May 1, 2008

Q-n-A Postings for May, 2008:

Q-n-A Subjects for May 2008:
Funny Sex Facts; Chicken or the Egg; Adultery; One Million Dollars; Dungarees versus Denim; Sniffing Butt Farts; Regular versus Premium; Using Different Grades of Gasoline; Anal Sex; Solar Panels; Catholics; Solex; UFO’s; Dangerous Women; The Meaning of God; Cloning versus Genetic Manipulation; Sex with Relatives; Composition of the Human Body; Pheromones; Is Masturbating Cheating; CraigsList Rants and Raves; Male Infertility; Pole Smoker; Male Erections; Male Penis Failure; Carbon Dioxide versus Carbon Monoxide; Male Estrogen versus Female Impregnation; Longest Word in Dictionary; Dysentery versus Food Poisoning.

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