Dec 20, 2007

Archived Postings No. 12

Q-n-A Subjects for March 2007:
Stump My Teacher with a Trick Question; Nose Bleeds; Google Ad-Sense (Google Advertisements); Dirty Panty Ads; Improving Long Range Shooting Skills; Email Proxies; My Wife’s Bracelet is Missing; My Boyfriends Don’t Last; Sex Trade versus Sex Tours; Largest Bear Species; Largest Beer Ever Killed; Polar Bear Facts; Grizzly Bear Facts; Alaskan Brown Bear Facts; Marrying Outside Your Own Race; Victims of Fraud; Using Illegals versus Americans; Dog Poop Facts; Primates Masturbating; To Douche versus Not; Favorite Sports; Squib Rounds; Japanese Women; Spank Me; Children and Porn on the Internet; Girls Coming of Age and Having Sex; Dirty Disgusting Habits of Men; Insect Problems on Citrus Trees; Most Aggressive Insects; Boycotting Burger King; Lethal Injection Facts; Pierced Nipples; Growing Up; Civil War in Malaysia; Muslims Burning the U.S. Flag; Sibling Sex and Incest; Largest Deer Killed on Record; Hunting with a Compound Bow and Arrow; Recorded Largest Mass Rape in History; CO2, Trees and Grass; Making My Wife or Girlfriend Think of Me During the Day; I Smell a Muslim; What Happened to The Encantomans Daily Jokes; Pros and Cons of Alimony; Responding to Emails; Getting Backdated Copies of Website Postings; Dirty Stained Panties.

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Archived Daily Q-n-A from the Month of – March 2007:

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Q) Hey you little bastard my live in boyfriend reads your stupid q-n-a and he did what you suggested about having sex with me right before I had to leave for work. My panties are now permanently stained and I had to sit in that wet slimy goo all day.
31-March-2007 Anonymous.
A) I don’t see a question here. But I bet it worked. I bet you thought about your man all day long. Panties can be replaced, relationships take work, good partners are hard to find. Take it like a woman and stop bitching! Reference the posting below for 26-March-2007.

Q) Jack I love your websites and blogs, and check the daily hooters religiously. I would like to be able go back to March 27, 2007 and check those hooters again. Could you email them to me or explain
how I can get back to them with a link on your site? Keep up the good work and thanks.
30-March-2007 John Krachtus.
A) This is a question I am asked numerous times every month. Simply the answer is ‘NO.’ Once I post a picture I archive it to an off line server. Many have asked if I would add a 10-day archive for the ‘Daily Hooters’ and ‘Daily Cartoon’ like I do for The Daily Toon Babes with Boobs and the Daily Drunk Girls or like I do for an entire month for my archived Encantoman Daily Jokes. The problem is a combination that
these take a lot of my time to do, also they consume unnecessary
space allocation on my web server referred to as Bandwidth. I am sorry I am unable to comply with these types of request but I do appreciate dedicated website viewers such as yourself.

Q) I sent you several emails but you never responded, why?
30-March-2007 Bob Rhiner.
A) I get around 30 to 60 emails per day. It is almost impossible to
read them all and keep up with my computer updates, website updates, daily uploads, and new web material development (new sites to entertain and amuse you). So I apologize for not responding but it is a time problem and I just can’t do it. I do read most of the emails and I do review any suggestions people send me on new websites or how to improve the sites (web pages) I all ready have. Thanks for your support – The Encantoman.

Q) Out of curiosity what do you think of Alimony?
29-March-2007 Ginger O’Donald.
A) I oppose it. Engagements, Marriage, Having Children, Divorce,
Alimony, and Child Support are all aspects of Women, i.e. females.
Men generally want no part of any of it. But ‘Alimony’ is the biggest
joke created by political ne’er-do-well wannabee asshole politicians to obtain the woman vote this country has ever seen.

Q) I used to have links to your Encantoman Daily Jokes and The Daily Announcement but now it says forbidden when I try to look at those pages. What is going on?
28-March-2007 J. khaddy, Kentuc, BB, Bronx Stomper, Ed Hurley, Cindy Grimees, Joe Joe, Alex G, Keri Thomas, Laura St Thomas, Willie Boy, The Redneck Boys, Larry K, Hell Raiser, and Ginger M.
A) This is typical of dozens of emails I received over the past two days about my still existing FREE websites. The server where all my free web pages are located is having problems with some accounts, I am one of them. I have been slowly switching all my OLD Free web pages over to my permanent domain websites. Sorry for the problem, and thanks for the support.

Q) Sniff Sniff I smell a Muslim what do you think I should do?
27-March-2007 Alex Holatanko.
A) Run over, piss on it, they like it. Or, join me at my BLOG:
America versus Islam at:

Q) I just got married, and I want my new wife to think about me during the day while we are apart, any suggestions?
26-March-2007 Rudy Z.
A) Wait until she is fully dressed and almost ready to leave for work.
Take her quickly into the bedroom lay her down on her back. Pull
her panties off, pull her to the edge of the bed, stand up right, stick it in her hard and leave a large cum deposit inside her, make her dress and leave. As your cum drips out into her panties, and she
feels the wet stickiness all day, she will have no recourse but to
think about you.

Q) I noticed a while back in your q-n-a that you responded to a
question about CO2 and trees. What about grass, how much does one acre of grass consume or convert of carbon dioxide?
25-March-2007 Monica Ruthers.
A) This is a little harder to answer because grass also produces
large amounts of waste, so lets do it a different way. Approximately 70,000 square feet or about 1.5 acres of grass consumes the equivalent conversion of CO2 from one human being and one automobile in the USA. So trees are better for
the environment but don’t dig up the grass just yet animals need it for food, and we need them for food.

Q) What was the greatest tragic recorded mass rape in history?
24-March-2007 Jan Goodfellas.
A) This is one of those difficult questions to answer because there
are so many varied historians that disagree. The consensus as of 1945 to present would have been committed by the Soviet Red Army at the end of WWII (Part of the Allied Forces in World War Two) stretching from Austria through Eastern Germany and ending at Berlin. It is estimated more than 200,000 women
were raped repeatedly by Soviet Infantry, many more than 15 times. The Soviet Military officers would tell the women to seek refuge in the church where the soldiers would rape and pillage them. This included Catholic Nuns. The women ranged from 8 years old to 80 years old, thus is where the saying comes from: ‘8 to 80 cripple and crazy, anything will do.’

Q) What was the largest Deer killed by a hunter on record?
23-March-2007 Jim Sowers.
A) The World Record is a 39 Point Buck (male deer) killed in Ohio.
Mike Beatty, a hunter, shot the 39-point buck with a compound
bow (bow and arrow) on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, in Greene County, Ohio. The deer's antlers measured more than 291 inches, which set both a new Ohio State and a World Record. This was confirmed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife.

Q) I read an article about a boy having sex with his younger sister.
Apparently he raped her repeatedly over a 2-year period. How common is this?
22-March-2007 Jane K.
A) A lot more common than anyone wants to admit. Incest has always been a problem since the dawn of mankind. Most rapes in children occur with someone they know. Such as a sibling, an uncle, a parent, a grandparent, a close friend of the family, the clergy, a neighbor, a teacher, a coach, etc.

Q) What do you think we should do with Muslims that burn and desecrate our American Flag?
21-March-2007 Lucy Lin.
A) Simply, burn down a Mosque every time. They’ll stop after they lose a few. Lets start now in Pakistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Q) You hate Malaysia so much, what do you think we should do with it?
21-March-2007 Ms. Anna.
A) Completely exterminate all useless ass wipe BUMI Muslim Malays
from the planet. Lets do it now! But in the mean time remember
Malaysia Sucks they are a terrorist state. Boycott anything and
everything from Malaysia.

Q) When I grow up I want to be just like you.
20-March-2007 Barbra Downing.
A) Well Barbra Good choice.

Q) I just got my nipples pierced. They are the type that has the
metal hanging tassels. Would you like to pull on them while I sit on your face?
20-March-2007 Bad Mary.
A) Mary you are bad. Thanks for the offer, but no.

Q) Why do they use sterile needles for lethal injection?
19-March-2007 Charles Casel Jr.
A) The needles come pre packaged. They are the same type of needle used in the prison hospital or in any U.S. hospital or clinic. The other reason is that these are a controlled item and you wouldn’t want unauthorized needles inside the prison population that could either be used as a weapon or for drugs.

Q) I just thought I would let you know your website doesn’t make me want to ‘Boycott Burger King.’ I want to eat it even more every day. The things you have said about Islam and Muslims shame on you and your redneck readers.
19-March-2007 Brandy Laymoun.
A) Well Brandy, if that is your real name, I don’t see a question here but you fit into one of two typical categories I get for email about Muslims:
1) You are a Muslim using a western name.
2) Or, worse you are a friggin left wing liberal nut case asshole.
Either way, for every email I get like yours I get 9 in favor of my
websites. As for your specific comment I hope the next terrorist
attack, and yes there will be one, kills someone close to you. It has
been my experience through life that whenever I encounter some
brainless case twit left wing liberal that as soon as something
happens to either them or their family they develop a whole new
attitude towards the police, military, and the government. Also
every time you eat at a ‘Burger King’ you put money in the pockets
and hands of ‘Terrorist’ who want to harm us. Now you think about

Q) What is the most aggressive insect?
18-March-2007 Lance Ruthers.
A) The Praying Mantis. It has been known to attack and kill even
humming birds. Mantis are good for your garden, never kill one. They have an insatiable appetite and will attack and kill any insect.
They can fly, jump, and walk.

Q) I have an insect problem on my citrus trees. I have pets and small children and pesticides frighten me, any suggestions?
18-March-2007 Louise White.
A) Yes go to Home Depot or to a good garden and nursery and purchase a bag of Lady Bugs (yes they are insects). Lady Bugs are harmless to humans but eat most other insects that are harmful to plants and citrus trees.
Note: Never spray any insect killer (pesticide) on a citrus or fruit
tree, you will be digesting the poison.

Q) Why do Men touch and tug on themselves so much and do the
nasty things they do in public?
17-March-2007 Candy Rice.
A) I assume you are referring to those disgusting things men do that irritate women, which include but probably are not limited to the following:
~ Picking their nose in public.
~ Scratching their balls in public.
~ Putting their hands down their pants to adjust something or tuck
in their shirt.
~ Scratching their butts in public.
~ Spitting in public.
~ Hacking or sneezing in public without using a tissue or hankie.
~ Not washing their hands after using the toilet.
~ Scratching their head.
~ Not wearing a shirt in public.
~ Undoing their pants after eating.
~ Coughing without covering their mouth.
~ Taking a pee in public.
~ Cursing and swearing in public.
~ Eating with their fingers.
~ Wiping their nose on their shirt sleeve.
~ Wiping their face on their shirt.
~ Carrying a child too high and then bumping their head on the
door jam or on the car door opening.
And of course, my personal favorite…
~ Farting in public.
But to answer your question - Simply my dear, because we can!
And, woman like you, who become mothers of our children don’t
train them any better.

Q) My boyfriend wants me to have sex. In fact every boy I meet wants to take my panties off. Is it me or is this normal and is there a way to get boys to back off?
16-March-2007 Ms. Cautious.
A) Sex is normal and this is what men (boys) think about. Young men look at woman in two ways:
(1) Satisfy their needs (horny hunger for sex).
(2) A conquest, can I have her, can I get her?
As for getting them to back off that is unlikely. They may slow down or be put off, but will try again the next opportunity they get. One way is to spend time in public places or with friends. Ultimately here in America sex has become a way of life. If the boy doesn’t get it from you then he probably will move on to someone else. Try hanging out with girls like you that don’t put out. The only other option is hand jobs. That is where you jerk the boy off or allow him to masturbate on you. The thing to worry about isn’t doing it; it’s getting pregnant or catching something. Yes you can get STDs from oral and anal sex, so that is not an option. Stay true to yourself that is more important than any boy.

Q) I found a colored picture of a very attractive nude woman, apparently printed from the Internet. My 16-year-old son apparently left it in his bathroom by mistake. I am pretty sure he is masturbating. What should I do?
16-March-2007 Concerned Mother.
A) Well lets address a few issues:
(**) At least he’s interested in girls. :)
(**) All men masturbate, especially boys between the ages of 12 and 20. Even if they have a girlfriend or are married.
(**) There is nothing to be concerned about. In fact it shows he is quite normal. Another thing to be thankful for.
(**) As for the nude pictures from the Internet, most parents do a lousy job of controlling their children’s access and use of computers, cell phones, iPods, Palm Pilots, video games, etc. Personally I think he is old enough to watch porn if he wants to. However, federal laws prohibit access to anyone under the age of 18, and you could be charged for allowing him to view it. Confronting him may cause other problems. Basically I would
leave it alone. Encourage him to get a girlfriend or spend more time away from the computer doing other things.

Q) I like to be spanked. I am an Asian woman do you want to spank me?
15-March-2007 Ms. Bad Girl.
A) You are indeed bad. Tempting, very tempting indeed. Thank you but no.

Q) Love your Q-n-A. From your answers, if they are truthful about yourself, you must be a tiger in bed. Since you have had a Japanese woman before, and know something of our culture, I offer myself to you purely as cordial interracial relations and goodwill. What do you say American Boy?
15-March-2007 AM from Osaka Japan.
A) You sound delightful. Yes all that I say is true. But I have all ready performed well in the exchange of cordial interracial relations on numerous times throughout the world and here in my own country, the good old USA. Sorry, I appreciate the offer, but no.

Q) What is a Squib Round?
14-March-2007 Bernie Curans.
A) A cartridge round that is under loaded. When a squib is fired there is insufficient force to push the bullet clear of the barrel. The gun must be field stripped so that the bullet can be removed safely (usually with a cleaning rod). Firing another shot before clearing
a squib is not safe. At best, this might damage the gun barrel. At
worst, it might cause serious injury to the gun owner. Most squibs occur because of careless hand loading of rounds. They are extremely rare in factory ammunition.

Q) Out of curiosity what are your favorite sports? Which ones did
you play or do?
13-March-2007 Hillbilly Jake.
A) I am not a sports watcher and I am getting too dam old to play
anymore. Saying that, when I was young I was into the following:
(1) Baseball
(2) Football
(3) Hunting
(4) Competition Shooting
(5) ATV / Quad off roading
(6) Karate including competition
(7) I use to drag race for money
(8) Motorcycling

Q) How often should I douche my box (my vagina)?
12-March-2007 Beverly Woods.
A) The word "douche" means to wash or soak in French. Douching is
washing or cleaning out the vagina (also called the birth canal) with
water or other mixtures of fluids. Usually douches are prepackaged
mixes of water and vinegar, baking soda, or iodine. Women can buy these products at drug and grocery stores. The mixtures usually come in a bottle and can be squirted into the vagina through a tube or nozzle.
1) Women Douche because they mistakenly believe it gives many
benefits. In reality, douching may do more harm than good. Common reasons women give for using douches include:
- to clean the vagina
- to rinse away blood after monthly period
- to get rid of odors from the vagina
- to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
- to prevent pregnancy
2) Most doctors and the American College of Obstetricians and
Gynecologists suggest that women steer clear of douching. All
healthy vaginas contain some bacteria and other organisms called
the vaginal flora. The normal acidity of the vagina keeps the amount of bacteria down. But douching can change this delicate balance. This may make a woman more prone to vaginal infections. Plus, douching can spread existing vaginal infections up into the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.
3) So according to most U.S. Doctors, the answer is rarely or never.

Q) Do primates like chips and gorillas masturbate?
11-March-2007 Sam Wads.
A) Absolutely. Some studies even show they are prone to masturbate more in captivity. The reason or explanation is boredom. Hell I play with myself when I am bored, or lonely, or watching porn, or … well you get the idea.

Q) Why does my dog’s poop steam?
10-March-2007 Rebecca.
A) When you see any animal's poop steaming, it is due to the
temperature difference. This will occur on cold days, or on
a cold ground, when the animal does their business. The poop is warmer than the ambient air, and ground thus appearing to give off steam. This may increase if the pet dog was in an indoor environment before going outside.

Q) Concerning Google. It isn’t a question but more of a fact that
Google Sucks! I live in Oregon where Google is building a new office complex. ‘Google Sucks’ so bad that all they would hire for the construction of there $300,000,000 building was Mexicans
and they refused to hire any of us Americans. Google SUCKS Big Ones!
10-March-2007 David Goatley.
A) Well David I don’t see a question here, but as I have said many many times if you own Google Stock sell it, if you are investing
don’t buy it. In fact don’t use them as a 'Search Engine' either
your perpetuating their industry control over the Internet and
making them more powerful. They are without doubt the most left wing liberal anti American company on the Internet today. For more about Google Sucks, please visit:

Q) I live in Malaysia and I know you. It is true you that you were
victimized and this happens to more foreigners than we would like to admit. The Malays are useless lazy do nothings. The government has made them that way. Don’t you think you should take some responsibility for what happened?
09-March-2007 K.K.
A) Well only from the fact I was too trusting. But hell with the
players involved I didn’t expect outright fraud and theft. I
brought real money to the table, they took it, I got nothing in
return but heartache and a true hatred of Malaysia, and Muslims, especially BUMI Malays.

Q) Hey my sister is just like you. She hates those bloody Malays.
She complains all the time about Chinese men. She has often
commented about marrying a white dude. Are you interested, she is a real looker?
09-March-2007 Sara Chan from Singapore.
A) Thanks very much for the offer she sounds great, but sorry, no.

Q) Some friends and I are having an argument on what is the largest ‘Bear’, can you resolve this for us?
08-March-2007 The Michigan Brigade.
A) On average it is the ‘Polar Bear’ however some naturalist and
others dispute this and claim the ‘Alaskan Kodiak Brown Bear’ is the largest.
~ Part of the dissension comes from the vagueness of the word "largest." The answer really depends on how "largest" is defined
- Heaviest?
- Longest?
- Largest ever recorded?
~ Many cannot even agree on how to measure the length of a bear, i.e. length is the nose to tail, or claw to claw.
~ The largest Bear ever killed on record was 1,800 pounds and 14-feet tall. It was an Alaskan Brown Bear. Shot from a distance of 35 yards on November 10, 2002 by a U.S. Airman named Ted Heuvelmans during a hunting trip on Hitchenbrook Island, near the Elmendorf Air Force Base in the Gulf of Alaska, south of Valdez.
~ The average Kodiak bear is about 10.5 feet and weighs about 900
pounds. Heaviest recorded was 2,500 pounds.
~ Grizzly Bears on the other hand are slightly smaller with an average of about 7 foot and 900 pounds for a male. The largest recorded was 1,496 pounds. Grizzly’s are very territorial, aggressive, and are omnivorous (which means they eat anything vegetable or animal). A grizzly can reach speeds close to 40 mph.
~ Saying this, it is generally accepted that Polar Bears are the largest on average. They are about 8.4 feet tall and weigh around 1,500 pounds but have been recorded up to 2,210 pounds. On a recent question from Jeff Foxworthy’s new TV Show, ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?’ The correct answer was a ‘Polar Bear.’

Q) Sex Trade and Sex Tours, are they related?
07-March-2007 Bonnie E.
A) Yes and No. There are legitimate sex tours into places like Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. These girls are legal age and are either at a brothel and you select the girl and pay the Madam, they go with you for the night and are picked up by a driver in morning, or you go to a nightclub which specializes in bar girls. Pick one, negotiate with her, and take her home for an hour or the night. Unfortunately some of these tours that are in Thailand make it is easy to cross over into Cambodia or Laos where young girls, sometimes only 5-years-old are sold for sex. Here the girl never leaves the prostitution house. The girl is sent to a room, you get one for one hour at a fixed price. Young girls usually are limited to oral sex. But once the girl reaches puberty, around 13 she does whatever you want. There have been many reports of this by various undercover news agencies, and international human rights groups. Also, in places like old Europe (former Soviet Bloc countries), girls and boys are often abducted or taken from orphanages and placed into prostitution. They can be as young as 10. In many African countries rape rooms are run by paramilitary or warlords and girls of all ages are raped, tortured, and killed. This is common in Muslin dominated areas, which non Muslim women and young girls fall prey to the wants of assholes. Many girls are abducted from all over the world and sent to various countries or island retreats to serve the affluent in their sexual deviant behaviors. This includes abductions from prominent cruise lines, Mexico, and Caribbean island resorts. Some Central and South American countries thrive on sex trade. It is a big tourist business. The tours are mainly from other Latin American participants although until recently Costa Rica was a favorite for American and Canadian pedophiles. Human Trafficking (sex slaves) is now a big business and many drug smugglers and criminals are switching to this for new sources of profits.

Q) I have had a few boyfriends, they don’t seem to last. The complaint is always the same. I don’t give good head (oral sex). Do you have any recommendations?
06-March-2007 Cindy M.
A) Well contrary to what you read in those useless women’s magazines and listen to women giving advice, they don’t know shit about men. Saying that, you realizing that men
want oral sex is a good start. It is important too most men even queer faggots give each other blowjobs. So try buying a standard straight vibrator. Put some baby oil on it. Lick the tip, run you tongue up and gown the shaft and when you get to the top, insert it in your mouth. Slowly moving
up and down. Begin taking more and more of the length in to get it deeper. Make sure you use only your lips and tongue. No teeth. Make sure you don’t turn that vibrator on it may chip your teeth. Practice and let me know how your next blowjob was.

Q) Where did my wife hide her bracelet? She can’t remember.
06-March-2007 LN.
A) Funny one. I said I was the ‘Answer Man’ not a fortuneteller.
I don’t have a friggin crystal ball. Just buy her a new one. I can assure you a bracelet is cheaper than a new wife, unless you have another objective. You could write to Martha Stewart and ask her, that bitch thinks she knows everything.

Q) What are Email Proxies?
05-March-2007 Bo Jidice.
A) Email Proxies are a common spamming technique in which computers of unsuspecting users are commandeered, often using viruses or other malicious software, to conceal the messages' true origins, making them more likely to slip by anti-spam filters.

Q) Been scanning your website q-n-a. Getting back to long range shooting, if I wanted to improve myself what would you recommend?
04-March-2007 Larry Humer.
A) Well Larry try getting either a .223 Remington with a full barrel
length or a .270 Winchester deer rifle. You will also need a really
good quality scope. Take those metal round cut-outs from electrical junction boxes and practice hitting them at 50 yards, move back 25 yards at a time until you get the desired distance. If you can hit one at 200 yards, paint it black and see how you do. I use to take a piece of 2 x 4, cut out a notch, then insert the metal piece 25% deep keeping the rest vertical and facing forward. Line these up
about 18 inches apart. You can use construction glue to hold them
in place. Let dry over night. I also would recommend you load your own ammo. Regardless of the ammo (mfg or load your own) take an emery file and lightly buff the bullet. Practice on a clam day, no wind. Shooting in any wind condition or at night greatly
increases the difficulty factor. Keep in mind the longer the barrel
the better for distance shooting. Let me know how you do.

Q) Google really blows. I like your site ( I started selling my used dirty panties and I can’t even get listed on Google. Would you like a free pair of my dirty used panties?
03-March-2007 Laura.
A) Wow! Um. Doh. No!!

Q) Google they asked me if I wanted to have Google ad-sense on my BLOG, which is provided by Google. I said yes, they wrote back and said I don’t fit within the parameters of their guidelines. What a bunch of friggin idiots. Do you agree with my observations and opinion?
03-March-2007 Mr. Nobody.
A) Absolutely. As I have said, many times sell your Google Stock
if you own it, and if you don’t, don’t buy it! See more at, Google Sucks:

Q) What causes Nose Bleeds?
02-March-2007 Baby Girl.
A) For Common Nosebleeds and Definition:
Definitions: Nosebleed refers to blood flowing from the nose or
nasal passage. There are two types of nosebleeds:
Anterior Nosebleed – blood coming from the front of the nose,
usually the semi-rigid walls that separate the two nostrils. This
is the most common type of nosebleed.
Posterior Nosebleed – bleeding starts deep within the nose. It is
often more difficult to treat and more severe than an anterior nosebleed.
Common Causes, Treatments:
(1) The most common causes of a nosebleed are when a person with a cold or a sinus infection blows his or her nose vigorously and notices some blood in the tissue. Avoiding vigorous nose blowing, sneezing, or nose picking is usually enough to keep the bleeding from getting any worse. Also picking your nose, especially with sharp fingernails could cut the lining and cause a minor nosebleed. Sports or accidental injuries to the nose are other common causes.
How to stop a nosebleed:
~ Remain calm.
~ Sit up straight.
~ Lean your head forward. Tilting your head back will only cause you to swallow the blood.
~ Pinch the nostrils together with your thumb and index finger for 10 minutes. Have someone time you to make sure you do not release the nostrils any earlier.
~ Spit out any blood in your mouth. Swallowing blood may make you vomit. What to do after the bleeding has stopped:
- - Once the bleeding has stopped, try to prevent any irritation to
the nose, such as sneezing or nose blowing, for 24-hours.
- - Ice packs do not help.
- - Exposure to dry air, such as in a heated home in the winter, can contribute to the problem. Adding moisture to the air with a humidifier or vaporizer will help keep the nose from drying out
and triggering more bleeding. Another option is to place a pan
filled with water near a heat source, such as a radiator, which
allows the water to evaporate and adds moisture to the air.
(2) Anterior Nosebleed:
~ A minor nosebleed that has stopped may require no treatment
at all. Frequently, the body will form a clot at the site of the
bleeding that stops any further bleeding.
~ If the source of the bleeding is a blood vessel that is easily seen,
a doctor may cauterize it (seal the blood vessel) with a chemical
called silver nitrate. Cauterization is most effective when the bleeding is coming from the very front part of the nose.
~ In more complicated cases, a nasal packing may be required to
stop the bleeding. The idea behind this is to put pressure from
inside the nostril to halt the bleeding. Many different types of
packings are available, ranging from petroleum (Vaseline) gauze
to balloon packs to synthetic sponge packs that expand when
moistened. The decision as to which one to use is usually made by the doctor. Most people who receive an anterior nasal packing go home with it in place. Because these packings block the drainage pathways of the sinuses, antibiotics may be started to prevent a sinus infection. The packing is usually left in for 24-72 hours.
(3) Posterior Nosebleeds:
- - A posterior nosebleed that does not stop bleeding on its own requires admission to the hospital. A posterior nasal packing is required. Different types of packings are available, though a
balloon pack is most commonly used.
- - Unlike the anterior nasal packings, posterior nasal packings
are very uncomfortable and frequently require sedatives and pain medications. Complications can be associated with these packs,
including infection and blockage of the breathing passages. Admission to the hospital and close monitoring are required. Posterior packings are usually left in place for 48-72 hours. If this does not stop the bleeding, surgical procedures can be performed by an ear, nose, and throat specialist to stop the bleeding. Surgery is rarely required.
Important: These can be the cause of life threatening problems, so
repeated nose bleeds should be immediately attended to by a doctor.

Q) I understand you’re a really smart guy. I would like a Trick
Question, truthful and realistic, yet high school level that I can
test my science teacher with, whereby he will not know the
answer. Can you help me?
01-March-2007 Caitlyn.
A) There are no guarantees that someone will not be able to answer
a question, but this is one I gave my own children to ask their
teachers in high school. The teacher couldn’t answer the question correctly.
Question to Ask: What are the only 3 acceptable universal forms of Language?
Sign Language
If there is a Dispute:
Reason - Communication can be converted to symbols. If he questions these, he shouldn’t be teaching, especially science.
NASA when launching probes such as the Voyager, which was ultimately designed to leave our solar system and travel into deep space has a plaque made of solid gold. They used these 3 methods to describe earth, our solar system, and humans in the event an alien race discovered the probe they would know who sent it and from where. Also in the movie ‘Encounters of the Third Kind’ they use music to communicate with aliens. This has long been an acceptable method derived by NASA scientist and engineers if earth should ever be visited by an alien race, which attempts to communicate with us pathetic humanoids.
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