Dec 20, 2007

Archived Postings No. 13

Q-n-A Subjects for April 2007:
Thallium as a Poison; Moslem Laws; Breast Enlargement; Black Anal Sex; Posting Pictures on the Internet; Define Gravity; Favorite Sex Position; Gore Zone; Average Number of Spiders Per Acre; Men’s Thoughts About Their Own Penis Size; Gymnastics; Hate; Sticky Seamen; Apples iMac; Apples Laptop Models; Growing Popularity of BLOGS, All Realtors Suck; Jennifer Lopez and American Idol; Most Powerful Rifle; Most Popular Big Game Hunting Rifle; Types and Colors of Men’s Underwear; Unhygienic Men; Men are Lazy; Bad Girls; Sexually Deviant Desires; Hating Cats; Ejaculation Quantity; Gateway Computers Suck; Home Owner Associations; Realtor Blogs; Female BUMI Muslim Malays; Muslim Women and Sex; Having Gay Sex; Cheating on Your Girlfriend; Home Owner Rights versus HOA’s; Declining Sexual Offers; Rednecks; Vaginal Squirting; Killing a Cat; Race versus Obesity.

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Archived Daily Q-n-A from the Month of – April 2007:

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Q) Is there any correlation between race and obesity?
30-April-2007 Leona.
A) Yes studies have concluded that there are, but hell just walk any mall in the USA and you can discover the variation yourself, which are:
- - Blacks (African American): Women tend to be heavier or obese and men tend to be taller and often obese.
- - Whites (Caucasian): Tend to be medium build medium height as
compared to other races. But fast food is changing this scenario rapidly with 40% of all white preschoolers are over weight.
- - Asian: Tend to be small in height and weight. Women are usually petite and men light framed, but in many parts of Asia such as Singapore and the USA this is changing primarily due to diet, as in eating fast foods from America.

Q) I am pretty sure my new boyfriend threw my cat off the roof and killed him. I really like this guy, what do you think I should do?
29-April-2007 CC.
A) Well don’t piss him off or he may throw you off the roof. For certain don’t get another cat. Men hate cats.

Q) I am 33 and have known how to squirt since I turned 30. I squirt
a lot and it’s excessive. When I use my toys, I can squirt as many
as 30 times in a 3-hour period. I mean gallons at a time. One time
I soaked my carpet for three days, my boyfriend is the first one to
make me squirt by having oral sex with me. Most of the time though, I try not to squirt while we are having sex. The reason is I can only really let go when my vagina is empty. So he has to keep pulling his penis out and I know that is a real orgasm killer for a man. He thinks he is not satisfying me because I didn't squirt while
we are having sex. I still have regular vagina orgasms though, and
I always am satisfied after having sex with him. So what do you think? Just keep squirting like a waterfall, or should I continue to
be considerate of my boyfriend’s feelings?
28-April-2007 Curious and Talented, Donuts.
A) Well Donuts (cute name), there is the potential the man will become frustrated. Most men are territorial in nature and expect their woman to perform like a machine for them, even though they may not hint at that. This is why so many women are perplexed when a guy just ups and leaves. To a man, sex is number one and it goes hand in hand with his ego. To satisfy you both give him what he wants, and do your other (squirting) thing when he is not round. Good luck with this one.

Q) Do you consider yourself a Redneck?
27-April-2007 Dee Dee.
A) Girl we are all part Redneck just most of us won’t admit it.

Q) I noticed that many women have offered themselves to you here, and you have always declined, can you tell us why?
27-April-2007 Ginger Dames.
A) Sure, it’s because I get more ass than a toilet seat. And, by the way I love your name.

Q) Following up with Home Owner Associations. I have been advised
that I cannot put up a Direct TV Satellite Dish by my HOA. Can
they do this?
26-April-2007 Connie Chow.
A) Yes and No. They cannot prevent you from installing a TV antenna or satellite dish. However, they can prevent you from installing the old style large pole mounted yard types. The newer much smaller dishes that mount on your roof or on a pole they cannot stop you from installing that type of sat dish. Generally most HOAs have a restriction about mounting them on your roof, in front of your home, or on the common wall fence. But if you put it on the rear of your roof, back patio eve, or in your backyard there isn’t anything they can do. Here are some basic general guidelines that HOAs like to think they have say over but they don’t. These are under Federal guidelines, rules and regulations, and laws, which supercede all state, county, and local laws and ordinances including HOA rules and guidelines:
1) Anything that involves Home Security such as exterior motion
detectors, sirens, and cameras. This also includes things like security exterior screen doors. They can make you adhere to color or close color matching for doors and frames.
2) Anything that involves Energy such as tinting your windows,
adding sun screens, evaporator coolers on your roof, solar panels,
screened in patios, awnings, roof vents and fans, etc.
3) Anything that involves communication, within reason such as satellite dishes, cable TV, etc. If you are contacted by an HOA
lawyer do not go to any local city, county, or state court, immediately go to Federal Court where they will throw it out if the installation fits within the guidelines of Federal rules and laws.

Q) I really need to get this off of my chest. I am ashamed to say
it but my girlfriend's son (he's 19) gave me a BJ this weekend.
It all happened when we were all watching TV in the family room. My girlfriend went to the store for some cold cuts and chips. I knew that my "step-son" was bisexual but I didn't know that he wanted to do anything with me. He must have been very horny because he came on strong as soon as she walked out of the door. To get to the point I let him unzip my pants and pull my schlong out and go to town on me. I
knew we had to hurry cause his mom was coming back soon. Man, he sucked me so good, a lot better than his mom. I have never done this at all before and I don't want to go any further than a blowjob but he's already hinted around to wanting to do me again. What should I do? I'm not gay, does this make
me gay? Serious advice only please. This is not a joke. Please help Me.
25-April-2007 True Confession.
A) You have two unique questions here.
*** Are you Gay?
Well you must have some gay tendencies or curiosity or you wouldn’t let him do it.
*** As for what you should do, don’t tell the girlfriend (his mom), she might cut your thing off when you are sleeping. Since he is over 18 and not a blood relation no law had been broken, that I know of. Basically the best advice is getting the hell out of there. I think it will eventually come out and one big mess will occur. This is how people get killed. Remember as a general rule in most areas, the police respond to domestic disputes and violence more than any other call.

Q) Have you ever had sex with a Muslim woman?
24-April-2007 Sharif.
A) Yes many times.

Q) Have you ever met a BUMI Muslim Malay you liked?
24-April-2007 Aisah.
A) Girls I had sex with. I liked them while I was with them. By the way I can’t remember their names, where you one of them? There was one other Malay girl who married a Brit. She was a nice person, stupid as a lump of hair, but nice.

Q) Jack, what happened to your Realtor Blog, why is it shutdown?
23-April-2007 Sammy G. Charlotte NC.
A) Well, Sammy it isn’t shutdown. I removed all the current postings. They got too lengthy and where causing the BLOG to load slow on many slower running computers. Also, there is this asshole who keeps posting and attacking me personally. I have tried turning the post without identity off a few times and they go away, but soon as I make it a free non-registered member posting user Blog they return with their bullshit and personal attacks. Therefore, I will be changing the BLOG, ‘All Realtors Suck’ over to a registered member user Blog only, the end of April 2007. I will archive all the old postings for reading and view. If someone wants to post to the Blog without using the online registration that Google requires once these settings are changed they will have to EMAIL me. I will repost their emails to the Blog and filter out any personal attacks or profane language. I currently do this to some extent now. Many people just email me and I repost to the Blog. It should be noted that anyone who emails me is subject to having their email posted to one of my Blog forums. If you don’t want your name used, just say so. This Q-n-A centers around one of my many popular Blog Forums called ‘All REALTORS Suck.’ You can find the link at:

Q) Like to know your opinion on Home Owner Associations (HOAs)?
22-April-2007 Ruby Monday.
A) In most part they are useless. They generally have idiots as board
members who either do nothing because they don’t want to offend
anyone or take things to extremes. The main reasons I oppose Home Owner Associations are:
~ They allow non U.S. Citizens to vote and hold office.
~ They allow people to hold office that benefit either directly or indirectly, often times through monetary gain.
Examples are Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, and Landscapers.
~ You are compelled to join or you can’t buy a home in that particular subdivision. In some cases states, like Arizona make it mandatory for builders to have an HOA. Where the hell is the FHA (U.S. Govt Fair Housing Administration) on this one?
~ They essential let local public works departments off the hook and delegate responsibility for homeowner upkeep to the HOA versus what our taxes pay for a bureaucrat to do.

Q) Reading comments about purchasing a computer, which is the worst computer to consider buying or owning?
21-April-2007 Kelly G.
A) Without even thinking about it, Gateway. Gateway Computers either their PC or Laptop versions are total pieces of crap. Their tech support sucks and their quality looks like the machine was built from spare parts. If you own stock in Gateway Computers you are an idiot, sell it now, never buy it!

Q) My boyfriends ejaculation quantity and color has been different lately, do you think he is having an affair?
20-April-2007 Linda V.
A) It could be anything. In some guys, semen composition and appearance can vary quite a bit from day to day and week to week, depending on diet, hydration, and yes, ejaculation frequency. I don't think it's any real cause for suspicion, although your boyfriend may be masturbating a bit more often than he admits (it's extremely common; don't take it personally).

Q) Is it true you hate cats?
19-April-2007 Barb J.
A) Absolutely. In fact I believe we should exterminate all critters
on this planet that are NOT in the human food chain. If we cared more about children and the homeless in this country than about some useless animal we might be a better society for it. It’s only a matter of time before every living creature must go that isn’t in the food chain. The world is over populated, it needs food and fresh water, which both are in short supply.

Q) I am a Bad Girl play with me.
18-April-2007 Lonnie B.
A) Babe you didn’t phrase yourself in the form of a question, but hell I appreciate the offer.

Q) I really really want to be a BAD Girl. Are you interested in teaching me the ways of sinful lust and sexual deviant desires?
18-April-2007 Cynthia Kuzzar.
A) Ah the things I do and the sacrifices I make for my websites / blogs.

Q) I started dating recently. But I seem to be running into a lot of
unhygienic men. Is this common?
17-April-2007 Ginger Wade.
A) Men are lazy. Many men won’t change their underwear for a week, or take a shower for days. They don’t wash their hands after using the toilet. Many won’t even wipe their butt hole after taking a dump. So, my dear YES! The solution may be in dating men less attractive. The average looking guy will try harder with women. And, if you are sleeping with these assholes you’re probably going to catch something, if you haven’t all ready.

Q) Are there any studies on what type of underwear men prefer?
16-April-2007 Tamara Reid.
A) Yes, here are the latest from the garment industry:
28% of all men prefer traditional boxers.
26% of all men prefer traditional briefs.
24% of all men prefer boxer-briefs.
8% of all men prefer bikini briefs.
1% of all men prefer G-strings.
8% of all men wear a variety of types.
2% of all men wear jock straps only.
3% of all men wear no underwear at all.

Q) What is the most powerful production rifle?
15-April-2007 Dave.
A) The most powerful production rifle manufactured today is the .460 Weatherby. Close second is the .458 Winchester Magnum. But for reasonable high power hitting most people never go beyond a .375 H&H Mag. In fact the .375 is the most popular for both Safari and Alaska Sports Hunting. The .460 and the .458 have way too much recoil and ammo is difficult to obtain and expensive.

Q) What is your opinion about Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) singing in Spanish on last Wednesday nights Fox TV American Idol results?
14-April-2007 Barry Zaine.
A) It’s a disgrace. She has made her money here in America and she just slapped all Americans in the face. A typical useless shit that
doesn’t understand, America means speak friggin English. As for the idiots at Fox and American Idol they have insulted everything America stands for with that asshole Ryan Seacrest making a lame
attempt to placate J-Lo by speaking Spanish. Boycott American Idol,
boycott it now. They are anti American and pro illegal immigration. Not to mention this is the worst season for performers ever, they all really really suck.

Q) Concerning your Blog, ‘All Realtors Suck’ I must admit it has a growing popularity and reflects how much the American consumer is fed up with Realtors and Mortgage Brokers. Personally I never thought it would have survived.
14-April-2007 Ms. Anonymous from Arizona.
A) Well there, again I don’t see a question but then I am always surprising people. The consumer is fed up with the lack of any government control on industries that ruin their entire financial lives. Realtors with there useless lobbying group (The National Association of Realtors), and Mortgage Brokers are solely responsible for the out of control over priced housing market to the point that the average American cannot follow the basic dream of owning a home and providing for their family. Realtors and especially Mortgage Brokers are nothing but slime and domestic terrorist. The reference made to my BLOG, All Realtors Suck Link can be found at:
And, more FREE Real Estate Consumer Help and Hints can be found at:

Q) I am in the process of buying a laptop computer; I saw your
recommendations from an earlier posting, and do your still like the Apple?
13-April-2007 J. Grimes.
A) Yes and no. It is a good laptop although I have never personally
owned one I know many who do. Apple users are dedicated for the most part. If you buy the $1100-$13,00 model its quite ok. Make sure you get the extended 3-year warranty. If you were looking for something completely versatile and willing to spend the money I would get a ThinkPad.

Q) What is your overall opinion of iMac and Apple in general?
13-April-2007 J.J.
A) Too expensive, too costly to maintain, and software is both limited and costly. Basically unless you have a design, graphics, or artistic use Apple simply isn’t worth the money you pay for it. Among the downfalls are extras they offer like Dot Mac (.mac). This is a useless piece of crap and there is no tech support. Apple screwed the consumer on this and it is nothing short of a con game. Conclusion, if you own Apple stock, sell it.

Q) I am a 25-year-old female. I've started seeing a new guy, and
last night we were fooling around and he ejaculated while I was
masturbating him I noticed that although the semen was liquidly,
by the time I got to the bathroom to wash my hands; it was really
sticky, like dried glue. I don't know if it was because it hit the air, but I've never seen this before. Could he have a disease or
12-April-2007 Tara O.
A) It's definitely not related to any kind of a disease. All human semen has the ability to congeal to a certain extent; this is a holdover from our evolutionary primate ancestry, when a female might jump up after intercourse and run away. These days the male is more likely to "run away," but that's a different question. The solidification of the semen made it stay put in her vagina, improving the chances of egg fertilization. Not to make any monkey-like comparison with your new boyfriend, but everyone's semen chemistry varies. His is just more glue-like than typical. It's normal and who knows, it might come in handy sometime if you need to put a broken vase back together!

Q) I hate white people now what do you say about that?
11-April-2007 Tyrone Clay.
A) Well you lip service ass wipe shit. You’re a bigot. On the other hand I hate everybody so I am perfect, so what da say about this?

Q) I am 5’-1” 95 pounds. I do college gymnastics and can hold a full split all the way with my vagina touching the floor for 30 minutes. What do you say about that?
10-April-2007 S.P.
A) WOW men must drool when they see you do that! Can I please watch? Hell send me a picture and I will post it to my website. ☺

Q) Out of curiosity what do Men think of their own Penis Size?
09-April-2007 A Very Curious Lady.
A) A British medical study conducted in two parts shows the following:
Part 1 – What do Men think of their Penis Size …
11% of Men believe their Penis Size is below average.
58% of Men believe their Penis Size is average.
17% of Men believe their Penis Size is above average.
14% of Men didn’t know.
Part 2 – How many Men would like to change their Penis Size and make it bigger …
51% said they would change it tomorrow, regardless of the cost, if it were a significant increase in size, at least 3 inches.
24% said they wanted it bigger but cost would be a deciding factor.
14% said they would like it bigger but wouldn’t undergo any changes.
11% said they would consider changing it.

Q) Someone told me that spiders are truly everywhere, is this true?
08-April-2007 Boggs Bennett.
A) Yes you are probably never further than 6 to 10 feet from a spider wherever you are standing depending on what part of the world you live in. To put this in prospective, scientist estimate that in an grassy or woody acre of land there are about One Million (1,000,000) Spiders. This includes a variety of types and species.

Q) What is a ‘Gore Zone?’ I am thinking it has something to do
with Al Gore and global warming, am I correct?
07-April-2007 Jane Piller.
A) No. A ‘Gore Zone’, also referred to as a Gore Point, or just a ‘Gore’ is a place found where roads merge or split. Most of
these are now marked with a white or yellow triangle lines. They are commonly found on freeways and interstate highways) where there are marked exits or on and off ramps. The term originates form dress making which refers to a ‘Triangular piece of cloth or fabric.’ The area where the two roads actually merge is sometimes referred to as the ‘Merge Nose.’ On a funnier note, if Al Gore could have figured out a way to take credit for the ‘Gore Zone’ he would have!

Q) What is your favorite sex position?
06-April-2007 Martha Vines.
A) Having a woman sit on it (being on top), facing me so I can spank
her ass and tweak her nipples while she slowly rides it taking the full shaft and we both explode together.

Q) I loved your trivia stump the teacher question and answer last
month. Can you give me one to try on my 8th grade science teacher?
05-April-2007 Ron Gallagher.
A) Sure, try this one it may be stumper. Ask you teacher to define
‘Gravity.’ There are definitions in both dictionaries and science
journals but the fact of the matter is … It can NOT be defined. If the teacher doubts you, your reply is as follows: Albert Einstein says ‘Gravity’ cannot be defined so therefore you must be smarter than old Albert! Remember a definition is only true if proven to be a fact. Good luck.

Q) I sent you three pictures I made and posted to craigslist Phoenix
R-n-R that got flagged. Can you please post them to your website?
04-April-2007 The Cat Hater.
A) Sure can, thanks for the submittal. I also hate cats.

Q) I am black and I like it in the back, so what say ye?
03-April-2007 No Name Furnished.
A) Well no name, you didn’t say whether you were a girl or a guy, but hell whatever tweaks your gord and fills your hole.

Q) I need a Boob Job Enlargement, would you like to contribute to my financial aid package?
03-April-2007 Jessica Marsh.
A) Not really, but good luck. If you want send me a picture I will
post it.

Q) As a man there must be something you like about Moslem Laws, Traditions, and Culture such as being able to have 4 wives? Please answer honestly.
02-April-2007 Anwar Mohd.
A) I despise Islam and most of what it stands for. However there are
a few things that would interest most men, which are:
* * * Being allowed up to 4 wives. Although I personally have found
having one can be a turmoil and a handful.
* * * Getting divorced simply by saying the word ‘Divorce’ in front
of witnesses and a cleric has its upsides.
* * * Not paying any child support or alimony is certainly a plus.
* * * Marriage to younger females is also a plus, as long as they
are legal (at least 18) and are not fat or ugly.
* * * The concept of crime and punishment is a plus but has been
carried to extremes by Muslims. But capital punishment for murder
is also a real plus.
* * * Allowing wife training is a plus if not carried to extremes.
* * * Eliminating adultery is a real plus. I like the idea of stoning the bitch to death if she cheats on her husband.

Q) What is Thallium and how is it used as a poison?
01-April-2007 Jennifer H.
A) For poisoning purposes, thallium would be in a powdery or crystallized state. The poison works by knocking out the body's supply of potassium, essential for healthy cells, and attacking the nervous system, the stomach, and kidneys. Its effects are not immediately noticeable and frequently take weeks to kick in; symptoms include hair loss and a burning sensation in extremities. Thallium has been used in rat poison in the past, and it is still used to make lenses, semiconductors, dyes and pigments. Thallium was used by Saddam Hussein who poisoned several of his Iraqi opponents. The CIA also reportedly considered using thallium against Fidel Castro, once suggested and endorsed by the Robert Kennedy, U.S. Attorney General.