe is vast.
To put things into perspective (removing all the religious nonsense), the earth (that’s were we live) is equivalent to a grain of sand in the desert as to the planetary bodies of the universe. Anything that vast most have life, and to think we are the only ones is absolutely absurd and stupid in this modern day and age of science and technology.

Q) Do you believe in the concept of ‘Armageddon?’
16-December-2006 Jennifer Woosely.
A) As in the final battle between good and evil, God and Satan, NO!
However, I do believe its only time before the human race becomes
extinct through it’s own stupidity.

Q) Do you believe in life after death?
15-December-2006 Reba Fields.
A) NO if you are referring to a religious aspect such as an eternal hereafter.

Do you believe in reincarnation?
15-December-2006 Billy Lee.
The thought process was up and down on this one at an early age, but NO I do not!

Q) Who do you think were the two best and two worst U.S. Presidents from World War 2 (WWII) forward to present (now)?
14-December-2006 Jason Burnside.
A) The best two were:
** John F. Kennedy
** Ronald Regan
The two worst were / are:
** Jimmy Carter
** George W. Bush

Q) I am interested in buying a computer. I have not decided on a
PC or a Laptop. Any suggestions?
13-December-2006 Rosanne.
A) I have gotten similar questions before. You did not specify if this
is for you or a child, whether it was for work, home or school.
However, I have tried to cover them all:
(1) PC – For home or children’s use a Dell is the best, make sure it
has Norton Anti Virus and Intel Duo Processors. A minimum of an
80Gb Hard Drive, and 512 Mb of RAM (1Gb is recommended for new Windows Op Sys) ... Approximate cost $799.00
(2) Laptops – If this is for school use it is advisable that you know
schools are changing, and they often require students to have a specific brand of laptop. Therefore, identify the school you will be going to, call and ask them what they are using, or recommend. Many schools are now specific in nature, i.e. they require you to have an iMac (Apple); Windows; Linux, or combination capability. If the school does not have a requirement or preference, then the best choices for laptops are: Good for business, home, and school.
* Lenovo = IBM (first choice). Note - Lenovo a Chinese company bought
IBM ThinkPad. This laptop is excellent, has good quality and reliability.
* Sony Viao (is my 2nd choice).
* If cost is a factor, the Compaq / HP 6000 Intel series for about USD
$500.00 is Ok for an average rated laptop. This will do for school use, not recommended for work. Make sure the PC features above are
included in any Laptop plus a wireless Internet card.
Important: Also on any laptop purchased get a 3-year extended
NOTE: if you're not sure which computer, video / digital equipment,
TV set, or electronics ... simply get the Model number - go to: type in the model number, if the rating is 7.5 or 3+
stars out of 4 buy it. Other wise pass and get another brand or model

Q) If a woman, of legal age, is raped do you think she should report it?
12-December-2006 Name Withheld.
A) Yes, but only if some key factors exist such as:
** There was violence or injury as a result.
** The woman is not married or in a current relationship.
** She is prepared to have her life ripped apart and be further
humiliated by the opposition (defendant, his attorneys, the press, etc.).
Keep some key factors in mind:
*** The legal system, prosecutors are geared to getting the bad guy
at all cost. They do not tell you the consequences or impact to you,
the victim.
*** Once you report it and decide to withdraw you could be charged
with a crime yourself.
*** There are very few men who would be understanding towards
what happened. Most rape victims end up in divorce or lose out if
in a relationship. Also other guys may be reluctant to date you in fear you will accuse them.
*** If you were drinking or doing drugs then absolutely not.
Do not report it.
*** If you have an open sex life (you sleep around) then no. Your
reputation and creditability are worthless.
*** This may affect your job or future career plans. People who
yell rape are looked upon by many employers as potential future
sexual harassment lawsuits.
*** If the person gets off (found not guilty) you may have new
*** You will definitely be investigated by the police and district attorney’s office, which will include questioning people you know. But the defendant will probably go a lot further and hire a private detective and find out everything about you, even back to your high school days.
*** Although your name and picture are banned by the news media, in today’s Internet age you are almost certain to have it appear there.
In conclusion, I never discourage any person from reporting a crime.
Just in some cases the end results may be worse than the crime.
Criminal court cases could take years before final trial. Are you
prepared to go that far?

Q) Read your q-n-a on Dog Bites. Is there anyway to avoid these?
11-December-2006 Sara.
A) Yes.
1) Never run from a dog.
2) Never tease a dog.
3) Never approach a dog you don’t know.
4) Never approach a dog on a leash.
5) Wearing a Hat, Sunglasses, or a Uniform seems to be the most common incident in dog aggression.
6) If a dog is barking it’s giving a warning, don’t wave your arms or make any sudden aggressive moves. Simply back up slowly.
7) Never go into someone’s yard. That is the dog’s home. All dogs have a sense to protect their territory.
8) Never try and pick up a dog.
9) Never touch any injured animal.
10) Don’t throw things at a dog.
11) Never approach a dog that is inside a car.
12) Never put your hands in or through anything to try
and pet a dog.
13) Never go near a dog in heat.
14) Never blow in a dog’s face.
15) Never stick your face near a dog’s face.

Q) Life sucks, do you agree?
10-December-2006 Harry Buds.
A) Absolutely. But you can only die if you have a note from your mother.

Q) When are you going to take down those disgusting Muslim bashing websites of yours?
10-December-2006 Mohammed Sarif bin Mohammad Azar.
Never and when are you going to get a real friggin name?
You can find the websites referred to at:

Q) Does Viagra really work?
09-December-2006 Ronnie Sims.
A) I don’t use it myself, I have personally never needed it. But all
studies say it does. However, it appears that in some minor cases
it can lead to blindness. But hell what’s life without sex, right?

Q) I bought my wife a vibrator and she refuses to let me use it on her, what should I do?
09-December-2006 Bunky Kane.
Use it on your girlfriend, if you don’t have one get one.

Q) What is your take (opinion) on the six Muslim Imams (clerics)
believed to be all from Phoenix Arizona pulled from a US Airways
flight in Minneapolis by federal authorities in November, and one
is confirmed to be affiliated with a Hamas-linked organization?
08-December-2006 Mr. Anonymous.
A) First I’d like to know why all these scumbag terrorist pieces of
shit were not immediately arrested and shipped to GITMO for serious interrogation. The FBI has once again lived up to its name, The Federal Bureau of Idiots. Hamas is a known international terrorist organization with the intent to destroy America and confirmed ties to Osama bin Laden. Their behavior warranted immediate action, and I along with probably 90% of all Americans praise US Airways for their quick decision to land, have them deplane, and arrested and later refuse to allow them to board
any US Airways plane. The overnment is quick to critice the airline industry for not doing enough in security and when they do act that same U.S. government lets the assholes go free. This is not the first time the FBI has failed America. They had information that could have prevented both attacks on the World Trade Center but sat around with their head up their ass being politically correct and doing nothing. Homeland Security is a
friggin joke. Personally I believe that these ass wipes were testing
the system utilizing the so-called ‘Politically Correct’ and ‘We are
a nation of Laws’ and ‘We don’t Profile in America’ to see how
easy it will be to hijack another plane. These friggin morons in
the government driven by left wing radical liberals have set the
ground for another attack on America. It isn’t if it will happen, just when. That is why I created a Blog, America versus Islam – what will real Americans do if we are attacked again …
Visit my BLOG at:

Q) What really are Nose Boogers?
07-December-2006 Billy.
A) Boogers are mucus. Mucus is the thin, slippery material that
is found inside your nose. Many people call mucus snot. Your nose makes nearly a cupful of snot every day. Snot is produced by the mucous membranes in the nose, which it moistens and protects. When you inhale air through your nose, it contains lots of tiny particles, like dust, dirt, germs, and pollen. If these particles made it all the way to the lungs, the lungs could get damaged and it would be difficult to breathe. Snot works by
trapping the particles and keeping them in the nose. After these
particles get stuck inside the nose, the mucus surrounds them
along with some of the tiny hairs inside the nose called cilia.
The mucus dries around the particles. When the particles and
dried-out mucus clump together, you’re left with a booger! 

Boogers can be squishy and slimy or tough and crumbly. In act, boogers are a sign that your nose is working properly. But remember Billy boy don’t eat the boogers!

Q) I had sex with my girlfriend’s divorced mother do you think I
should tell her?
06-December-2006 Randy Savach.
A) Not if you want to keep her.

Q) I caught my half sister having sex with my grandpa by marriage.
I feel like a Redneck with baggage. What should I do?
06-December-2006 Rufus Cabes.
A) Take pictures and put them up on the Internet, I’d love to see them.

Q) My boyfriend slaps me around, I love him, what do you think of men who hit women?
05-December-2006 Jane M.
A) Does the word ‘Stupid’ come too mind girl? Get out of that relationship fast. If you want to get even, wait till he falls asleep, get a large knife, dull blade side down on his penis, and tell him if he ever hits you again you will cut it off. Then whack him as hard as you can in the nuts and run like hell. Don’t ever see him
again. As for men hitting women, they are cowards and useless
scumbags, tell him I said that.

Q) In response to your answer about causal online dating. I have met
some pretty interesting ladies through ‘CraigsList.’ They just don’t want any commitments or are married and bored. So what is your
comment about this?
05-December-2006 Chuck.
A) I have three:
- - What part of the STDs didn’t you understand?
- - When you go down on that girl just think of how many penises
have been there before you. Do you like the taste of other men?
- - And what if the husband or boyfriend catches you. Is the
potential of death part of your adventure, as in getting away
with it without getting killed by a jealous spouse or lover?

Q) What is the longest distance a golf ball has been hit?
04-December-2006 Leroy Thumbs.
A) As defined in GOLF there are three distances that were measured,
here are the records so far for each:
(1) The greatest recorded carry of a golf ball is 418.78 m (458 yards), by America's Jack Hamm, at Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA, on July 20, 1993.
(2) On Sept. 25, 1974, Mike Austin was playing in the US National
Seniors Open Championship at the Winterwood Golf Course in Las
Vegas, a course since renamed Desert Rose. Austin drew back and
unleashed a blast that flew more than 400 yards, bounced in front
of the green and came to rest 65 yards beyond the flag-stick. That
shot set the Guinness world record as the longest drive ever recorded
in a PGA tournament: 515 yards.
(3) Jason Zuback is holder of the Longest Drive Ever in the Final Round of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship (412 Yards 2 Feet 3.5 Inches).

Q) What is this substance that poisoned this x-KGB Russian Spy in
03-December-2006 Cheryl.
A) It’s called polonium-210, not to be confused with plutonium.
Polonium-210 (also called Radium F) was discovered by Curie in 1898. It is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol ‘Po’, atomic number 84, and an atomic weight of 209. It has a half-life of about 103 years. A rare radioactive metalloid, polonium is chemically similar to tellurium and bismuth and occurs in uranium ores. Polonium because of its alpha radiation (which can be stopped with a simple piece of
paper) has been studied for possible use in heating spacecraft.
It exists as a number of isotopes. Contrary to belief the Russians,
not the United States are the experts in nuclear technology,
especially uses of radioactive substances for warfare.

Q) What do you think of this guy Michael Richards from the Seinfeld
TV Show saying the ‘N’ word?
03-December-2006 Yolanda.
A) Does anyone comprehend the U.S. Constitution? As in the part that
guarantees us freedom of speech. That means, say what you want
when you want how you want. When we erode our freedoms to be politically correct we have no freedom and those who yell the loudest about bullshit would be the first to be silenced in a totalitarian regime (government). If idiots would spend less time on this so-called ‘Being Politically Correct Nonsense’ then maybe we wouldn’t be trailing the rest of the industrialized world in education. Kids now a days leave
school knowing all kinds of worthless bullshit like what to say and not say, how to avoid sexually misconduct, or offend someone, but they can’t read, write, do math or science. That means they can’t get that great paying job they want so bad. In my day people just took that kind of talk for what it was, a moment of anger or frustration, or an idiot on his pulpit. Get a life if that is the worst thing that happens be grateful. Also remember you always have the option to leave, as in not listen!

Q) I met someone online. When I first met her in person she was
wearing a tube top and no bra, short mini skirt and was wearing
a great fragrance perfume. We had an ice cream together. She said she was short of time and we went to my pickup truck. There she gave me the best damn BJ. Several times I tried to reach down her crotch area while she was doing me but she pulled my hand away. Soon as we were done, she got a call on her cell. She rushed off. By the conversation and what happened with us I realized the she was a he (a Shemale).
But that BJ was the best I’ve ever had, and believe it or not I still think about it. I have never been with anything but women up to now. Does this make me gay?
02-December-2006 Puzzled.
A) Damn Skippy it does. I find it hard to believe you couldn’t tell
the she was a he from the get go, but giving you the doubt and
assuming you are really that friggin stupid the fact you still call 'it' a she, and think about it makes you gay! Now if the word
gay bothers you, try homo, fag, or queer.

Q) Is it true that Men think about SEX every 8 to 10 seconds, and
can you make the response funny but true?
01-December-2006 Homer K.
A) YES, and this is normal, unless you’re a Muslim male of a specific
origin like …
Malays then you think of Baboons.
Arabs think of Camels.
Pakistanis think of Goats.
Indonesians you think of Tree Monkeys.
Somalia’s you think Pigs.
Taliban you think of Gay Clerics.
Now see how easy it is too make fun of Muslims?