Dec 20, 2007

Archived Postings No. 13

Q-n-A Subjects for April 2007:
Thallium as a Poison; Moslem Laws; Breast Enlargement; Black Anal Sex; Posting Pictures on the Internet; Define Gravity; Favorite Sex Position; Gore Zone; Average Number of Spiders Per Acre; Men’s Thoughts About Their Own Penis Size; Gymnastics; Hate; Sticky Seamen; Apples iMac; Apples Laptop Models; Growing Popularity of BLOGS, All Realtors Suck; Jennifer Lopez and American Idol; Most Powerful Rifle; Most Popular Big Game Hunting Rifle; Types and Colors of Men’s Underwear; Unhygienic Men; Men are Lazy; Bad Girls; Sexually Deviant Desires; Hating Cats; Ejaculation Quantity; Gateway Computers Suck; Home Owner Associations; Realtor Blogs; Female BUMI Muslim Malays; Muslim Women and Sex; Having Gay Sex; Cheating on Your Girlfriend; Home Owner Rights versus HOA’s; Declining Sexual Offers; Rednecks; Vaginal Squirting; Killing a Cat; Race versus Obesity.

Archived Postings No. 12

Q-n-A Subjects for March 2007:
Stump My Teacher with a Trick Question; Nose Bleeds; Google Ad-Sense (Google Advertisements); Dirty Panty Ads; Improving Long Range Shooting Skills; Email Proxies; My Wife’s Bracelet is Missing; My Boyfriends Don’t Last; Sex Trade versus Sex Tours; Largest Bear Species; Largest Beer Ever Killed; Polar Bear Facts; Grizzly Bear Facts; Alaskan Brown Bear Facts; Marrying Outside Your Own Race; Victims of Fraud; Using Illegals versus Americans; Dog Poop Facts; Primates Masturbating; To Douche versus Not; Favorite Sports; Squib Rounds; Japanese Women; Spank Me; Children and Porn on the Internet; Girls Coming of Age and Having Sex; Dirty Disgusting Habits of Men; Insect Problems on Citrus Trees; Most Aggressive Insects; Boycotting Burger King; Lethal Injection Facts; Pierced Nipples; Growing Up; Civil War in Malaysia; Muslims Burning the U.S. Flag; Sibling Sex and Incest; Largest Deer Killed on Record; Hunting with a Compound Bow and Arrow; Recorded Largest Mass Rape in History; CO2, Trees and Grass; Making My Wife or Girlfriend Think of Me During the Day; I Smell a Muslim; What Happened to The Encantomans Daily Jokes; Pros and Cons of Alimony; Responding to Emails; Getting Backdated Copies of Website Postings; Dirty Stained Panties.

Archived Postings No. 11

Q-n-A Subjects for February 2007:
DWD; Mojo; Whammy; Men Hate Romance; Crazy Guy; The Largest Airplane ever Built; Sopping; Wet One; Children Say Things that are Hurtful; Common Mistakes in Using a Firearm; Which is Better a Revolver or a Semi Auto; All Realtors Suck, (CL) Abusers; Hogging; Chauvinist; Google Sucks; Dating Younger Men; My Man Barks Like a Dog; Civil War in Malaysia; Modern Slavery and Muslims in the Middle East; Human Trafficking; Hitting a Target with Rapid Gun Fire; Preferred Handgun Protection the Colt or Glock .45acp; Mortgage Brokers and Con Games; Sex in the Shower; Paddling Pancakes; Dating Out of your Race; Getting Familiar with Firearms; Myths about Shooting; Real War versus Hollywood; Hump Day; Difference Between Getting a Nooner or a Morning Humping; Getting Rid of a Hickey (suck mark); Choosing a Home Protection Firearm; Handguns for Small Framed Women; Getting Red Winged; Sex with Animals; Girls with a Daddy Complex; Seltzer as it relates to Sex; Cause and Cure for Cold Sores; Hollow Point or Steel Jacketed Ammo; Types of Bras Men Like; Bra or No Bra; Getting Rid of Roof Rats; Peeing During Anal Sex.