Jun 1, 2010

Q-n-A Postings for June 2010:

Q-n-A Subjects for June 2010:
Antibiotics; Bird Feeders; Smelly Vagina; Clogged Shower Head and Faucets; Horny Man; Elevator Stare; Tommyknockers' Pig in a Poke; Lard Brain; Beer Tax; Peanut Butter Cup; Her Jelly Role; Wendy; Oral Sex During Pregnancy; Whiskey Biscuit; Cock Block; Increase in Pregnancies; BP Moment; Dandruff; Porn Moment; Natasha; Electric versus Hybrid Cars; Sun Going Dormant; 2012 End of the World; 'J' Girls; Goo Sitting; Sinkers; Straight Meat and Potatoes.

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