Jan 1, 2010

Q-n-A Postings for January 2010:

Q-n-A Subjects for January 2010:
Husbands Cheating; E-coli versus Salmonella; How to Identify Cheater; Guys Playing with their Balls; PMDD; Cingulotomy; Request for Anal Sex; Human Cannon Blaster; Sore Vagina; Firm Hooters; Circumcised Men versus STDs; Blue Jeans and Snake Bits; People Dying from Snake Bits; Hikers and Snakes; Most aggressive Snakes; Panty Punishment; Back End Supervisor; Normal Male Semen; Getting Started with Sex; Warp Drive Engines; Gay Marriage; Sex with Animals; CTBP; Ravage Someone; Americans and Obesity; Mount Her Like a Dog in Heat; Truth about One Drink Per Day; LAB; Room Texting; Older Women Getting Pregnant.

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