Dec 20, 2007

Archived Postings No. 11

Q-n-A Subjects for February 2007:
DWD; Mojo; Whammy; Men Hate Romance; Crazy Guy; The Largest Airplane ever Built; Sopping; Wet One; Children Say Things that are Hurtful; Common Mistakes in Using a Firearm; Which is Better a Revolver or a Semi Auto; All Realtors Suck, (CL) Abusers; Hogging; Chauvinist; Google Sucks; Dating Younger Men; My Man Barks Like a Dog; Civil War in Malaysia; Modern Slavery and Muslims in the Middle East; Human Trafficking; Hitting a Target with Rapid Gun Fire; Preferred Handgun Protection the Colt or Glock .45acp; Mortgage Brokers and Con Games; Sex in the Shower; Paddling Pancakes; Dating Out of your Race; Getting Familiar with Firearms; Myths about Shooting; Real War versus Hollywood; Hump Day; Difference Between Getting a Nooner or a Morning Humping; Getting Rid of a Hickey (suck mark); Choosing a Home Protection Firearm; Handguns for Small Framed Women; Getting Red Winged; Sex with Animals; Girls with a Daddy Complex; Seltzer as it relates to Sex; Cause and Cure for Cold Sores; Hollow Point or Steel Jacketed Ammo; Types of Bras Men Like; Bra or No Bra; Getting Rid of Roof Rats; Peeing During Anal Sex.

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Archived Daily Q-n-A from the Month of – February 2007:

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Q) My boyfriend wants me to pee at the same time he is screwing me up my butt. Have you ever heard of this before and how do you do it?
28-Febuary-2007 No Name.
A) Yes I have heard of it. Simple, when he is about to have an orgasm and lets his load go into your poop chute he tells you and you pee at the same time. It requires you to have a desire to urinate (pee). As to how, I would suggest doing it outside (if possible) or doing it in the shower. Drink a lot of water or green tea (something you know that makes you want to pee). Hold your sensation until you know you have to go. When he starts the rest is rhythm and timing. You may need practice before you two get in sync so both are letting go at the same time.

Q) Can you give me an effective inexpensive nontoxic method to get rid of Roof Rats?
27-Febuary-2007 Darla.
A) Wow you really have 3 questions rolled into one, which are:
1 – Inexpensive Method.
2 – Nontoxic.
3 – Get rid of a pesky rodent such as a rat.
I have not tried this method myself. But I have been told that it is effective on rodents such as roof rats. Here is what you do:
Step # 1: Take a piece of lumber about 30 inches long and 2 inches wide. You cut this from something like chipboard, plywood, particleboard or you can buy something like 1 x 3’s or fur strips from Home Depot or Lowes. Home Depot will cut these the length you want at no charge.
Step # 2: Using wide strips of duct tape approximately 34 inches
long, fold each end of the tape 2 inches so it sticks to itself.
Step # 3: Place the sticky side of the duct tape up (non-sticky side
down against the wood strips), and using standard thumbtacks attach the folded ends of the duct tape to the lumber pieces. Only use one on each end, push the thumbtack in enough just to hold the duck tape at the two ends.
Step # 4: Place the wood strips near roof vents or possible openings.
Step # 5: When the ‘Rat’ walks on the tape it gets stuck and as it
fights to get loose the two ends held by the thumbtacks pull loose.
The rat struggles and becomes engulfed in the tape. Remember the
rat probably is not dead when you pick it up so be careful.
Step # 6: To kill the rat take a large pail fill it full of water, leave the duct tape on, drop the rat into the water, if it is not dead it will drown. Use a long handle rake or shovel and force the rat under the water to make sure it drowns. Hold it under for at least 10-minutes. Rats are very resilient creatures. Good luck. Like I said I have never tried this but some claim it works. If you could please let me know if this works.

Q) What type of ‘Bra’ on a girl do you think men like the most, undone from the back, undone from the front, half bra, or no bra at all?
26-Febuary-2007 Cindy Pullman.
A) Personally, I like a half bra undone from the front or a no bra
girl. I find them the most sexy.

Q) My mother is always getting on my case about not wearing a bra.
She says my boobs will be around my waist when I am forty. I am 19, on my own, have 36C breasts. Is there any merit to what she says?
26-Febuary-2007 Rhonda Rhodes.
A) Unfortunately for men, I must agree with Mommy. It is bad for
you to go without a bra all the time. Your boobs will certainly
begin to droop overtime. Forty is probably about right. Once
they start the “Sag’ it is difficult to stop. Then you would require a Boob Tuck (lift). Cosmetic surgery, contrary to belief is both painful and costly. Also any unnecessary surgery is bad. People have died from the most simple surgery techniques. As for belief, have you looked at what parades around the mall lately?

Q) Read your Q&A on preferred home protection handguns. Don’t you think hollow points plus steel jacket ammo is a little over kill?
25-Febuary-2007 Ben Gray.
A) NOPE! Optimum word is ‘KILL.’ Kill the intruder this way there is only one story to the police and that’s yours. The hollow points will do the trick, the rest are just holes to let the blood run out.

Q) What are ‘Cold Sores?’ How do I prevent from getting ‘Cold Sores?’ How do I get rid of ‘Cold Sores’ once I am infected? I have received numerous emails on this topic from Lucinda, Sweet Chops, Baby Girl, Bad Boy, and Playtime.
24-Febuary-2007 Numerous.
A) A cold sore is a small blister that is reddish or purple in color.
They are usually on the outer edge of the lip or to the side of
the mouth. Cold sores can appear one at a time or in small
bunches, and they are sometimes filled with fluid. They usually
crust over and form a scab before they go away. They last between 7 to 10 days and possibly up to a week. Longer than that you should see a doctor. They usually don't require any special treatment. Although they're called cold sores, you don't need to have a cold to get one. Some people call them
fever blisters, but you don't have to have a fever to have one,
Important: ‘Cold Sores’ aren't the same as ‘Canker Sores’, which are small white sores that are always found inside the mouth. Facts:
1) What Causes Cold Sores: ‘Cold Sores’ are caused by a virus
known as herpes (pronounced: hur-peez). Herpes is one of the
most common viral infections in the world. The medical name for the specific virus that causes cold sores is herpes simplex. There are two types of herpes simplex infection: herpes simplex virus one (called HSV-1 for short) and herpes simplex virus two (called HSV-2 for short). Although both can cause cold sores around a person's mouth, most are caused by HSV-1.
** HSV-1 is so common that most Americans get infected with it at sometime during their lifetime, although many never have any symptoms.
** People can catch HSV-1 by kissing a person with a cold sore
(most common in adults) or sharing a drinking glass or utensils,
so it's easy to see why there are so many cold sores around.
** Children who get infected with HSV-1 may get cold sores occasionally for the rest of their lives. That's because even after
the sores themselves dry up and go away, the virus stays in the body, waiting around for another time to come out and cause more sores. When a cold sore reappears, it is often in the same place as the previous one.
2) How Can I Keep From Getting Cold Sores:
** Although HSV-1 isn't a big deal, it's a good idea to try to keep
cold sores as far away as possible. If someone you know has a cold
sore don't kiss him or her and don't drink out of the same glass or use the same knife, fork, or spoon. Sharing towels, washcloths, or napkins is off-limits, too, because the virus may survive on the fabric.
** If you've had cold sores before, it’s hard to tell what might make
them come back.
** Stress is believed to be a common factor in bringing on ‘Cold Sores’ once the virus is in the body.
** Too much time in the sun, or getting sick can cause cold sores to reappear.
** Eating well, getting enough rest, and learning how to deal with
stress are important things to help prevent reoccurring cold sores.
** Some doctors advocate putting on sun block, lip balm, or sunscreen on the face before going out in the sun may help prevent cold sores from reappearing. Try using some kind of zinc oxide ointment if you are susceptible to ‘Cold Sores.’
3) Treating Cold Sores:
** For most people including children, the ‘Cold Sores’ go away on their own without any special treatment from a doctor. If you get a cold sore, try holding some ice wrapped in cloth on the sore. It also might help to eat a popsicle.
** If the cold sores are making you sick, a doctor may prescribe a
special medicine that fights the herpes simplex virus.
** For ‘Self Treatment’ try taking acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen if the sores are painful.
** While you're waiting for the cold sore to go away, wash your hands regularly. You'll only get in the way of your body's natural
healing process. Picking at a cold sore is also bad news because it's easy to spread the virus to other parts or your body, like your
fingers or eyes. Worse yet, you might spread the virus to other
people. No one will thank you for giving them a cold sore!
** Also, always avoid squeezing or picking at any blister.
** Over-the-counter creams provide temporary comfort by numbing the blisters, but do not speed healing.
** Acidophilus pills may be helpful in treating cold sores. L-lysine
is an amino acid widely advertised to treat cold sores. Conflicting
medical studies raise the question whether it is truly effective.
Some people claim that this medication helps them.
** Prescription treatments: Antiviral pills such as acyclovir
(Zovirax), famciclovir, (Famvir), and valacyclovir (Valtrex)
can abort an outbreak and help recurrent breakouts. These should be taken within in the first 24 hours of feeling the tingling
or discomfort before the blisters erupt. The duration of the outbreak can shorten by a day or two.
4) Cold sores are very Contagious:
** When you have an outbreak don’t kiss others or share food,or drink. The virus can be spread as long as there are moist secretions from your blisters.
** Don’t have SEX.
** Remember, the virus can spread during an outbreak, so be careful about touching other parts of your body; eyes and genitals are particularly susceptible.

Q) I was at a club last night. This guy came up to me and said, “I’d like to have a seltzer with you!” I don’t think he was referring to a non-alcoholic drink, am I right? So what the hell was he referring to?
23-Febuary-2007 Cassandra.
A) You are right. Having or getting a ‘Seltzer’ refers to a pee fetish. As in he either wanted to pee in your mouth or he wanted to lie down and you pee in his.

Q) I read your answer to the girl about the Daddy Complex. I have
been dating this guy for about 18 months. He is 41 and I am 22.
About 6 months ago he wanted me to get my left nipple pierced, which I did. He makes good money and takes care of me. Now he wants me to get a tattoo on my butt that says ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ what do you think I should do?
22-Febuary-2007 Sara Jules.
A) If you agree then you must also prepared for a few things:
First, what happens if he decides its over? Now you have a marked body that will need some explaining to your next boyfriend, which you better hope is understanding.
Second, you will have to live with this body disfigurement. Nipple piercing may cause you reastfeeding problems later, if you ever get pregnant. Removing a Tattoo cost a lot more than getting one and hurts a lot more.
Third, he could have a ‘Little Girl Complex.’ This is not uncommon in older men who want to date younger girls.
Fourth, he may just be testing you to see how far he can shove
the envelope before you dig in your heels and say no. Are you sure he is not married or at minimum is committed to you and your relationship? Has their been any talk of marriage? If he is unwilling to commit you may want to stand your ground on this one. The downside is he could dump you and find another young honey who will give him what he wants. Men at that age, who put demands on young women are mindset, refusal could cause
a fight and brake up. Personally if you love this guy, and are pretty sure the relationship is solid then go ahead and do it. If he were asking for his name or something abstract then I would say NO don’t do it. The other thing is, you may say to him if you do this, that is all don’t ask for any more body
artwork and see what he says.

Q) I have heard of people having sex with animals. Have you ever
witnessed any of this?
21-Febuary-2007 Jane Mulberry.
A) Yes Jane I have. I saw a Muslim stroking a donkey’s penis; and
I have seen a women jerking off her dog. Two things I wish I could forget.

Q) At a college bar hangout the other night and I overheard a bunch
of drunken guys talking loud, when one said; I was with this girl last night and got ‘Red Winged.’ What does ‘Red Winged’ mean?
21-Febuary-2007 Janet from Columbus.
A) Red Wings are the bloody markings left on your cheeks after an evening of cunnilingus with a woman who was on her period.

Q) Read your recommendation for the type of handgun you would purchase for Home Protection. But a .45 acp can be a little too much for a woman. So for a small to light-framed female what would you recommend?
20-Febuary-2007 Tommy Sands.
A) A Glock or Browning 9mm. Again make sure you get the port done. Install rubber grips. Load the first 3 rounds with hollow points and the rest with steel jacketed ammo. Make sure she goes to the pistol range and learns how to use it at close range (10 to 25 feet). This is important so she gets the feel of the firearm, the weight, the recoil, and the noise. Instruct her to fire all the rounds into the intruder.

Q) Home protection follow-up please. I am older, live alone, am
a white male in my 60’s and have failing eye-sight. I only want
to protect my home from intruders. I live in a neighborhood where the crime rate is rising and I can’t afford to move, so what do you recommend?
20-Febuary-2007 Mr Mr.
A) We all have some type of eyesight, shaky hands, etc. problem
and these can occur at any age. But I suggest buying a ‘Double Barrel 12-guage Shotgun.’ Buy one with the shortest possible legal barrel length. Have the gun shop cut the stock off, put on a non-slip pistol grip. Load it with double-00 buck. With this you can kill anything at close range, 15-feet or less without a problem.
Home Protection Tip: If the intruder does not have a weapon,
make sure you get the biggest butcher knife you can find. Wipe
your fingerprints off, and then place it in the hand of the dead

Q) In November of 2006 my boyfriend put a hickie (suck mark) on my face, I was so mad that I put all different kinds of stuff on it that the skin came off. Now the skin is back but it left a really red brown mark on my face that wont go away. What can I do to make it go away fast?
19-Febuary-2007 Name Withheld.
A) First if you would had left it alone it probably would have gone away in about 5 to 7 days. Applying all sorts of chemicals was a bad idea. You may have damaged the skin since you say the skin actually came off. A hickey (hickie) occurs when someone sucks on the surface of the skin. Some idiots actually use a vacuum cleaner on themselves. The hickey is a result of blood vessels in the skin being bruised. Thus a hickey is a form of a bruise. Most bruises go away within a week. Looking at your timeline it’s been 3-months, this is not normal. Stop putting chemicals on it you are making it worse. Try ONE the following, wait 24-hours before trying another suggestion, if there is any improvement, let nature take its course and heal:
(1) Place a hot compress for about 5 minutes, then apply Noxzema Cold Cream. Leave on until dry. Then gently remove with plain warm water.
(2) There is an herbal product substance that has mixed reviews on how well it works (no guarantees from me). People in the fetish sex trade like BDSM, Spankings, etc. use it where bruises are common. It is supposed to help bruises heel faster. It is called ‘Arnica.’
(3) Cover it with all natural make-up. Go to a make-up counter at a good department store, say like Macy’s and ask the girl what she recommends.
(4) Finally, and most importantly again stop putting chemicals on it. Don’t rub it you are irritating it. If this does not correct the problem within 7-days you should immediately see a ‘Dermatologist.’
Sorry I couldn’t be more help. Think of this as a bruise you get on your arm or leg from sports or bumping into things. But I am very serious that you need to see a doctor to avoid possible permanent scaring if this persists and remains. I hope you learned your lesson. The boy doesn’t give a shit but you should.

Q) What is the difference between a nooner and a morning humping?
18-Febuary-2007 Ginger.
A) None really, it’s just defined by the time of day. They both refer
to having sex during the daytime hours versus traditionally at night. Here are several definitions referring to sex during the daylight hours (daytime):
1) Wake Up Call – Refers to one partner waking the other up while
they are still sleeping, using sex. Men love this. It is generally done
more by women either performing oral sex on a man or getting on
top and riding a ‘Pee’ hard-on.
2) Morning Delight – having sex after breakfast but before lunch,
i.e. mid-morning.
3) Nooner – Having sex during the lunch time hour.
4) Afternoon Delight – Having sex in the afternoon but before diner
time. Often a surprise when a man shows up in the middle of the
afternoon to have sum. A bigger surprise is when he finds his spouse having sex with someone else.

Q) I new to this country. Does ‘Hump Day’ mean having sex in the
middle of the day? That’s what my boss tell me.
18-Febuary-2007 Peng May.
A) I wish. No it refers to Wednesday, the middle day of the workweek. Thus hump day, climb to the top of the hump and going down the other side.

Q) How did you get so familiar with firearms?
17-Febuary-2007 Homer Addison.
A) I have owned a gun since I was 13-years-old. I use to practice
with a rifle, handgun, and shotgun. At one time I was an avid hunter including small and big game. I also use to collect firearms. Later in service I went to larger caliber weapons. I even use to compete at one time in local Cowboy fast draw competition. I have used an all terrain 3-wheeler and chased critters while shooting them with a 45-caliber Colt western single action revolver. I hit what I aim at, always been good at killing things.

Q) Do you like Chinese women?
16-Febuary-2007 Denise Chun.
A) Yes. What is there not too like?

Q) Have you ever dated a Black Girl?
16-Febuary-2007 Tanya Jefferson.
A) YES. I have dated almost every race, color and creed. I have lived or traveled too many countries and have experienced their women, food, and culture. Of course, the women are my most memorable tourist attractions.

Q) What does the term ‘Paddling Pancakes’ mean?
15-Febuary-2007 Tommy.
A) Having anal sex with a woman with a big butt.

Q) I read your q&a about the girl and her boyfriend who barks like a dog during sex. I have something similar but more bizarre. I live in New York. My apartment building walls are thin. My bf likes to bend me over in the shower and have anal sex with me. When he reaches his climax, he howls like a dog (or wolf). It is so loud the neighbors can hear him. What is your opinion on my current boyfriends behavior modes?
15-Febuary-2007 Cindy D.
A) Well Cindy it could be worse, he could eat shit and howl at the moon, of course he wouldn’t need you for that. Two choices, move to another apartment or get a new boyfriend!

Q) I understand there are dangers in using Mortgage Brokers, especially those that are committing fraud or some type of
con game. Can you elaborate or explain how this occurs?
14-Febuary-2007 Jerold Fox.
A) Actually this would take a long lengthy reply, but I will try
and do the synopsis of the big picture.
First - The primary reason these so-called ads pop up that you
see advertised: Bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy, stop foreclosures, improve FICO scores, etc. exist for people to steal your identity. Now most of us would never think that someone would want an identity with bad credit, that’s true if you are limited to getting a credit card or loan. However, if you are in this country illegally
a Social Security Card with a valid name and number leads to all sorts of things like employment, a driver’s license, local utility
connections, etc. So therefore, be advised your identity, who you
are is important, so protect it.
Second - Many fraudulent Mortgage Brokers, in cohorts with appraisers and Realtors bump up the price of a home, lend money on it, and then rebate the difference splitting the rebate or charging large fees. Everyone gets what they want, but the home is now over inflated and this hurts the neighborhood and the housing industry nationwide. This is now occurring on a large scale in depressed housing markets where homes have set vacant for months. Many investors have gotten in on this scheme as well. Greed drives
ambition and money flows to those who take advantage.
Finally - If you have good credit, a tri-merge credit score of over
720 you would never need a Mortgage Broker so don’t waste your money paying them a fee, do it yourself.
For more helpful hints about Real Estate for Consumers, please visit:

Q) So what handgun would you recommend for self-defense
protection? I think I would prefer a well-balanced auto.
13-Febuary-2007 Dell Strothers.
A) You didn’t specify whether it was for home protection, concealed, or both. But for Home Protection either a Colt .45 acp or Glock .45 acp. Make sure to get the port done. I would also recommend non-slip grips and a laser-mounted sight.

Q) In a previous Q&A mistakes about using a firearm were discussed. I am a little fuzzy on this rapid-fire shoot as go moving thing. Can you clarify this?
13-Febuary-2007 Steve Juccas.
A) If you are not stationary when firing a weapon the difficulty factor greatly increases for hitting the target when either you, or the weapon, or both are moving. Also it is a big misconception that rapid fire hits a target.
Example # 1: You have a semi automatic .22 caliber rifle and you
just keep firing thinking you will hit a tin can laying on the ground.
Example # 2: You have an automatic weapon in combat and you charge some one with full auto fire thinking you will hit the target.
Hello Hollywood because it only happens in the movies unless you
just plain get lucky.

Q) Do you believe your own bullshit you write about slavery and
12-Febuary-2007 Abd bin Bhutra.
A) Hell you don’t have to believe me. Read the reports from the
UN, WHO, IRC, and others. Slavery is alive and flourishing everywhere but more so in Africa, which includes the Middle
East (Arab world, i.e. Muslims). Human trafficking is on the rise, that’s what they call slavery now.

Q) I am a Muslim Malay and the mother of three; do you actually
endorse a Civil War in Malaysia?
12-Febuary-2007 Name Not Given.
A) Absolutely. You stinking Malays with your worthless religion
and fraud schemes committed on foreigners by Muslim Malay
government figures at the highest levels clearly justifies the
overthrow of your filthy little useless piss ant Islamic Terrorist
State (country). You stole my money and I frigging want it back. Return the $550,000 you stole from me.

Q) I am dating this much younger guy, he is a tiger in bed, but
I think he is strange I need your opinion. He often times waits
until I am all ready in bed, then he starts at the foot of the bed,
crawls up on top of me and barks like a dog. He has ripped several pairs of my panties completely off and I had to throw them away. Is this normal behavior or should I be worried?
11-Febuary-2007 Help Needed.
A) Well their Ms Help Needed, it is not unusual for this and other
behavior modes during sex. Men are very territorial and he probably is exerting his manhood take control of the situation mode. He may also be intimidated by the age discrepancy. As long as it doesn’t get out of control or he doesn’t hurt you lay back and enjoy it.

Q) Hey about Google Sucks. Your site is right on. I was number 3 a few months ago and suddenly they thought it was too controversial and now I am like 10,000. I am now a dedicated MSN user.
10-Febuary-2007 S.B.
A) Thanks for the input and support. If you haven’t seen the site, Google Sucks, go to:

Q) Have women every told you, that you are a male chauvinist dickhead?
09-Febuary-2007 Cassandra Clemons.
A) Not exactly but I always tell a woman when I first go out with her that I am a pain in the ass (PIA). After about 2 or 3 dates, the girl will say, “You are a pain in the ass.” Which I will immediately reply, “But I told you that!” However, in my defense my love making abilities more than make up for it.

Q) What does the term ‘Hoggin’ mean?
08-Febuary-2007 Sandy.
A) It has two meanings, they are:
(1) Refers to rounding up the Hogs and getting them ready for
market, slaughter.
(2) A street term that refers to a man or group of men getting
drunk and looking for a Fat Woman (women) to have sex with, as in they call a woman who is fat, a hog, and having sex with one is ‘Hoggin.’

Q) I have written several Emails and posted to your BLOG ‘All Realtors Suck’ in getting a nomination for The Encantoman’s Idiot Award. So I thought I’d try asking the question here. Can I nominate repeat CL listers like
Realtors for The Weekly Idiot Award?
08-Febuary-2007 The Dude.
A) Sorry, I get so many emails I can’t personally respond to them all. Anyway yes I saw your nomination email and the posting to ‘All Realtors Suck BLOG.’ Yes I am going to do an Idiot Award on CL Posters (the abusers and repeat listings of craigslist). It is coming soon.

Q) In selecting a handgun, which is better a revolver or a semi auto?
07-Febuary-2007 Mr. James.
A) Depends. It you need a lot of rounds in a hurry the semi auto.
Revolvers hold one true advantage they rarely jam or miss fire.
If a revolver miss fires you just pull the trigger again and then
go on to the next round. Miss fires or jams in a semi auto usually
means life or death, yours!

Q) What are the biggest or most common mistakes people make using a firearm?
07-Febuary-2007 George Jacobs.
A) There are four mistakes that stand out:
1) People try and hold a firearm with one hand.
2) People move while firing the weapon.
3) It is a misnomer that rapid or repeat fire will hit a target.
4) The weapon is not suited for the individual.

Q) My 17-year-old son said to me the other day, ‘Gee Mom you should lose some weight, you’re getting fat.’ That really hurt me and made me cry. What should I do, if anything?
06-Febuary-2007 No Name.
A) Nothing now, it’s too late. But you should have said something
too him at the time, such as … ‘Son are you trying to hurt my feelings, is that any way to talk to your mother?’ Now realize this, may be you need to lose a few pounds. Although children can be quite cruel they are generally honest. Also accept the fact that you and his father brought him up. Parents often wonder why children do or say things, its their environment
and upbringing. If either parent acts this way or has been lax
in discipline of their children like so many are now days, this
shouldn’t shock you. In conclusion, this reaffirms men are basically self-centered arrogant assholes. They learn as time goes on, but the bomb probably won’t drop until either they have teenage children or turn 50, whichever is first!

Q) Some older boy at school came up to me and said, “Girl I’d like to give you a wet one.” Is this a dirty word?
05-Febuary-2007 No Name Provided.
A) It is not a dirty word. When used correctly, the meaning is he wants to give you a wet sloppy kiss. Often times referred to as French Kissing or tonguing, as in putting his tongue in your mouth.

Q) What does the term or phrase mean, “It’s for sopping?”
05-Febuary-2007 Sharon Batesel.
A) A term used in the south (southern part of the USA) often times by hillbillies or rednecks. It means using bread or biscuits to absorb the gravy or egg yokes on the plate, as in ‘Woman I need some bread for sopping.’

Q) What is the largest airplane ever built?
04-Febuary-2007 Billy Bob.
A) The world’s largest aircraft is the Russian made Antonov Airlines
An-225, which can carry up to a maximum payload of 250 tons (500,000 pounds) of cargo, or more than twice as much as a Boeing 747-400 freighter. This compared to the US Air Force C5 A/B Galaxy carries an average payload of 291,000 pounds.

Q) Gustavo here, just a comment if you don’t mind. You’re one crazy guy!
03-Febuary-2007 Gustavo.
A) Right back at you! But hey remember to PISS on a Muslim today,
they love those Yellow Rain Showers.

Q) Why do men hate romance?
03-Febuary-2007 Cindy Jamison.
A) Because its bullshit. You want romance read a good book and stop reading those damn woman magazines they are the only ones promoting that crap.
Note: Do not confuse this with affection, and lovemaking.

Q) What is a Whammy? As in I’ll put the ‘Whammy’ on you.
02-Febuary-2007 Beatrice Sinclair.
A) Three distinct meanings:
1) Origin (original meaning) - Whammy is a magic spell of evil origin, as in Black Magic.
2) Whammy also stems from a TV Game Show called ‘Press Your Luck.’ When the player spun an electronic type moving board, if it stopped on the ‘Whammy’ you lost all your money.
3) Ghetto or street term meaning ‘I’ll kick your butt, as in I’ll put the Whammy on your ass.’

Q) What is Mojo and where does it come from.
02-Febuary-2007 Princeton Sims.
A) Mojo means a black evil spell. Origin comes from Africa, a witch
doctor. Also used by Voodoo priests both in Africa and throughout the Caribbean Islands. Voodoo is still popular in Haiti and Jamaica.

Q) What exactly is DWD?
01-Febuary-2007 Penny Lu.
A) It is ‘Driving While Distracted.’ This is a serious problem, and by most estimates and studies accounts for 60% of all automobile accidents. 7 out of 10 drivers are guilty of this on a regular basis. It breaks down as follows:
12% are putting on make-up or shaving
15% are eating or drinking or both
5% are reading or writing
13% Text Messaging
2% are changing or adjusting their radio, seat, mirror, or something
else in the car
3% are looking at TV or a GPS Mapping System
45% are talking on their cell phones
5% are distracted by children or a pet